May 12, 2014

First Week in Deutschland

   My week has been super long. I finally made it into Germany and its been fun! My first day here in germany I had to go out with an elder finding and it was so hard to understand anyone. Thats if you can even stop them on the street. The people here are halarious and most just give you the hand, say "nein" and walk off. haha. They dont really care to much but thats okay. Me and my companion just laugh because its halarious how some people act. Here in germany its gorgeous. I love how green it is and all the amazing old buildings and places that look ancient. 
    The food so far has been amazinggg! I love it and I cant get enough döner. haha. döner is bread with sauce and vegitables and lame and is just a amazing food. nothing better so far. 
    The "real" Mission life is much better than the MTC. We get to go out and really be free haha. Its great to be able to go out and eat. Or go out on the streets and talk to anyone about the church. Its soooo hard to speak though here in germany. Its impossible to understand anyone because of the speed and dialect of where we are here in Dresden and the accent is nearly impossible to adjust to as well ha. Its hard but I know that I will recieve help with that as I continue to have faith be obedient and work hard. I cant wait to see what me and my companion elder slinker do in this next week with finding people. We pretty much had to start from scratch and it was hard. Also we havent had like anytime to find people this week so we are way excited for that!
    Love you all and take care! Have an amazing week! :) Bis Montag!

Liebe- Elder Williams

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