Jun 16, 2014

This Week Was GREAT!!!

   So to start with news I just finished my first transfer out here in Germany. It was a very short 6 weeks. Its weird how time works out on the mission. I would have never thought you could complete as much as we have in six weeks haha. But thats a normal transfer out here in the mission. We have found 4 total investigators in those six weeks and probably talked to around 1,000 haha. That number is totally made up but its been really good and I have learned more german in the last 6 weeks than in 2 years taking school haha. Dont get me wrong though I might have learned alot if I tried as hard as I am out here! I really have been getting a little better but Its not very much and is still really really hard. But I am working on it. I am also in a part of germany where they slur their german really bad so its almost like being in Alabama for english haha. 

  Last week we went on a really really fun hike and it was great! We havent been doing to much for Pday. When you talk about Pday here in germany usually all we do here in the big city is shop hahaha. I know its weird but when you have one day a week to do it and go to the mall thats usually what we do. We have seen alot of cool buildings and everything going through the city, so we dont miss much. 
  Lately it has been really hard finding new people to teach but this week was great!! We found the BIG T W O! haha two people we have found this week and they are actually really cool and cant wait to meet with them this week again. As far as it goes with other investigators, Flourian is really progressing and doing great. He is going with all our commitements and really doing great. Frau Wendler is on vacation but she is still waiting for a yes from her husband and hopefully that can come soon. 

   Well I found out also that I am getting a new companion already. I cant even keep the same companion to train me the entire way I must be high maintenance! ;) Well really I am, but my companion got called to be zone leader so now I am 1 for 1 on companions with transfers. Well here goes the start of the second! 

Haben sie ein schöne Woche!

-Elder Williams

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