May 19, 2014

The "REAL" first week

     This week was good and I dont have alot to say honestly because it went by so fast because right now we are completely re-finding and starting the program all over here in Dresden with the investigators. Its been great because we find for hours every day now and we talk to sooooo many people who wont even let us say "Hallo" They just say "Nay" as soon as they even think we are saying anything to them. haha. Stubborn but I love them. They are halarious. 
      This week we found 3 new investigators which is really really good and even though it was a super hard week and nobody wanted to talk to us, we still managed to find the people that we did and I know it only came from the faith and hard work that we put into it. I know that wednesday and thursday we didnt find anyone and it was rough because we went finding for probably a total of 12 hours those two days and didnt find anyone. But then friday came around and we prayed and prayed that a miracle could happen. Then the first session of finding didnt go well again. It had been 2 and a half days of nobody talking to us. But then we kept going and finally that night everyone decided to talk to us and we got to give out two book of mormons which is super hard to do. And they seemed really interested so hopefully they read it and call to find more out. 
     I dont have time this week to write any more than that so I just want to say have a good week everyone. And even though at times your life seems hard or confused why things dont go your way, you will find out everything happens for a reason. I know that through our faith and perseverence though that even though things may seem hard in the moment, we will find success in the end. It was a great first week. I have learned so much in one week. I have a lot to look forward to! Have an amazing week!

-Elder Williams

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