Apr 28, 2014

How Much Luckier Could I Get?

 So this week and a half was super great. I got my flight plans to germany and never ever ever EVER thought that I could be happier. And at the same time kind of sad because of the super awesome experiences I have had here. 
     I got to listen to two more apostles in the last week. Dallin H Oaks. And D. Todd Chrisofferson.
Wow was it so great to hear the words of these men. I know they spend time on these talks but I cant even imagine how much time they spend on conference talks so EVERYONE go read and reread these because they are the words of god and will help us in our lives with any questions that we have. I needed to hear the words of all these apostles that I have heard from. I know it was meant to be because I have learned soooo much from each of them. 

     Dallin H Oaks:
   Wow here gave a super awesome talk about leaving behind what we love to serve the lord. And whats amazing about his talk is that it can apply to each and every single one of us whether we are on a mission or not. Dont take to much time on electronics to not be able to have time to recognize the spirit through either reading, or just simply associating with people. We need to be attentive and listening to the words of our prophets and I know the reason missionaries have the spirit with them all the time is because they arent distracted by the little things in life that take us away from finding answers to our questions. I challenge everyone to do as elder Oaks said and take time out of each day to read our prophets talks or the scriptures or do something on So that we can have the spiritual awareness that we can have in our lives to help us become better people. 

     D. Todd Christofferson:
   Another wowzers thing. Christoffersons wife was amazing and she talked about seeing beyond the bus window in a dark night. Most of our lives all we see is ourselves reflection on that bus and we dont think beyond that. We think maybe how hard our problems are or how hard life is in the moment. But when we see beyond that window and see the city lights or the people walking on the sidewalk then we will be truly blessed. If we look beyond our selfs and give our fellow men help and service even if it is giving compliments all day or smiling at other people when we are having a hard time, We are looking beyond ourselfs and serving our god. We never know who and what lives we can touch. Always set an example like christ did and you WILL have the joy you want in your life!

Now He talked about TRUST. How much greater of a topic?? I thought where is he going to go with this and it was something that I NEEDED to hear. He apposed the question, "How much trust do you want in others"? Whats more important to be trusted by others or to be loved? I know it is to be trusted. We can love way more people than we can trust. And if we continue to build trust in god, Jesus Christ, and our fellow man. Than we will be blessed beyond measure. He also said "How much do you want god and Jesus Christ to trust you?" I thought wow how could I ever get them to trust me. But as we use the atonement in our lives to become better people we get that trust from god. He trusts me and all the missionaries around me because we used the atonement in our lives to be worthy to represent his sons name and his sons church. What more could we be grateful for than the atonement and being able to build our trust with everyone around us and especially god. If we gain his trust how many greater blessing could we receive when we do what he asks? You wont ever know until you try. I love the words of our prophets. Just a simple subject like trust can branch off into a million reasons why trust is important. BUILD YOUR TRUST IN GOD TODAY. By doing what he asks and using the atonement. 

I love you all and have an amazing week!!! The next email will be when I get into Germany. I am doing great and I am very grateful for all the love and support you all give me. The german is coming along and I cant wait to share this wonderful gospel with the people of germany!  

Love always, Elder Williams

Apr 21, 2014

Just A Hand Shake

Hahaha I feel so clever with my subjects. I know everyone is probably freaking out wondering what happened. And soon enough you will know! So this week was super fast for me. And I struggled a couple days with the language as I was trying to teach the class. But my teachers are super awesome and help all of us out with feeling comfortable even though we are butchering the grammer and some words so bad. But all in all the week was absolutely AMAZING.
Neil L. Anderson came to talk to the mtc on tuesday and what an amazing and remarkable man he is. AND HIS WIFE. haha. His wife bore her testimony on why its so important to read, and re-read the talks from conference. She told us a story and it was super awesome! She said before her husband was an apostle they had 3 kids and wanted everyone in the family to have an ensign. Now it was 30 years ago. She went back to pick them up and they told her it cost 50 dollars. She was torn from this news. She then had a thought in mind. Even though they werent rich or had the most money she ended up buying them. She then told us how much time each person who talks in conference takes on their talks. She said they all have ATLEAST 15 drafts in the talks. After she explained how often they are praying seeking for revelation and going over their talks over and over and over again. She stated the question, "How much does it mean to you, to hear the words of our prophets from god?" I know that from that time on hearing that question that there wont be a conference that I wont read and re-read the talks after its over. I now know and encourage everyone to ask yourself that question. I know as we read those talks and apply what they say into our lives that we will be blessed extremely!! Now Andersons talk was AWESOME! he talked about the book of mormon and its importance in conversion. I know for a fact thats true. And I have seen it even in my own life to grow my testimony.
Reason TWO:
 Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf talked to us on easter yesterday. It was the most amazing talk about how we sometimes are like peter of times of old and denied and had lack of faith on our savior jesus christ. But when we have that faith and strength in him he blesses us to continue to strengthen our faith and to make us stronger people. He stated that Peter after he was saved by christ in the ocean and after Christ appeared to him. That his faith would NEVER go away. And that when we feel inside that faith on christ we need to be like Peter and act how he acted on our own missions and become FEARLESS! I know that as I am fearless in my faith on christ that he will strengthen me and help me to become a missionary like peter. He then bore his testimony and stated three times "I know that our savior Jesus Christ lives". I cant express the chills that I got and the knowledge that he has of him. I talked to many elders and sisters after and we all had the same feeling of knowing that he has seen our savior Jesus Christ and that he is fearless just as peter was.
    Pres. Uchtdorf went around a shook tons of elders and sisters hands as he was leaving. We then found out that the sisters from our district got to go in the back room with him and talk for awhile to be in the ensign or something. And I can tell you that it was devistating not getting to go back there. I was down and my comp almost started crying hahaha. But we were patient and waited and then we found out he left. So we made our way out and saw him up the sidewalk. We then got stopped by body guards because there was a group and so they all go directed to go a different way to lunch. After that we saw him go into a building and we knew that we wouldnt see him. It was the front desk building and the cafeteria is in there. so we ended up meeting up with one of our Branch Pres to the germans. And his wife had to leave and her car was near the front desk so we walked with them there and just as we knew it a police officer standing by the front doors. we thought there is no way he will let us in. but we told him we were just going to lunch and he said "okay well if you run into uchtdorf dont approach him." SO just as we walked in he was rounding the corner and he came straight up to us and shook mine and my companions hand. He is awesome and I was soooo happy that it happened. It was the best feeling ever. And that handshake made my mission 50 times better hahaha thats why its my subject.
I hope you arent annoyed with my HUGE email but everyone have an amazing week and I hope you enjoyed this if you read it all haha. And I also hope that you will all take Pres Andersons wife words to heart and read the talks often! LOve you all and have an amazing week!
Elder, Williams

Apr 15, 2014


Okay so this week was good and it went by so fast!! It seems just like yesterday I was typing a weekly letter! Although 16 hour days can be super long.. you look back on the day and it was way fast!

So the reason for my subject being that is because during gym time there are records up on the wall for various things
like 3 pointers, free throws, soccer juggles, vert jump, long jump, dips, pushups, and so on. I REALLY wanted to break
one of the bball records even though its way hard. So the three pointer I told the workers that I was going for it and they
didnt take me to serious at first until I started shooting around haha. The record in the mtc is 21 threes in a row and 
honestly I never thought I could get to it until I made 21 in a row and was going on my 22 shot!! HAHA yeah I did miss
because I was freaking out. So I havent broke the record yet but I will try again everyday to get it and if you never hear 
back about it just know that I only ever tied it haha! 

This week I dont have a superb story for spiritual experiences but I have learned that the gift of tongues is absolutely true
and that if we put our faith in the lord to learn the language that he will help us! Complete TRUST and CONFIDENCE is the
only way to learn the language fast. Well and hard work. ha! But you will learn more with those characteristics to have in
the lord and I know its that way for anything in life that we go through. Whenever we have trust and confidence that the lord
will help us with any situation if we put the work in for whatever it may be.. WE will be successful:) My lessons are in about
60 to 70 percent german when we teach our fake investigators (our teachers) but that doesnt include correct grammar haha!
I dont even have correct grammar for english so I cant expect myself to have it for german! :p

Anyway thats all I have this week.. Everyone be safe and I love you all and thanks for the support!

Auf wiedersehn und Ich habe liebe fur alle sie! Bis Montag nachte woche!

Love, Elder Williams

Apr 7, 2014

Dieter, Don't Even Think About It

Okay, so my title is that because one, it was halarious in pres. uchtdorf talk. And two because thats something that will pop into my mind for the rest of my life when I feel like I want to do something even though I shouldnt haha!
So I am bringing Dieter into my weekly because he is german and thats where I am going and also because his talk on gratitude was remarkable and such a blessing it was to help me with what I am going through. I am on a mission giving up my family, friends, girlfriend (dont hate), sports, technology, college, 2 YEARS!!! Now when I say "giving up" I am saying that obviously for it to sound horrible. But with the gratitude and thankfulness that I have to still have that in my life just not with me in the present time, I have thanked Heavenly Father every single night and morning for the opportunity to be serving the lord constantly for two years and to still have all that great stuff just not with me in the present time. And I can assure you that I have never felt so much peace and happiness in my life through the gratitude that I have had so far being on my mission. And I know that through gratitude with prayer we can have great peace in our lives. Even if it is unthinkable to anything that you couldnt get passed. I promise we will get an answer of peace and love inside! I challenge everyone to be a "Nephi" as pres Uchtdorf said and even if life is sooo hard be thankful and let Heavenly Father know that! He WILL help. I have been away for two weeks now and I know I couldnt have even done that without the help that I have been given.
Now the german is coming along decently. we teach our teachers the lessons in german and they reply in all german so it can be very discouraging but you have to have faith and confidence in the spirit that it will guide you through and its been remarkable how well its been even after only two weeks!! Also my week went by SUPER fast I dont even know where time went. ummm I have seen Mitch Hansen, Brenden Angus, Savannah Webb, Jessica Nakken, pretty much Cedar High school haha so thats fun to see familiar faces around!
Alright the time is now that I have to go. everyone have an amazing week and also when you have time reread or rewatch the talks from Deiter F. Uchtdorf, Neil Anderson, David Bednar. They are super inspiring and will help you extremely!! Love you all! until next week..
 Love, Elder Williams

Apr 1, 2014

The MTC...

Hello everyone the first almost week in the mission has been interesting haha. The spirit here at the mtc is unbelievable. Ive never been constantly feeling the spirit and its great. So its funny because we have time at night to write and elder timmerman always comes and talks to us and wont ever leave us alone hahaha. so everyone knows.. he is from north Carolina and i will be playing football with him at suu when I get home! He also was my greeter and hasn't left me alone since. but that's okay he is an exciting always "going" person! And it helps.

Okay soooo I have had a companion that has been struggling because he didnt clear up all the way before he came and he might have to come home. BUT ive been the best I can to let him know how much I love him and care for him. its hard because I miss EVERYONE.. but being christ like in all attributes blesses your life and brings you closer to heavenly father and will help me on my mission so I do my best to be loving and caring! SO we had a devotion yesterday that we needed to attend and so as hard as it was going to all the meetings he had to go through to see if he had to leave put alot of stress on me. So on our way to the devosional, I had a water bottle and they said we couldnt have it and I would have to throw it away or have to bring it back to the room. I WAS SOOO FRUSTRATED!! so I told my comps that we should just leave and go back to the room. then i thought, nah I will just set it off in a room nearby and pick it up after. So we went back and they told us that elder frost had to have a suit coat on to get in. (he is apart of the trio with me and elder larsen) anywho that was when we all decided we would just not go to the devo. so as we were leaving we heard someone yell "ELDERS WAIT" We barley heard them as we were leaving and they said we might have a suit coat. so they did. and to come to find out.... DAVID ARCHULETA and the ORGANIST from motab were the speakers!!!! wow was it an amazing experience. Brother Archuleta sang amazing and brought the spirit beyond measure with the hymns that he sang. He just barley got back from his mission this week too and I thought its amazing that he would do that for the missionaries. his stories were amazing as well. Anyways I prayed the night before and asked for help and I know that from this experience the lord did everything that he could do to help us hear those messages and musical numbers by both the organist and David Archuleta. :) oh hahaha the organist played a song from the foot part on the organ and it was hilarious but amazingly great.
What ive learned... to love everyone hahaha. its hard but I do my best and I will continue to get better. Ive learned how to teach through the spirit. Ive learned to say prayers in German. well small ones.. and thats about it!!
OH THE FOOD SUCKS.. Cant wait for Deutschland give me some brots or something

Thanks for all the love and support Im doing fine here at the MTC and taking each day with a better opportunity to learn and grow. Love you all and have a fantastic week!!!
Love Elder, Williams

Auf Wiedershen!! until next week:)