Apr 15, 2014


Okay so this week was good and it went by so fast!! It seems just like yesterday I was typing a weekly letter! Although 16 hour days can be super long.. you look back on the day and it was way fast!

So the reason for my subject being that is because during gym time there are records up on the wall for various things
like 3 pointers, free throws, soccer juggles, vert jump, long jump, dips, pushups, and so on. I REALLY wanted to break
one of the bball records even though its way hard. So the three pointer I told the workers that I was going for it and they
didnt take me to serious at first until I started shooting around haha. The record in the mtc is 21 threes in a row and 
honestly I never thought I could get to it until I made 21 in a row and was going on my 22 shot!! HAHA yeah I did miss
because I was freaking out. So I havent broke the record yet but I will try again everyday to get it and if you never hear 
back about it just know that I only ever tied it haha! 

This week I dont have a superb story for spiritual experiences but I have learned that the gift of tongues is absolutely true
and that if we put our faith in the lord to learn the language that he will help us! Complete TRUST and CONFIDENCE is the
only way to learn the language fast. Well and hard work. ha! But you will learn more with those characteristics to have in
the lord and I know its that way for anything in life that we go through. Whenever we have trust and confidence that the lord
will help us with any situation if we put the work in for whatever it may be.. WE will be successful:) My lessons are in about
60 to 70 percent german when we teach our fake investigators (our teachers) but that doesnt include correct grammar haha!
I dont even have correct grammar for english so I cant expect myself to have it for german! :p

Anyway thats all I have this week.. Everyone be safe and I love you all and thanks for the support!

Auf wiedersehn und Ich habe liebe fur alle sie! Bis Montag nachte woche!

Love, Elder Williams

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