Jun 23, 2014


Well the first transfer is over and I already have a new companion. haha. Umm I guess there are trying to find someone that fits my high maintenance. We will know forsure if after this next transfer I get another new companion haha. So Elder Slinker is now gone and a zone leader. And I got elder Ames. He is the man and we get along really well. Both laid back and like to work hard at the same time. He has really really really good German and so I feel like a new born when I hear him talk to other people haha.
  This week was long because doing transfers it always takes a little time to get into the swing of things especially when you are new to a big city here in germany. And then also adding in that all of our 4 appointments that we had fell out. haha. We found 2 new investigators this week that we are planning on meeting with this next week. And then also just yesterday we called everyone on the phone and found 3 more people we are meeting with this week. So we have a good solid week with the investigators that we already have.
   A really  cool story and lesson that I learned this week was strength when you think you cant go any further. I really have been missing home my family, my friends, my sports, my girlfriend, my iphone, and other fun and exciting things that bring joy to my life. Me and Elder Ames were doing contacts in areas in Dresden. We had probably walked nearly 8 to 10 miles total when we thought we were to our last contact. So we start walking to the last person on the list and as we walk there we found a shortcut to go under a bridge and to then go down the street. So we did it and took pictures by the bridge because it had some graffiti because it was pretty cool. We continue walking and going down the street that the person lives on. At this point its super hot, we had walked so far already to different people, and this road that the last contact is on is forever long probably another 1 to 2 miles. So I am just praying that it is close because I really wanted to go home and eat and start daily planning for the next day. And just having HOME in my mind the entire walk haha. AND also none of those other contacts listened to us so at this point it feels pointless.  I am thinking to myself, watch this lady not even live at this dang place. So we walk and are getting to the end of the street and see this guy walking his dog so we stop him. Come to find out that he wants to learn about what we have to teach and he turned into a new investigator. If you want to know, I was right that lady didnt even live there. And yes it was at the very end of the street. So moral of the story, I learned that no matter how hard life gets or how bad you want to do something else you are always being directed to either build you or make you stronger when you are doing whats right. I know its not a coincedence that we just ran into this guy for no reason. We are tools in the hands of God when we do what we are supposed to do. And when we listen to the spirit and trust in God, there is always something good to come. I hope you enjoy the story. I will keep writing little miricales that happen to me each email. Love you all and have a wonderful week!!
-Elder Brendon Williams

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