May 26, 2014

Do Work Boi

 Okay so I am always going to be having my crazy headings because I am a dork. But its because the work in germany is really great. So many great people and I love their personalities. Everyone here just makes me laugh no matter what they say. Even though I dont understand about uhh all of it hahaha. 
    So we have a few investigators right now and they are all solid. The first one is named Frau Wendler. We say Frau because she is a woman so you all know haha. She is amazing. She was christian before she first started meeting with the missionaries and it hasnet taken much before she has felt the spirit and really been able to see that the church is true. Her kids LOVE church and Love the activities and all the other kids and she is really wanting to get baptised. The only problem is that her husband and her are really fighing over it and he doesnt want her to. He is to hard harted to take lessions from the missionaries but we will keep praying that he may let her get baptised. She is trying to let him see the joy of the gospel to help him change his mind and we are so proud of her to stick in there even though its hard and she is fighting alot to stand up for what she knows is true! Its a testimoney builder for me to do the same. 
    We have a guy named flourian and we have taught him two lessons so far. I would say he is progressing and I invited him to be baptised when he found the gospel to be true. It was great because he said "Absolutely, thats like having catch up with no frys. it just wouldnt make sense" And we started laughing sooo hard it was GREAT! 
     Then we have a guy named Parag that is super great as well and he knows ABSOLUTELY everything like for reals. And we are still working on him. The problem is that he has to call his mom and ask for permission. He is 30 years old. hahaha. So I have NO idea what is going on with that. He knows its true he is just scared to call his mom and ask. So we just give him good encouragement and thats about all we can do at this point!
   Well the week was good. We had alot of good things happen with those three investigators. We are looking forward to a good week this week and I cant wait to see what progress these people have and hopefully we will find some more super duper out there on the street!! WOOOO! HAHA.
Love you all and thanks for the help and support I miss you and love hearing from every single one of ya!
-Elder Williams

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