Apr 28, 2014

How Much Luckier Could I Get?

 So this week and a half was super great. I got my flight plans to germany and never ever ever EVER thought that I could be happier. And at the same time kind of sad because of the super awesome experiences I have had here. 
     I got to listen to two more apostles in the last week. Dallin H Oaks. And D. Todd Chrisofferson.
Wow was it so great to hear the words of these men. I know they spend time on these talks but I cant even imagine how much time they spend on conference talks so EVERYONE go read and reread these because they are the words of god and will help us in our lives with any questions that we have. I needed to hear the words of all these apostles that I have heard from. I know it was meant to be because I have learned soooo much from each of them. 

     Dallin H Oaks:
   Wow here gave a super awesome talk about leaving behind what we love to serve the lord. And whats amazing about his talk is that it can apply to each and every single one of us whether we are on a mission or not. Dont take to much time on electronics to not be able to have time to recognize the spirit through either reading, or just simply associating with people. We need to be attentive and listening to the words of our prophets and I know the reason missionaries have the spirit with them all the time is because they arent distracted by the little things in life that take us away from finding answers to our questions. I challenge everyone to do as elder Oaks said and take time out of each day to read our prophets talks or the scriptures or do something on So that we can have the spiritual awareness that we can have in our lives to help us become better people. 

     D. Todd Christofferson:
   Another wowzers thing. Christoffersons wife was amazing and she talked about seeing beyond the bus window in a dark night. Most of our lives all we see is ourselves reflection on that bus and we dont think beyond that. We think maybe how hard our problems are or how hard life is in the moment. But when we see beyond that window and see the city lights or the people walking on the sidewalk then we will be truly blessed. If we look beyond our selfs and give our fellow men help and service even if it is giving compliments all day or smiling at other people when we are having a hard time, We are looking beyond ourselfs and serving our god. We never know who and what lives we can touch. Always set an example like christ did and you WILL have the joy you want in your life!

Now He talked about TRUST. How much greater of a topic?? I thought where is he going to go with this and it was something that I NEEDED to hear. He apposed the question, "How much trust do you want in others"? Whats more important to be trusted by others or to be loved? I know it is to be trusted. We can love way more people than we can trust. And if we continue to build trust in god, Jesus Christ, and our fellow man. Than we will be blessed beyond measure. He also said "How much do you want god and Jesus Christ to trust you?" I thought wow how could I ever get them to trust me. But as we use the atonement in our lives to become better people we get that trust from god. He trusts me and all the missionaries around me because we used the atonement in our lives to be worthy to represent his sons name and his sons church. What more could we be grateful for than the atonement and being able to build our trust with everyone around us and especially god. If we gain his trust how many greater blessing could we receive when we do what he asks? You wont ever know until you try. I love the words of our prophets. Just a simple subject like trust can branch off into a million reasons why trust is important. BUILD YOUR TRUST IN GOD TODAY. By doing what he asks and using the atonement. 

I love you all and have an amazing week!!! The next email will be when I get into Germany. I am doing great and I am very grateful for all the love and support you all give me. The german is coming along and I cant wait to share this wonderful gospel with the people of germany!  

Love always, Elder Williams

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