Apr 7, 2014

Dieter, Don't Even Think About It

Okay, so my title is that because one, it was halarious in pres. uchtdorf talk. And two because thats something that will pop into my mind for the rest of my life when I feel like I want to do something even though I shouldnt haha!
So I am bringing Dieter into my weekly because he is german and thats where I am going and also because his talk on gratitude was remarkable and such a blessing it was to help me with what I am going through. I am on a mission giving up my family, friends, girlfriend (dont hate), sports, technology, college, 2 YEARS!!! Now when I say "giving up" I am saying that obviously for it to sound horrible. But with the gratitude and thankfulness that I have to still have that in my life just not with me in the present time, I have thanked Heavenly Father every single night and morning for the opportunity to be serving the lord constantly for two years and to still have all that great stuff just not with me in the present time. And I can assure you that I have never felt so much peace and happiness in my life through the gratitude that I have had so far being on my mission. And I know that through gratitude with prayer we can have great peace in our lives. Even if it is unthinkable to anything that you couldnt get passed. I promise we will get an answer of peace and love inside! I challenge everyone to be a "Nephi" as pres Uchtdorf said and even if life is sooo hard be thankful and let Heavenly Father know that! He WILL help. I have been away for two weeks now and I know I couldnt have even done that without the help that I have been given.
Now the german is coming along decently. we teach our teachers the lessons in german and they reply in all german so it can be very discouraging but you have to have faith and confidence in the spirit that it will guide you through and its been remarkable how well its been even after only two weeks!! Also my week went by SUPER fast I dont even know where time went. ummm I have seen Mitch Hansen, Brenden Angus, Savannah Webb, Jessica Nakken, pretty much Cedar High school haha so thats fun to see familiar faces around!
Alright the time is now that I have to go. everyone have an amazing week and also when you have time reread or rewatch the talks from Deiter F. Uchtdorf, Neil Anderson, David Bednar. They are super inspiring and will help you extremely!! Love you all! until next week..
 Love, Elder Williams

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