Apr 1, 2014

The MTC...

Hello everyone the first almost week in the mission has been interesting haha. The spirit here at the mtc is unbelievable. Ive never been constantly feeling the spirit and its great. So its funny because we have time at night to write and elder timmerman always comes and talks to us and wont ever leave us alone hahaha. so everyone knows.. he is from north Carolina and i will be playing football with him at suu when I get home! He also was my greeter and hasn't left me alone since. but that's okay he is an exciting always "going" person! And it helps.

Okay soooo I have had a companion that has been struggling because he didnt clear up all the way before he came and he might have to come home. BUT ive been the best I can to let him know how much I love him and care for him. its hard because I miss EVERYONE.. but being christ like in all attributes blesses your life and brings you closer to heavenly father and will help me on my mission so I do my best to be loving and caring! SO we had a devotion yesterday that we needed to attend and so as hard as it was going to all the meetings he had to go through to see if he had to leave put alot of stress on me. So on our way to the devosional, I had a water bottle and they said we couldnt have it and I would have to throw it away or have to bring it back to the room. I WAS SOOO FRUSTRATED!! so I told my comps that we should just leave and go back to the room. then i thought, nah I will just set it off in a room nearby and pick it up after. So we went back and they told us that elder frost had to have a suit coat on to get in. (he is apart of the trio with me and elder larsen) anywho that was when we all decided we would just not go to the devo. so as we were leaving we heard someone yell "ELDERS WAIT" We barley heard them as we were leaving and they said we might have a suit coat. so they did. and to come to find out.... DAVID ARCHULETA and the ORGANIST from motab were the speakers!!!! wow was it an amazing experience. Brother Archuleta sang amazing and brought the spirit beyond measure with the hymns that he sang. He just barley got back from his mission this week too and I thought its amazing that he would do that for the missionaries. his stories were amazing as well. Anyways I prayed the night before and asked for help and I know that from this experience the lord did everything that he could do to help us hear those messages and musical numbers by both the organist and David Archuleta. :) oh hahaha the organist played a song from the foot part on the organ and it was hilarious but amazingly great.
What ive learned... to love everyone hahaha. its hard but I do my best and I will continue to get better. Ive learned how to teach through the spirit. Ive learned to say prayers in German. well small ones.. and thats about it!!
OH THE FOOD SUCKS.. Cant wait for Deutschland give me some brots or something

Thanks for all the love and support Im doing fine here at the MTC and taking each day with a better opportunity to learn and grow. Love you all and have a fantastic week!!!
Love Elder, Williams

Auf Wiedershen!! until next week:)

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