Dec 26, 2014

Merry Holidays!!!

Hello Everybody!
   I HOPE you ALL had a very Merry Christmas and were able to relax a little bit and feel the great spirit that comes every single time around this time of year. It really is special and great to be able to spend it with the family or whomever we have contact with. Thank you all for the cards, money, or anything that you did to support me or my family with me being in Germany on a mission. It is more than appreciated! You are all in my prayers so thank you again. :)
   I dont have alot to say about this last week because the work was REALLY slow the week of Christmas because everybody is gone on vacation, have work off, or just want to be alone not being bothered which is understandable haha. But Elder Perez and I were able to get some cards handed out to people about the video the church made for Christmas. And had some really good conversations. Something funny that happened was we were talking to a Jahovahs Witness and we TOTALLY forgot that they dont celebrate so we offered a card and they just looked at us like we were CRAZY. haha Then we realized... OH... They dont celebrate that at all. haha. So yeah you learn a little bit about religions in really awkward situations but its still fun:) Especially getting to see the childness of some people when you try to talk to them. Its almost the reaction you get when you are trying to feed a kid who is 2 years old when they dont want to eat AT ALL. So its enjoyable to say the least. 
   We ate with members on Christmas Eve which is actually Christmas here in Germany where they celebrate with presents and such. So that was fun! We were witht he Danekas family and ps family they said Liebe Grusse. That means lovely greetings. It doesnt translate good but its what you say in german:) So we ate a yummy yummy 4 course meal. And it was perfect. Meat Lamb, and Pork. With potatos and veges and Red Cabbage. Better than it would ever sound trust me. Thats not just my hunger thoughts as a missionary being said.  
   Also we ate at the Strauchs house on the 25th and that was also just extremely good. Red Cabbage the Germans specialty with ham meat and potato salad. But it was just nice being able to be in an environment of such great people. I love those two families tons they really are very fun to be around and super strong in the gospel. The Strauch drive 3 hours total every sunday to and from church. And the Danekas is over an hour. But its just cool to see such commitment from people in Germany. Because can you say that you could do the same thing as a member every single sunday? We have it easy where we are from. 5 to 15 minutes and we are to church... WITH WALKING!!  It could be so easy to just say ehhh I dont really want to go for them. But they do it anyway and I respect that and think thats so cool.
    But I also got to talk to my families on facetime and that was special. I love you ALL! And I am SO grateful I got to see everyone who I did. I just want to say how important families are and that we ALL need to realize what our family really means to us. I know I have talked about it a few times but its never enough haha. Maybe as a new years resolution see what your family means through serving them, really. Sometimes we take advantage of it because we can see or talk to them any moment of any day. I cant do that as we already know. But I can say one way that you will be able to grow a stronger love for those who should be the number 1 priority is just serving them even when its hard or you dont want to. The bond you will intertwine just from that one simple trait will help you stay stronger than you could imagine. And serving them could mean call and say that you love them and are thinking about them, or simpily cleaning something up of someone elses. Is it really that hard? haha ps. I was asked that alot when I was home. Well I know you all know how to grow in your own personal ways as families, but that is just a trait I have learned since being away from the family and with those you dont know. It makes a huge difference in the way your relationships go and your personal strength and the feelings you get for yourself after serving somebody. We all know that feeling. Make it goal really to grow closer to your families by service. Life will be better you know :)                    2 nephi 26:30, Alma 7:24, Mosiah 2:17
   Anyway have a great rest of your weekened and "Feier Tage" Hollidays. :)

Viele Grüße
Elder Williams

Dec 15, 2014

The Spirit is...Great!

Guten Tag,

   Well the spirit of Christmas is in Wilhelmshaven, Germany ladies and gentleman. This last week was really a good week. But to be honest I don't have a lot to write about so this letter will be a little bit shorter. 
   We were able to meet the zones Oldenburg and Hannover in Hannover for zone conference and it was wonderful. Every time that we get to meet with President Kosak and his wife it really builds us up and makes a huge difference in the work. We watched a few videos and really focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really such a spiritually filled environment and I learned a lot from that fun, long, and great 6 hour meeting haha. Other than that this week we have been handing out cards with the internet address that shows the video the church posted about "He is the gift". And we really have been trying to see what the people see Christmas to be and I will tell you, its not easy haha. The opinions that some people have are VERY interesting. But we have given tons of cards out and its amazing to feel the "GIFT" being spread throughout the world with these pass along cards. And if YOU haven't seen the video, GO WATCH IT. :)
   We also bought a Christmas tree and we have it all decorated and fancied up. Yeah you will see in the pictures below. It is actually pretty dang good for what missionaries do to decorate the apartment. haha. But it is great and fun of course to have a tree in the house.
    I also had the experience of meeting with a in-active member in Oldenburg because we were on exchange with the elders there. I went on a joint teach with Elder Youngblood and we literally were taught from this member. It is SOOOO awesome when members help  the missionaries with this work. There really isn't a better support and it brings a completely different atmosphere to the lesson and help to those whom we teach. The man who we taught is great and knows what he should be doing with his life. But it is something that he puts to the side for other desires or wants in his life. And that is really when we fall as people. We do NOT have the strength alone to come out of the craftiness of the devil in our lives. And honestly we don't have time to handle with such temptations and to make mistakes. We never know when the end is. And there is a really good question or statement  we can all ask ourselves every single day to make sure we are on track and holding tight to the iron rod. "Jesus Christ is the center of my life, because..." I gave a talk yesterday in church with that as my topic and I can honestly say that it was hard with only having a 5 minute time limit. I could have said so many different things. But that is good because I was able to find the MOST important answer to that for me personally. And when we are able to ask ourselves questions that make us think and dig within ourselves that is when we grow and see what really is laying in our hearts and minds. We can talk a lot as members of the church but don't do the walk. Maybe when we really search what is in our hearts we will see what we should do to help the Lord out with this work. Because if it really does mean as much as it does, do I create situations to talk about the gospel even if it could be awkward or weird? Do I serve people every chance that I have? Do I really use the atonement in my life or do I blow the most IMPORTANT gift ever given to us to the side? I can only say that it doesn't matter what thoughts we have of fear or being nervous. If we love the gospel as much as we do, we will do something. And as hard as that can be sometimes, we only are ever blessed for whatever services that we give. 
   I am grateful that I may be on a mission and that I can learn how important it is to show others the joy we find in the gospel. Because this joy is something that is lasting. Something that nobody in the world besides the 15+ million strong in the gospel have.  So I invite you all to ask yourself that statement and see what is really in your heart and what you feel and what you can change or improve on. 

  The people we are teaching right now are "REALLY" busy so it hasn't been to successful in the last few weeks with lessons. But we are still doing our best to find those who are ready to learn no matter what the situation is in their lives because really if people only new what this could do for them, they would take everything out of their life to learn more and be apart of something greater than anything we have or ever will have. We are praying for those whom we teach and we know the Lord does have his time and the time will come for these people. Have a great week. 

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams :) 

Dec 8, 2014

17 Days Till' Christmas!

Liebe Familie und sonst,

  You will never believe what happened this week.. Okay you can guess, we did more missionary work wooo! haha. I am now with Elder Perez of course is from Utah. 5th companion and 5th from Utah. That's no accident. But he is really smart, funny and a good missionary. We work well together though its fun! He is about 5 foot 7 and weighs 120 pounds so of course I stand out when we talk to people on the street and so but that Elder has a testimony I am telling you! He has already taught me a lot and we have been able to meet a lot of great people this week. A lot of people around here have "no time" but I can tell you around this time of year.... NOBODY HAS TIME. I never knew it took an entire week of time to put up a Christmas tree. Did you? But we were able to meet a lot of good people that we will meet up with after Christmas. One of the ladies was very interested and we had a good conversation for about 20 minutes at her door. She took the BoM and will meet with us after Christmas. We also met a man on the street coming home from work and we got his number to meet later as well. So good success this week with the time we had to find.

  As far as investigators go, we got into contact with Williams again. He is still as good as ever. He has just been sick. But we will keep meeting with him. He is always busy but we will find time sometime. 
   Everyone else is doing pretty good. I don't have much that I can say about the people that we have been meeting with. All I can say is that they are making small steps and that really is all that matters. I can tell that the work will explode here with the people we are teaching and consistently finding. 
  Gunsel family is doing good. The wife committed to reading in the book of Mormon this week. They are around 85 but a super nice couple.
   Asonaw from Masadonia are doing super. They listen to the conference talks in Turkish. And they are reading the Pamphlets from the first, second, and third lesson.

   Matthes we haven't heard much from.

  Other than that there isn't anything else that is to pleasing to the ears. Elder Perez and I had a horror story that I will not be able to tell probably forever haha. It is something that missionarys always have happen to them and you hope and pray it never happens but it did. If you remember this by the end of my mission I will tell you. Sooo don't forget haha! ;)
We. also. ate. so. much. food. SUNDAY. I have never eaten so much in my life. But hey... I have a good morning sport so its okay. Trust me when I say that I make sure I don't gain weight in the mission field. And I am only doing that for two reasons. One, because I want to stay in shape for football. Two, because everyone doubted that I wouldn't contain myself on the potatoes, breads, and bratwurst. But don't worry we had hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch yesterday haha a little bit of home away from it. I could tell I was away though because one, I was putting mayo on my burger that was labeled "american burger sauce" and two, because it tasted like a sauce that is not used for Burgers. Somehow it still tasted good. Maybe that's because I am a missionary? I don't know..
  My spiritual thought this week is mainly because what is coming so soon. Christmas. I don't know if you have all seen "he is the gift" that the church posted. It is on YouTube and so. But really it is so important that we see the gifts and blessings we have in our life. It is fun getting gifts for Christmas and spending time with the family. But I can PROMISE you something that will be of more worth and importance to you if you try this, this holiday season. I challenge you to keep your thoughts and focuses on Christ this month and instead of thinking about problems in life or things that in the end effect come to focus on ourselves and the "its all about me" attitude think what the gift of Christ means to you. I promise when our thoughts are focused on Christ we will find a peace with in ourselves that we NEVER knew we could have especially  this time of year. Because Christ really is the biggest gift that we could have ever received and will receive. The scriptures, prayer, thoughts, actions towards the gospel and Christ, are the presents that are always going to be wrapped up sitting under the Christmas tree until we pick them up and try to open them and see what we receive from them. I know that the scriptures and prayer and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are THEE biggest GIFTS we have received in our life and ever will. Either 12:8 is exactly what it is like when all the presents sit underneath the tree. Everyone hopes for the gifts they want. But we just have to sit there without knowing completely until the day comes that we open them. But because Christ is the gift and should be the focus of this time of year, do your best to try to make it like that and see if it makes a change in your life for the better. 

  I also want to give a shout out to Allie Rae Groves! Her birthday is this week on the 13th and she has been here for me for the last 4 years in my life. She really has helped me to become who I am today and I am so grateful for that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY AL! LOVE YOU! :)

Ich habe euch Lieb! Schöne Woche Noch!

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams 

Dec 4, 2014

Transfer Calls


   First of all I would like to thank of those who send me hard copied letters and packages. It really is fun getting the support and love from you all. Just know I am thinking about you two but it really is hard to send things out to everybody. I am doing my best though and you will all recieve something I promise. :)

   Well, I am 20 today.. Thats pretty weird. I never thought I would be away from every family member I have for my birthday. But its happening right now haha. Today I am going to a Christmas Market thing that Germany does during Christmas time in a bigger city called Bremen. (Weihnachtsmarkt) So that will be really fun. The celebration here in germany is huge and everyone goes to this place and eats sausage and german food. Just exactly how you imagine it in your mind, is probably how it really is. But it is fun and everyone is nice and jolly around this time of year. The lights and decorations arent the same as in America because there arent really many houses here in Germany. Most people just live in appartment buildings. So they just put lights on the inside of their windows and thats it. haha. woooo!

  Thanksgiving was wonderful. Germans dont celebrate that but we did it as a district at the married missionaries appartment. We came together as a district, had district meeting like we do every week, then we ate TONS. Then we talked and went back to work. It was really great though. We all brought one item of food with and I brought mashed potatos. Because my mom is a super amazing mashed potato cooker and she taught me once. Everyone loved them by the way mother. So good job :)

  We had transfer calls. And we found out that Elder Wilde will be transfered. For some reason he is in the same District still though haha. He is zone leader in Oldenburg. Which is only 40 minutes away so we will be working togther still. My new Companion is Elder Perez. I dont know ANYTHING about him. I will be meeting him tomorrow on tuesday  so thats that. That is a normal transfer on the mission not knowing who your companion is. But Elder Wilde and I were pretty lucky.

  Speaking of Elder Wilde and I, the work really went forward with me and him. As he came to Wilhelmshaven we werent teaching that many people at all. We only had about 3 people that we were teaching and by the time he left we have built up a good cantact list with around ehhh 20ish people on it. We also have a total number of 10 that we are teaching pretty consistantly. We did work hard and it paid off. I have felt the spirit in my life the last 2 and a half months probably more than I ever have in my life. And I know its because we were obedient and did our best in everything we could especially study. Some of my favorite and best days were during study even if we didnt find any new people to teach or anything great happened that day. Its just the fact that we both felt the spirit and we built eachother up, learned from one another, and had fun while doing that. And because all of this I have seen a change in myself with sooo many different weaknesses that I had. The language has jumped up 100 percent and I dont really have a problem with it anymore. My vocabulary isnt the biggest, but I can get around saying what I need and I have been able to understand alot more. My favorite scripture is in Ether. Ether 12:27. We all have weaknesses and trials in life. Maybe we dont know why and why life really is as hard as it is sometimes. Those are weaknesses dwelling in us that sometimes we NEVER can change without the Lord. But it says in that verse that if we go to him HUMBILY and we are WILLING to change, he will make the weak things know until us and how we can change ourselves to better our lives and help us grow in spirit, knowledge and ALL aspects of life. And that is a little run down of the time Elder Wilde and I have had with one another. I have learned alot and overcome alot of weaknesses that I never knew I could brake and recognize through our obedience to the Lord, and willingness to always give our best for the time we have here to serve him.

  This week as far as investigators go, we met with a few people and it went well. I am not going to put so much details in on my emails anymore. But thats not what is important. Its just important to know that the Lord really does prepare those who are ready to recieve him. We have met with a few of our investigators and they are making progress. It isnt anything anormous but its better than they were at. Its amazing to see the difference in someone who reads the scriptures and prays everyday and someone who doesnt. It is weird but its easy to tell honest to say. The scriptures and pray will change our life more than we could ever imagine.  Maybe we wont see it ourselves, but others do and that is what I have seen in those who we have been meeting with lately. Especially in Matten. Everyone else is doing okay. I feel like they are all really close to being super great investigators. But they just need to take one more step. Dont we all though..  

  I am sorry I dont have tons of time this week so I dont have tons to say. All I have for a spiritual thought is that The Doctorine of Jesus Christ, faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, and enduring to the end is the way that we can find true happiness and LASTING joy in life. When you read in the scriptures I challange you to look for things that have to do with the doctorine of Christ. I promise as you do, that you will find yourself coming closer to Christ who is the biggest and best example that we can and ever will have in our lives. Dont lose sight on what the purpose of this life is. Alma 34:32 Christ is the way and the only way. 2 Nephii 31:20.

Have a good week I love you all and thank you for all of the support and love. I am sure I will have a great day today on my birthday so no worries. I am in good care.

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams


Hallo Liebe Familie und Freunde!

  I am always so excited to write you all and tell a little bit about the week. I know its not possible for me to tell every detail but you can sure trust that I tell you all as much as I remember and the important things. If I told you everything that was good I would have to type everything I do here because the mission only brings good and wonderful experiences. :) 

  Elder Wilde and I have been seeing miracle after miracle. It really is so fun working with him here. We haven't seen sooo much happen after the miracle has happened, but I know its all under the Lords timing and there is nothing we can do to push these people to move along faster than they are able to go. 

I will give a list of the people who we teach. Keep in mind, they are all really REALLY amazing people. They just haven't had the big internal  motivational push yet that some get sooner than others. I am really proud of all the people here in Wilhelmhaven even if we only can meet one every two weeks or once a month. It is defiantly hard because we can see the potential but we just have to be patient just with everything else we have in life. Patience and Humility are two HUGE attributes that will help us to find more joy in life and it has definitely helped me so far in the mission field as I have strive to let the Lord work and not trust in myself or my thoughts more than his and his love for me and the people I love and care about. 

  Family Matthes. We havent had a lot of contact lately. They were on baptismal date but it fail out. They are a little bit nervous and scared to come to church. But they are still trying.

Xiolung. We haven't had a lot of contact with him he is busy studying but he wants to find truth.

Williams. We haven't had a lot of contact with him either but I believe he is still reading in the book of Mormon and doing what he loves most, finding more TRUTH. He doesnt give up and he really someone who we found from the Lord answering his prayers about wanting truth and help in his life.

Constantine. He is from Russia and speaks perfect German. But he is also looking for truth. He is busy with school and training. But he is really nice and we are doing our best to try to get back in contact. He has a pamphlet about the restoration of the gospel.

Fallah. He is sooooo busy. Literally every single time we call him he is not home and doing something in the city trying to find a job and taking tons of German classes to learn the language. He reads in the bom still and we should be meeting this week on Wednesday again. hopefully :)

Football team. Not alot of appointments with anyone on the team. We have a 19 year old who is interested in the BoM. He is a pastier so its kind of funny that he has the interest that he does. But also the coach his name is Jens. He is a really cool guy but we have been trying to fix a problem with him about the language. There are two different ways of saying "you" in German. And we are held to the standard to use the type of "you" with those older than us. that is more used with people that don't know each other as well. Or just trying to keep the relationship at more of a buisness type of relationship, and not budy budy. It sounds weird but its a big deal to some people. The past missionaries fell into the trap and started using the "Du" form of you which is the budy budy or family or close friends which is against the mission rules ha. So we have been trying to change it and he trys to correct us every time we use "Sie" with him. But its just kind of awkward now and its pushed the relationship away a little because of it. But he is really a great guy and we have alot of fun with him and helping him help out the boys.

And there are a few other people but these are the main people who I have found have thee MOST potential. They really want to know the truth. Its hard to sit there and listen to them say  "I want to know why we are here on the earth" or "I really really would like to know what truth is. There are to many churches" and not believe that they really are being directed and led from Heavenly Father. Of course if they want to know these things they will be led into the paths of missionaries sharing the message of how they can return to live with god again. We pray everyday for them all and we just keep doing our best to find people who are ready and listen to a message of love, joy, and eternal happiness.

  A miracle happened this week. woooo! haha. I may or may not have talked a little bit about it in a letter about a month or month in a half ago about how me and Elder Wilde were in a city called Jever. Yeah, anyway we were there about that long ago and we were getting ready to go back to the train station to come back to Wilhelmshaven. Well there was two different routes we could have taken. We for some reason chose to take the long way. And about half way there, we were stopped by a man walking his dog who said to us in English, "mormon missionaries" we were sooo excited. haha. He talked to us in German after but he said that his daughter was an exchange student in America about 12 years ago or so. He referred us to go to her and visit her but we didnt have any time that day. So we told him we would another time. We have been so busy doing other things we werent ever able to go to Jever and see this lady and talk to her. We didnt know when she worked or if she would have time during the week and which days would be good for her. But we went on Saturday assuming it would be a good day. Most people dont work on Saturday and Sunday here ha. But we were there in Jever talking to people on the street and as we were talking to a random lady this car pulls up behind us on the street and we were really REALLY confused. But after the conversation, the window rolled down on the car and the lady said "HEY DO YOU WANT TO GET SOME LUNCH"?!?!? Honestly I thought it was a member or some random person. But I was wrong it was the exchange student who wanted sooo badly for us to contact them. haha. We then said we would come by her house and so about and hour later we went by and had a wonderful conversation. She really has a super story about her trip with this family that she stayed with. She still has super contact and calls them all mom or dad and brother and sister. This family in Utah really is there family and yes they are LDS. She also said "yeah we are the Mormons, who aren't Mormons." It is true she lives like a LDS as far as standards and how her house is. She is married and has a little two year old boy. They are both teachers and of course work during the week and have the weekend off. I know that the Lord led us to them. I am also sure of that because I will probably NEVER again have a referral that contacts themselves to us and even on the street! hahaha. I am really grateful for the work of the Lord and his timing with everything that goes on. I learned a really good lesson from all of this. I know that when we make decisions that we haven't gotten an answer to in life about after asking god. We just need to take a step and do something and he WILL lead us to know what is right and what is wrong. We took that step and went the long way and ended up turning into a miracle finding this great family that we had no idea about.  ps. (Their name is family Sjuts) I know when we take steps that may be uncomfortable or scary or discomforting, the Lord will always ALWAYS lead us and let us know the right way through our feelings and outcomes of our decisions. Look to the Lord in all you do but make sure you do your part too in doing what he asks of us. And he will NEVER let you down. I have grown a stronger love for the people I teach, and those at home because I feel I have taken the first step by serving him and he has feeled in everything else so that I can be happy and love those who I don't see being here, or don't know so well, through the blessed feelings I have received from the Lord.

I love you all and thank you so much for the support and help you give me. I hope you all can find that first step that you can take and trust the Lord to lead you where you need to go. Have a super week! :)

-Elder Williams 

Familie und Freunde

Liebe Familie und Freunde,
   Diese Woche war wunderbar. Ich habe vieles erlebt und Ich bin sehr dankbar dass Ich eine mission dienen darf. I assume you all believe as I do either in the gift of tounges or in translators on phones or google. haha. I just wanted to say yeah I am not perfect with the language but I believe I am catching on to it okay. I know thats always a question that lots of people have with missionaries and I wanted to let you all know that it wouldn't be possible for me to talk as well as I can now without the help of the Lord. It truly is a blessing to serve in Germany and learn the wonderful language. It also doesn't hurt any to have a super great companion that is REALLY good with the language. Elder Wilde has helped me tons that smart MAN. I say "man" because its his birthday and he graduated from teens. Mr. 20. 

  This week we really had some great things come to pass. We were walking down the street and this 85 year old man was sweeping up pilled leaves so me and Elder Wilde offered to help him and he was SOOO happy that we did that for him. He ended up telling us after that he is all alone and that his wife is in the hospital and doesn't know if she has passed away or if she is still there. We offered him a ride in because he didn't have money to pay to get there but he didn't want to accept it because it would be from another person in the ward. He then let us into his home and gave us water and we told him we were from America. His face lit up and he was sooo happy hah. He said that he has wanted to go there his entire life and hasn't been able to. We tried to offer him help and teach him about gods plan for us but he didn't really understand everything. But whats most important is that we were able to help and serve him. We sang a song at the end "I am a child of god" and he loved it. He was the sweetest man ever and I am so grateful to get to serve humble people like him. He doesnt have any money or anyone in his life. No family. But yet he is willing to give and give. He offered us lunch and didnt stop filling our cups with water. I put my cup in the sink and he got a new one for me and filled it back up with the bottled water. haha. Its experiences like that, that I wont forget. To always give and being loving when you dont have anything in life. Always look to serve others even in the smallest ways. 

  We also had a really cool experience with a man named Constantine. He is from Russia and we met him a week and a half ago or so. We talked about health because he loves fitness and was walking back from the gym. We told him about the word of wisdom and that we would bring a brochure by his house. But when we got there on Saturday, he wanted to know more about what our message was. We let him know gods plan is back on the earth through prophets and thats how we have the word of wisdom and he said specifically that he is on a search to find truth. "Ich bin auf der suche". And it really is a blessing that we are able to find people like him. I know and have learned from him that we were able to find him and meet with him because we first cared about him and showed him by caring about his needs with fitness. The gospel is for EVERYONE no matter what kind of person you are or how much you believe or how much you dont believe on god. God knows whats best and there is always something in the gospel that we can find to make us happier and better people. I know that as we care to others needs first that they will be open to learn more about what the restored gospel brings and how it could help them specifically. 

  This week we also had a ward party thing. We kegeled which is similar to bowling. But smaller lanes. Then we ate yummy schnitzle after and it was a good time to help the ward come closer together and build each other up. 

 But this week really was a good week and I am grateful for all the wonderful blessings as a missionary. Thank you all for the support you give me. Have a wonderful week!! :)

Love Elder Williams 

Work Hard, Play Hard

 Well, The only thing that applies to my title is the "work hard" portion. That subject comes from something that I wont tell any of you about. The only thing that matters is that last week was a really good week and we worked really hard. We didn't find any new investigators but we did find TONS of new contacts that we can later, contact. :) A lot of really good conversations with people. I know that everyone in the world is looking for truth and when someone knows the plan of god for us or as we call it the plan of salvation, we can find soooo much joy from it. We talked to a man for about thirty minutes but at the very first of the conversation he said "i am probably one of the most non believing person in the entire world." by the end of the conversation and us talking about the Plan of Salvation he said "I believe with all my heart that there is a god.... But I don't believe" So at least he made a little progress hahaha. I know that people really do believe and want to believe and its so amazing that we have the chance to live and have an understanding of what will happen with us after this life. I am so grateful for that and I couldn't imagine what it would be like without the gospel in my life. Think of all the billions of people that don't have the gospel. Why don't we do our part as members to help bring EVERYONE that we can unto Christ? Thats our goal as latter day saints right?? I don't know any of you who would see the coolest movie ever and not go tell somebody about it afterwards. Why cant we be the same with the gospel for when we feel the spirit in our lives and the joy we receive from that? I know when we do our best with baring our testimony with even our actions and our service that we will be able to help others see the light that we have in us. Dont ever be shy to reach out and help somebody. That is showing our appreciation and the excitement of the gospel just as well as it is telling our friends and co-workers how cool the lord of the rings was. or whatever interests you. 
   Williams we were able to meet with him this week. He has already seen soooo many miracles happen. He has prayed to god to help him understand the book and to know if its true. He has been going through rough times but he is still able to see the positive that comes from the book and he LOVES truth. He said "I don't know why, but I get a better feeling from this book than any other book that I have ever read seeking for truth. its weird and different. But soothing and comforting." Hmmmm I wonder what that felling is. Maybe the spirit?? Yeah he is awesome and also really lazy. He wont meet with us tons because he has A TON going on in his life but the time will come when we get more time with him. Its the Lords time not ours as missionaries. 
   Family Matis. They are also sooo wonderful. They committed to be baptized at the end of the month if they find that it is true before the date!! Wow I couldnt be more excited:) They are so humble and such a sweet family. They want truth and more joy and thats exactly what the gospel brings to us. The man also just got a new job. I think the Lord is blessing them in little ways to show them the way. I am so grateful that I could teach them. They have the cutest boy too! He is 2 years old and such a mamas boy.

  As far as the week went.. we ate at the mission presidents sisters home. She is in our ward and she is sooooo amazing at cooking haha. She cooked a great rice, chicken and curry sauce meal. I couldn't be anymore grateful for the way that Germans cook. She also made coconut fried bananas. Yeah don't ask me. All i know is that they tasted like Heaven. I know that's what heaven tastes like if it has a taste. Also we had bike problems as always. Elder Wilde will be fixing his bike this week for a total of 140 euro. So that's shows the type of wear and tear we put on these pieces of wonderfulness. ;) Well Not to much more. Only good news haha. sorry maybe next week will be something worse. nah just kidding. ONly good can come from the gospel. I love you all and have the best week!!!! Keep studying in the scriptures people.

Elder Williams :)

Wundern sind Wunderbar.

Miracles are Wonderful.
   I really have had such a great week this week. The work here in Wilhelmshaven just keeps going forward. I really have an experience that I would like to share.
About 8 or 9 weeks ago me and Elder Young my last companion were riding past some buildings and thought hmmm we should do dooring there! But then we never ended up doing it. Elder Wilde then came in and I had the thought to do more doors there and so we did and we have found two people since then and they have been pretty flaky but still really good people. We have met with on of the older family three times and the other family not yet but we still have okay contact with them. Its just hard to find a time to meet for them. We have doored almost all of the buildings up to this point besides maybe like 4 more. So one night we decide to finish dooring all the buildings. There was a stretch that for 40 minutes NOBODY let us get past the first sentence pretty much. It was really hard and frustrating. The thoughts did come into mind, "should we just go home and eat" but no we just kept going. As we got to the last building we doored the top floor and it was a woman around 26 and her son thats 6. We talked with them about the family and why its important to have a strong family and that our message could help them tremendously. We set up an appointment for two days later and of course it fell out and she wasnt home. We thought it was just another person trying to be nice but not having any interest. But in spite of that we came back the next day. We rang the door bell and we were let in after 3 times. We went up the stairs and there stood a man from Africa named Williams haha kinda ironic. He said he wants TRUTH and more and more and more. He has read the bible and other religious books looking for truth. We made in appointment for the next day to meet with him. We got to know a little bit more about him and then we began to teach him about the Restoration of the gospel. After we talked about Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon he started shaking his head with his hands in his face. He then said to us "I have been praying the past 4 months to god for more truth to help me. I have my own apartment but have been staying with my girlfriend for the last 10 days for some reason. There was no accident that you are hear sharing this with me. I will read the Book of Mormon for sure. and can we meet more please?" This man was lead to us through Heavenly Father two months ago without us knowing. I really have been able to see the Lords work going forward through hard work and enduring to the end. I know we can all receive such wonderful love and help and comfort from the Lord when we show him we are wanting to do his work and will. He will bless us and trust us more. I cant wait to meet with Williams again tomorrow he is wonderful!! Also we met a family named Familie Matis. They have a son thats one years old and they are catholic. He is from Spain and he speaks Spanish and little German. She speaks really good German and Spanish as well. The son speaks "whine and I get it" right now, but thats all little kids :) But they are a wonderful family too. They are seeking for "a good church." haha so thats wonderful because the church of Christ is the best one they could get!! We taught them the first lesson and they really are interested. We will meet with them tomorrow too. 

As far as other investigators go, Chow Lung from china reads and prays. He is really stressed with school and has a hard time coming to church with how many people are there. 20ish. haha good thing he isnt in America :) 

Falla Bundor, we didnt meet with him this week either. He is really busy with whatever he is doing. I think he is trying to find a job or something. But he is great. He reads and prays as well. I know both of these people will be lead by the Lord when they keep up their works. Its all in the Lords time and will.

I am very grateful for all of you and all of the support and love you give me! It helps me to endure to the end and find people that are ready for the gospel like Williams and the Matis family. I have you can find a goal or way that you can see how important enduring to the end is no matter how hard life can be and how many trials can be thrown at us. I challange you to set a goal of something that you can endure. And when you do it, see how the joy comes from that. Now just imagine the joy we will have in the gospel when we endure that to the end. 

Habt ihr ein schöne woche noch!! 

Love Elder Williams :)

Subject to Kings, Rulers, and all Things

  Well my subject is that because I thought it would be funny. Its a scripture somewhere I am pretty sure. I am not the scripture mastery wizz but I remember hearing it a few times. This week was a really good week. It went by long and kind of slow and awkward because of the few meetings that went on. Elder Wilde my companion went to Hamburg for leadership training. So I was with a companion in Wilhelmshaven and his companion was with Elder Wilde so it was basically just an exchange. Then on thursday we had district meeting which we have every week and then we watched conference on sunday for those who didnt get to see it in the ward. And then we did a huge service project on saturday. So really me and Elder Wilde only had 1 or 2 days of good solid work. We didnt see a ton of success with finding anyone until the VERY last person we were going to door. LITERALLY. Yesterday night we were dooring trying to find atleast one new person we can teach and nobody wanted anything to do with us. It is really funny sometimes because they just shut the door in the middle of the sentence or they stare at you, dont say anything and say something like "im catholic" and shut the door haha. I think its amusing and it makes me want to just keep going and going and going until I cant go no more. So the very last door that we were going to knock on a lady and her son were standing there and they listened to everything we had to say. We talked about the family and why the family is so important and how our message can help her and her family. She told us she is interested in hearing it and to come back next week tuesday so that is what we will do haha. :)
 It really tought me though what ending to the end does. We could have just said, okay thats enough we have been dooring for the last 2 hours and nothing has came from it lets just go home its already dark and we did good enough. But we kept going and going and set a goal to finish at a certain point and because we did that and didnt stop we made it and were able to find someone. I also read alot in the Bom this week. Where Nephi is building the ship that the Lord commanded him to build. He probably never had even seen a ship or knew what that is. He had no idea where to get materials for it. And on top of all of that his brothers doubted and doubted. He could have given up easier than snapping his fingers. But he didnt. It did take time and effort and he couldnt see the final product until he was very finished. I really am so gratefull for the wonderful example that the scriptures are to us. I know that they can help us get over trials in our lives better than anything else. Have a super week everyone.
Fallah said he will be baptised when he finds out the church is true and so did Chow lung.
Not a ton of time but have a super week everyone I love you alll!!!!
Elder Williams

Find Ummm

 This week was a good week. We got a lot of work done. We have had the most inconstant investigators in the world so its been really hard, but we keep finding new people and we just keep doing our best with what we have. This week we also met with President Kosak and that man really is so inspiring we learn so much from him in interviews. I have been lucky to have as many as I have so far on my mission. I have had 4 interviews with him and every time I am with him I just get this boost of motivation and love for the people in Germany and I feel ready to work and find as many people as I can haha. He really is a great guy. And because my mom posts this on Facebook he will probably see this and read it. Maybe I will get a few brownie points ;)
   Back to the investigators, there has been a lot that we haven't been able to meet with consistently such as Jan, few football players and the coach, family Diegner, and a bunch of other people we have only met with either once or twice. Every time I write a email about any of them and I am so excited about there progression, we don't meet with them and the appointment falls out haha. So I almost wonder if I shouldn't write about them in emails or in my journal. No. I will jokes jokes. It is Heavenly Fathers will.
   We have met a lot with a less active member. He is 25 years old and one of the most awesome guys ever. He is a professional ping pong player. Really. He is unreal. I couldn't return not even ONE of his serves. He is like top 100 in Germany. He is really really good and a super cool guy. 
We are meeting with a family called family Diegner. And they are really awesome. They are really interested in the plan of salvation. And we are going to teach them this week again hopefully. They are really really nice. Every time we go there they have German cake for us to eat. haha. Be jealous. Because its gooooood.
   We have also met with a guy named Falla Bundor. He is from Africa and is really such a good guy. He loves Christ and just does anything he can do to follow Christ. The only problem is, is getting consistent appointments with him. But when we do its really good and we have invited him to baptism. He said he will read the book of Mormon to find out if its true.
Other than that this last week was a good normal week of missionary work. I have been running a lot because I was the missionary that was doubted with gaining weight and Its not happening. So yeah that's been super. I have been reading a lot in the BoM. and studying the talks of the prophets. I challenge you all the seek for your own revelation and to deepen your conversion. We can only rely off of the talks of the prophets for so long before we fall. Just like laman and lemuel in the Bom. They did okay for awhile when they listened to Lehi and Nephi. But then they NEVER looked for their own testimony or help from the lord. Nephi is the perfect example to us all. When we look to the words of the prophets and then confirm those revelations for our own lives, we will become closer to the Lord than we ever thought we could. And that only brings the most peace and joy in life that someone could get. Have a great week I love you all!!
building from 1600´s and my future car. sick huh?
Elder Williams :)

Our Tools

 I would like to start off with saying that I am so grateful for my family. This last weekend with conference really made me think a lot of my entire family. They really do bring me joy and have given me so much support and love since I have been out here on the mission. I can rely on them through anything and that is exactly how the family is and should be. That is exactly how the gospel helps the family. To be one. To be happy and to show how we can find true joy. Even when we have hard life time experiences. President Uchtdorf talked a lot about this in the Saturday morning session. And how we can develop not only personal testimony and conviction, but how the gospel of Christ is the way to a rock built foundation for the family.
   President Uchtdorf used the analogy with the technology that we have in this world today. If we were to go back a thousand years ago. Or even better, only 100 years ago. And we told people the type of information that we have found today or if we told people we could upload a picture in 5 seconds and millions of people throughout the world could see it, they would tell us we are ridiculous and we are absolutely crazy. How can we relate this with the gospel of Jesus Christ in these days? Well to start off, we do have that technology and we can do all of those amazing things such as having microscopes to see off into the eternities of space and seeing all of the many galaxies. Well, we have Christ word back here on the earth sir. We have prophets and more scripture that lead us unto eternal life which then helps us to see how we can have joy on this earth because of our knowledge of after death and the ability to be with our families forever. People think we are crazy and that there is NO WAY. But just the way scientist had to find an answer to the fact that there are more galaxies and all the other facts they found, we have to find an answer to the questions we have. We have the tools to do it. We have the "microscopes" of scientist in the scriptures and prophets and prayer and commandments and families. With these elements in our life how can we just sit back and not use them to find our own answer for our self. And its not just that we can find an answer. We CAN find everlasting answers and feelings that wont ever be able to leave or minds and our hearts, just like how the question of more galaxies will always be known now and forever. Agency is a special gift given to us. And its all up to us where we go and what we do with our lives. But to find such answers, one would think that it would bring joy to the soul that nothing else could. right..? or am I just crazy..? I love having these "tools" to help me grow daily. Help me grow closer to my family and knowledge of the gospel. Dont take these gifts from god lightly. He loves you and everyone out there in the world. He wants us to be happy and have the truth and peace in our lives and forever. I often relate the love of god and the spirit of revelation and answers to actual LOVE in real life. We cant touch love. we cant hear love. We cant see love. We cant smell love. But we can feel love in our hearts and our minds. Find for yourself what kind of love god has for you and what he has in store for you. It may take work. Yeah so what so does everything else in this life. Just like it took scientist just up until the last century to find there are more galaxies. I love you all and I know this is true. And I know you can build strength and faith too when you listen to the wonderful talks from our prophets of old and today. Have a great week everyone.
We have been meeting with a man named Jan Eike. He is really awesome. I think I have written a little about him already. He really doesn't believe that much but he is open and a solid guy. We are meeting again on Tuesday. I know he has felt the spirit. He is a bigger and intimidating guy we stopped on the street. but even they can feel the love of god:) he is the bomb!! We also have a family we have been working with I can tell a little more about them next week. The football team is about to end but we have contact with the coach and a few of the players. Its more of a service now but we are still meeting with a few of them every now and then to. I love you all and have the best week! :)
Love Elder Williams :)


 Well, officially 6th months is down. And I only have a sister missionary mission left. haha. ahhh. Its really weird to think about. So I wont talk about it and I will just leave it at that. But its a good feeling and I am going strong still. Time really does just keep going and never stops so that's cool. :)

   This week was fun stuff. We went on exchanges and those are always fun. I stayed in Wilhelmshaven and a new missionary came to me. We had a lot of fun together. We were able to find a few people that me and Elder Wilde can go by on this week. I didn't think it was going to be as bad as it really was with a new missionary. I guess my German is good enough to get around with a new missionary so I was really excited about that. Also this week me and Elder Wilde found a really really cool man. He is massive. Well, kinda. He is about 5 foot 10 and 240 pounds. He has fat but a lot of it is muscle. He had a noise piercing and a skeleton tattoo on his arm. He was one of the people that you think twice about when you want to stop him and talk to him but we did it anyway because.. you know, he is a son of God. So as I stopped him I really was thinking what in the world am I going to ask him without getting slammed to the ground or something. But I just simply asked him "Hey we are from america and we just wanted to ask you if you could say two positive things about yourself". And he said "yeah sure, I am really really really really honest with people. aaaanddddddd.... I don't know what else." Then we just simply started talking to him and told him that people today in this world only focus on negative things about themselves and we just wanted to talk to him about that. And as we were talking he told us "this is the first time I have ever talked with someone that I don't know for over 2 minutes". I knew in this moment and time that its only because the spirit told me to ask him this question. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to be a servant of the Lord and to help the people here in Germany through him. I know I would have never even have him if it weren't through he Lord and the strength that he gave me to do it. We are now probably going to be meeting with him this week and teaching him. But I know there are miracles and people who are ready to hear the gospel just from being friendly to them. 

   I also want to say I know how much joy it brings when we think positive in ourselves and try to find good characteristics rather than negative. If we really want to be a light to the people out there without the gospel in their lives how can we do that when we are negative and down on ourselves. I have been sending out a lot of commitments to you all, but this week I challenge you to write a list of 10 positive characteristics about yourself and see what kind of confidence or see how it can help you start to think more positive daily. Have a great week everyone thank you for all the support. Have a wonderful week and be... POSITIVE :D

Love Elder Williams :)

Sep 23, 2014

Week of Wonders

 Well this week has been wonderful. Me and Elder Wilde have been having a blast together. I dont think I have found as many people in my entire mission as we have in the last two weeks. They arent investigators but they are contacts that we found and will go by on in the next week to two weeks. Me and him have been working really good together and its been fun having a companion that you knew from school. I never thought I would have the chance to see what it would be like but now I know. haha. And yes, we are being good Elders. Promise.
    The way we have been able to find all these people is me and elder Young put little cards in peoples mailboxs. Its called "chumming" out here in the mission field. We stick tons of cards in mailboxes and then a few days later we go back and talk to the people. The cards we put in the mailboxes of these people has a family on the front with the address. And says "Familie Sind Ewig" that means "Families are forever". Its just a simple card that we pass out to everyone. But it is really meaningful because through the gospel of Jesus Christ and following his teachings we are able to have this wonderful gift and joy and peace in life knowing that we can be forever with the ones that we love. It hasnt only blessed my life in helping me feel the love of the people but the love I have for my family. Think about the joy and what a wonderful blessing that would be to be forever with the ones that you loved.. I know its helped me grow a stronger love for my family and I have over 8,000 miles away from them. Its a great way that we can share the gospel with people. I challenge you all the really see the true meaning behind the family and to always treat eachother how you really feel for eachother. Its such an amazing oppertunity to all families and us to treat this time on the earth carefully. 
  Something I learned this week since I have been studying Christ-like attributes, is that as we study them and try to apply them into our lives every single day one by one that the love and peace and joy we can feel from them is more powerful than any other love or joy in this world. Please try it for yourself. I know it can help you daily and help you be happy in this life. Study them out and find out what you can do personally to become more like Christ in all you do. I love you all I am sorry I didnt have a ton to write because I ran out of time. Have a great week everyone thank you again for all the support!

-Elder Williams


 Well this wonderful week was the Elder Bednar tour around Europe week haha. I think its great to see how much one person can effect our lives when we let them. And its not just the fact that it has to be an apostle. When we really truly desire to learn from even a kid, we can. But that's not to say Elder Bednar isnt special. He is really a spiritual giant. He knows and only works through the spirit. This week he came to us as a mission and talked to us and interacted with us. He let us ask questions, he asked questions, and he interacted with us like we were actually normal human beings. Sometimes we think that normal talks we can learn alot but I got a testimony that when we treat people as objects and let them think and grow for themselves through questions we ask rather then just feeding them information, we will be alot more successful in helping others come to Christ. He asked us at the end what we learned as a group and some missionaries stood up and said how they noticed when it was our turn to ask questions, he noticed through the spirit and through him treating us as if we were normal and able to act for ourselves that we answered our own questions in our hearts and minds throughout the meeting. He asked for a raise of hands and about 70 percent of the rooms hands went in the air for who had their question answered through the spirit without even asking Elder Bednar. So as missionaries and as members of the church, we should seek to teach in a way that we let people act for themselves and learn through what they already know, and relating what they know to how they can grow. Also a way we can learn for ourselves is to learn as if we were making small plates (bom) instead of big plates (records of family and history). When we take notes for conference or when we listen to talks in church, not to just think about what the people are saying, rather learning from the spirit and those are ways and testimonies that will help us be more converted members to the church. And now I have a testimony from the meeting with elder Bednar that if we can learn to do that, we will find more peace in our lives and be more converted to Christ. And its a peace that will not find until we truly try. So I invite you all the try and write small plates instead of big plates in your lives through conferences and weekly church meetings.
  I don't have a lot of time to write but this week me and elder Wilde were able to have a walk in lesson. The second door we knocked on the lovely elderly couple let us in their home and we taught the first lesson to them. Me and elder Wilde were surprised why in the world that happened. We were so shocked and happy at the same time. But we knew that it was because we did everything that we had supposed to do that day. We followed the mission handbook, our mission president, the spirit, and our daily plan. I know that as we live our days in crescendo like I said last week that we can see not only miracles in our life but we will be put in situations to help others come unto Christ. And that brings more joy to our life than we will ever know until we experience it. I invite you all to try to find a way to serve someone this week even if its the smallest task. And just by doing that you will find joy for the rest of the day. Imagine you bringing another daughter or son of god closer to Christ. You can imagine the joy you will feel and also the joy our father in heaven would have and the blessings we would receive. Have a good week everyone I love you all!!!

His Name is Matt Wilde

  Well, Can you say 4th transfer now? And can you also say.. I am on my 4th companion. Which is a new world record. Especially since its the fact that I went to high school with this Elder. haha. Elder Matt Wilde is my new companion and we both went to Cedar High. Think its a small world now? haha. I am so excited but shocked at the same time. I never thought it would even be a possibility to be companions with someone you know from school haha. Anyway Elder Young was a great companion. He got called to serve as a zone leader in Chemnitz. He taught me a lot and we had a lot of fun together. But its only right that he goes or else he would mess up my companion streak haha.
Nah I love him.
   But this week we were able to have zone conference. And I loved what our mission president says to us every time we meet and he talks to us. He tells us to live our lives and our missions in a crescendo. He loves music and so does his wife. They are both really gifted and talented as well. But what that means is that we need to always continue to do better and end the best that we can possibly end. We start slow and to the point. And this is exactly what it looks like and how our lives should be. ( < ) We sang a song called lead kindly light. But of course in German. And it started with one person and President Kosak slowly called on people to stand up and start singing along. It was amazing to feel the power come from that. And I know that if we always live our life in a crescendo that we can accomplish amazing things. Never sit back and watch or just anticipate things to happen. Always be searching and seeking for new ways to improve yourself as a person. Because we can never stop learning and becoming someone amazing. I just thought all of you might enjoy the words of our very intelligent mission president. :)
  This week we had the opportunity to meet with Herr Mehlhose again. He is great. He thinks we are there to just talk about our churches and to compare. That means our "how to begin teaching" didnt go as planned with him haha. We as missionaries are supposed to tell the people why we are there, what they can find from our message and how it can help them in their lives. Its hard to get that across to a lot of people but we did our best this time to tell him why we are there. He said he is glued to his church but he will read the BoM because he thinks its really interesting. He also wants to see our church and so this week we are planning on giving him a church tour. We haven't been able to get the ping pong set up yet. Hopefully soon we can get something going with that. We have about 5 Chinese and then our less active member who is actually a pro with ping pong. You wouldn't know what that is until you see him play or play against him haha. He is right handed but when he plays with his left he can still beat anyone he wants. Its amazing and I have picked up some good tricks from him! Well thats all I have to say this week. I love you all und ich wuche ihnen eine shöne tage und woche auch! tschüss! :)

OH! The man in Dresden that I was able to meet with got baptized this past Sunday. It was so great being able to hear news like that! Anyway yeah, choa choa!

Elder Williams :)

Sep 1, 2014

The Plan

Well, this week was great. I will start off with what happened. I first had exchanges with the Leer Elders. I was in Leer for Tuesday night up until Thursday morning. Leer is right on the edge of Germany. It is right next to the Netherlands. So that was cool to rub right up next to a different country! We then came back to Wilhelmshaven and did a really fun finding activity. We drew the plan of salvation with chalk on the sidewalk in the middle of the city at the train station. It wasn't very busy because it was a little bit later during the day. But we had some really fun conversations with people. We actually had teenage girls come up to us. Two different groups and they were around 16 to 18 haha. A few were with some boys. The boys tried to act to cool for it but the girls were super impressed with what we were doing and we explained what we were doing and the plan. I don't know if it was the fact that me and Elder Young are probably the most attractive elders in Germany or if our drawing was actually legit and cool haha. But they were really interested is one or the other ;)
   Me and Elder Young have been meeting with a man named Ola Baumgard. We got him to come back to church. He is a less active member and he is a little mentally challenged but he is great. We also have alot of great and fun activities going on. Because there are so many Chinese people we are starting up a ping pong night at the church once a week. We teach them and then play some ping pong. We haven't been able to do it yet, but hopefully this week we will find some time to do that. We always say that they are soooo ready for the gospel and they are. We just set them up for success with talking about ping pong and then its our little trap to get them into the church to play haha. But the work is going good. We have been trying to try new ideas and ways to find people. We are meeting with Herr Melhose this week. And hopefully we can invite him to baptism. I know if he feels the spirit he will say yes. He believes all that we say and his church is organized just like the LDS church. He is a really sweet man. 
 I also found out that one of the guys i met with a few times in Dresden is going to be getting baptized this week! I am so excited for him. His name is Olaf Herdes. He is a painting restorer and said he was a Buddhist and christian. Which I dont know how that works.. But the Lord sure did help him make his mind up haha. 
 Anyway have a great week everyone Love you all!! :)
Elder Williams :)

Aug 25, 2014

Some Info.

 Well this week really does not have a lot to it. We had a lesson with a new investigator and his name is Herr Mehlhose. He is great and excepts almost all of what we say. He is a new Apostolic. He doesnt really say much but I really think he felt the spirit last lesson. The new Apostolic church believes in a lot of the same doctrine as the LDS church and so he is really interested. We are going to invite him to be baptized if we meet with him this week and if the lesson goes well. We are working really hard and have been doing a lot of finding. It's sad though because almost everyone we have been talking to and found people who have interest they are all on vacation. haha. So as far as the work thats what we have been doing. The football team is on break right now as well because of vacation. We are going to meet with the football team this week and hang out and get a Döner. Its the mexican food of america. So yeah its all the Turkish people here in Germany! 
    This week I also went on exchange to Oldenburg with the zone leaders. It was a blast and their program there is rockin! They have soooo many people to teach and I got to have 5 lessons in one day. Thats not normal by the way haha. So it was really fun and I learned a lot and got more insights and learning experiences with teaching. My German is coming along. I can understand I would say about 60 to 70 percent just depending on how fast the people are talking haha. It sounds like Chinese one second and then German the next second so its a little confusing right now. But its almost like being a teenager all over again. When you listen you actually get something out of it. But when you don't, you just feel like someone is talking a language you have no idea how to speak.

  Well thats all I have to say for this week.. Im sorry it wasnt the most. Have a super week I love you all so much! :)

Love Elder Williams

Aug 18, 2014

I thought it was still summer...?

 Well Germany is officially the new place of unexpected weather and storms. I can wake up in the morning and it will be a perfect sunny and zero clouds and by the time we walk out the door to go work after lunch, its raining. I'm officially saying the weather here is more bipolar than cedar city and that's a hard statement to make. Its also not good because work is really hard in Germany when its bad weather. The Germans already have "Keine Zeit" and when its raining and cold they have "absolut keine zeit". We still love them though. I cant blame them. I can see myself as someone who would not want to talk to two young boys in white shirts either. And I know I am blessed that I dont have to be being bugged instead of doing the bugging. ;) But yeah its getting a little chilly here and not the best weather we could say. 
   Lately me and Elder Young have been really striving to trust in god because we as a mission have made a goal to have one baptism per companionship before Elder Bednar comes in September. We havent seen the most success with finding and teaching. But last week we did find two great new people and we will be meeting with them this week. They are really interested in learning about the church and about the BOM. So me and Elder Young are really excited about that because we havent seen to much happening lately. We have been putting alot of effort and different ways into finding new people. Going by contacts, talking to everyone on the street, holding the doors open in really really busy places so like the train stations. And just little things like writting statements on post its and posting them in bus stops with our number on them. But yeah I have really found that trust and prayer are one of the biggest and most important ways of being happy and finding answers and help and relief of stress in life. I read something really cool in personal study this week. It was in 3rd Nephi 14:7-11 and it talkes about prayer and how much heavenly father really loves each and everyone of us. I know its a big goal to get a baptism in one months time with not a ton of people to be teaching but I know this scriptures are here to help us know what we need to do in times of need. And that when we ask heavenly father for help that he will help us and we will recieve what we need help with from him when we have humility, patience, and trust. Have a good week everyone love you all!

Love Elder Williams

Aug 11, 2014

Great Week in the Great Wilhelmshaven

 Well my fellow followers of wherever you are and whoever you are.. I am proud to say that I am able to let you all know now that I am finally starting to understand almost everything people are saying to me. So now I just need your prays so that I can answer and the understanding actually means something haha. But its coming I am so happy I have been understanding and having small talk conversations with people on the street and the members. 

I actually gave a talk yesterday in church for my first time in German. It went really well. I was supposed to take 5-7 minutes and I think I took 10. Not because I planned good, but probably because I couldnt read half the words. No, it wasn't to bad it went great and I was actually proud of myself on that one haha. :)

The work this week was good. We have a new kid on the football team that we are coaching and his name is Jan. He went to Texas on exchange for school and so he has really good English. When I cant say anything in German I just say it in English and then he helps me say it in German haha. And then he is my translator at football practice sometimes. So whenever the head coach or the kids dont understand me I call for my "Übersetzer" translator haha. But we have only met with him once and we are hoping something great comes from it. He has alot of intrest. He hasn't had a lot of direction with church in his life so He really wants to learn more and I am excited for him and excited to teach him because he loves me and Elder Young! haha.

A funny experience was that me and Elder Young met with our mission president sister for luncheon Sunday because she is in our ward and invited us. And it turns out that she knew the poems that I learned in German class my sophomore year haha. She recited them with me and we had a good time talking about that. She got really excited and was telling us how we are the only missionarys who ever talked to her about poetry and that she loves it and she went and put in her cd disks and started playing the songs to the poems. haha it was great and a fun experience. Well hope you all have a super week:) Keep it real.

Elder Williams

Aug 4, 2014

First Week in Wilhelmshaven...

Well it wasnt the best week overall that I have ever had. I know that it is possible for there to be better weeks in the mission. Elder Young and I didn't find any new investigators this week and it was really hard because we worked really hard. I know that The Lord works in mysterious ways though and he will continue to lead and guide us when we are not seeing success when we continue to keep his commandments and be obedient. I have always been the one to want something "NOW" and lately it hasn't been like that. I am learning to trust in the Lord and in God. And that is something that is really hard to do.  I know in the end the lesson I learn and the attitude I have about pressing forward and working harder with faith even though nothing worked the first time, will pay off in the end.
   This week with football practice was a blast! These kids are the best football players I have ever seen in my life! haha. Okay I wish I could say that without being rude or lying. But these kids are great. They do this because they want to be active and have fun. Its great to be able to coach them and teach them how to play the REAL football! haha But anyway they are great kids and almost everyone of them has taken a Book of Mormon! Even the coach and assistant coach! They are great people and I love being around them so much:) We practice every Wednesday and Friday so this week we are going to try to set up some appointments with them. 
   Besides that I don't really have anything amazing to write or to say besides I know that this church is true. Its blessed me to feel comfort and strength that I have never thought I could feel. I am so grateful to be here in Germany and to serve wonderful people here. I am grateful for all the people that support me and write me every week. So thank you all and I hope I have some super fun exciting news about the team next week:) pray for us haha :p

-Elder Williams