Jul 28, 2014

Transfer Time

     Well this week was transfer calls and I have officially been in one of the weirdest predicaments a mission can have. I am going on my third transfer. I have had two companions going on three. So I think President thinks that nobody can handle my high maintenance for sure here in Germany! haha. I am now going up to Wilhelmshaven. It is all the way across the mission. Almost as far away as you can get! It will end up being around 7 to 8 hours just to get there haha. I am really excited though because I found out that I will be teaching a football team there! I am soooo excited it will be great. My new companions name is Elder Young and he is from salt lake city. He told me that the missionary work is great there and that 6 of the kids on the team went to church last week. Wilhelmshaven is right by the ocean so that will be a blast. There is around 150,000 people there so its alot smaller than Dresden but still a decent sized city. 

   I am sad that I am leaving the great people in Dresden. The members were great and it was so fun to be able to work here! I will miss elder Ames he was a great companion and will be going home in october. He is from ogden so maybe he will be able to say hi to the haltermans!! Anyways there isnt to much to say around transfer calls. So this week I will be in my new area and I will be able to write a little more about it next week and the people that we teach there! Have a great week everyone. You are all.. great! Love you! Haben sie eine schöne woche!

Elder Williams

Jul 21, 2014

Week 12

 Well it has been 12 weeks since I have been in Germany. Its been going by pretty fast because everything is so new. I look back at everything I have done and then it seems like its been slow though. I don't have much to write about this week because we had absolutely no appointments go through. We had 8 appointments in the week set up, and every single one of them didn't happen. We have been wondering why nothing is working out. Why we haven't been seeing success. And we don't know why. The only thing we know is that everything happens in the time of the Lord. We cant control time. We cant control whats going to happen to other people and their lives. They will live them how they want, and they can do what they want. All we know and hope for is that they do what they need to do to be improving and progressing. Whether or not its with the gospel. It can be with work, school, friends we choose, choices we make every single day. But even though we don't have control over others choices we know they will learn and grow from that. And all we can do is do our best to try to teach them when they are ready. We know from the missionary perspective that even though these people wouldn't meet with us this week, that its not their time. They need to learn and grow for themselves. The Lord prepares everyone in different ways and I have a huge testimony of that with what happened this week.

    Every week here at church we get up in priesthood and say how our week was. Elder Ames my companion told everyone that we had a really hard and bad week. We saw no success and that all of our appointments fell through. He told everyone that the Lord prepares those in need in specific times and in specific ways. And just because we don't have investigators and church or no lessons taught doesn't mean we didn't work hard. After Priesthood meeting we had two random people walk into church and sit down. As the other elders told us to go sit with them, I noticed it was a guy I talked to on the street in the first two weeks I was here in Dresden. He is around 25 and we have no contact with him. We gave him a Book of Mormon and tried to get an appointment but he didn't want to make one out. This is a prime example of people being prepared in different ways. Even though we didn't see any success the entire week and nobody wanted to meet, this guy was prepared to give it a shot. And he said he will start coming to church. Its not the biggest miracle in the world. But simply because I stopped this guy and over came the fear of not being able to speak German, he came to church 2 and a half months later. I know that even though this week was hard for me, that it was just a process of time for others being prepared in different ways to grow in life. And I hope you all continue to try to seek and grow in the best ways that we can. Because its only going to make us stronger and better to overcome trials when we push through the hard times we have. Heavenly Father will always show us some success when we follow him even if its something small like this guy finally coming to church. I love you all and have a super week!!! 

Love Elder Williams :)

We are the CHAMPIONS My Friend!

 Well, this should be all that I say. And all of you should know what I mean. DEUTCHLAND GEWINNT! Yeahhhh thats right. I am in the country of the champions of fussball and I am proud of it haha. Even though I literally got 3 hours of sleep last night from all the gosh dang fireworks and explosions. I have noticed that this is thee only time that germany is arogant. They do know how to play soccer thats forsure. And we get to go watch the replay of the game so that will be a blast:)
   Anywho.. These week was a normal week as far as missionary work goes. Before I start I want to say that whoever stole my bag I was hoping took the entire thing because it even had a english and german book of mormon inside. Maybe they would have been converted. haha. But they ended up taking what they wanted. Which was my wallet and camera and valuables and chucked the rest. Someone looked in the bag, saw it was a book of morman and brought it back to our church!! So now I have my book of mormons and planner. All I need to be a missionary! haha. not really but a good joke. So now I know for a fact the person who took everything probably wont be a convert haha.
   This week with our investigators it was good. We are still working with Herr Nitsche and Frau Wendler. Those two are probably our most progressing. Frau Wendler loves the church and wants it but her husband is still skeptical about everything. Herr Nitsche is great. Every little thing we tell him he just soaks it in like a spunge. I dont understand it but its nice and ALOT easier than normal. My german is okay. Its been really hard lately because I am trying to learn more vocabulary and grammer. But it just comes with the time. I get told that on a daily basis. Haha. But with the lessons I can usually say what I need to say and they understand me good. Or they are just to nice to laugh.
  Well thats all I really have to say this week. I know that as I continue to push forward in giving it my best that the lord will put those ready to hear the gospel in our hands. Now that the world cup is over and people are going to be back to normal, maybe more will be happening around this neck of the woods in Dresden. But I love you all and thanks for all the support:) Have a super week!!!
-Elder Williams

Jul 7, 2014

My Favorite Week Yet :)

 I am sitting here in my chair thinking of all of the wonderful experiences that happened to me this week. And I can think of one... I found my wallet the first time it went missing! haha. No we met with a new investigator and it went great. Here is the story of Herr Nitsche.

    So this was a man that we called because he was a contact in our phone. And he wanted to meet with us it was so great. He was so excited and said he would meet us at a certain bus stop. I really was excited because not alot of people in germany want to talk that much. Unless its about the world cup going on right now haha. So this guy met us at this bus stop and we met for the next 50 minutes. A little background on him, he loves the family and really cares about taking good care of his family. He takes them to egypt to live because its cleaner there and wants his kids to be in a good environment. So in the next 2 in a half months he is planning on going back to egypt for awhile. He is awesome though and we are going to try to meet with him twice a week starting this week because of the short time we have with him. He enjoys hearing the gospel and really loves the fact that the family is the middle point in the church. So we hope that everything goes great for him. Me and Elder Ames are really excited to meet with him again. 

    As far as my wallet goes. Thats not to exciting. I lost it four days ago and ended up finding it at a post office when I went to send mail out. I was really fortunate that everything was still in it how it was left. But then you know people are desperate here in Germany when they actually come into the churches and take almost all that you have. I had a camera, Planner, BOM, and wallet with everything I need to live in my backpack. I left my backback in our missionary room, went to priesthood meeting, went back to the missionary room and before my eyes my back was gone. I thought at first someone was playing hide and go seek with me. And I SEARCHED and FOUND out someone really was. I had to seek my bank account and I found that it had 355 dollars in the negative because a train ticket was purchased. haha. I try to laugh about it all. Even though it sucks and I have to live off my companion's money right now. 

    I also have some more fun news. The missionary couple here in Dresden through a party for the 4th of July haha. It was fun. We had burgers and... not hot dogs because they dont have them. so we had brots as well. We were all having a blast but then realized we had a missionary from Brazil with us celebrating 4th of July. The only thing he said about it was "I dont mind these parties. The food is pretty good." haha So that was great. 

   Well, hope you all have a great week! I miss you all and hope to hear from you soon!  :)

Love, Elder Williams

Jul 3, 2014

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up........

 Sooooo this wonderful week we did alot. We started off with a service project picking cherries from a members cherry tree! We were having a WONDERFUL time. Eating cherries here and there, and everywhere!! I probably ate a good solid 50 cherries in the span of about 2 hours. It was just great. So then we find out after we picked all of these cherries that we get to keep about 10 pounds between 4 elders haha. So we thought there is absolutely no way we will eat this or ever finish them. So of course we asked the sisters if they wanted to have any. And they were like "no they are gross. Every single one with a hole in it we poped a worm out"! Because they picked the week before. And we were acting like cool elders saying "oh just more protein for us" But come to find out, every single cherry in the bag that we got to take home had a dang worm in it. A little half inch white worm just crolling around inside. And all I could think to myself was, I sure remember sucking these cherries dry from the seed. hahaha. Well thats enough from that story. Good news is, I never got sick! 
    Lets move on, the next day we had to go by contacts and that involves alot of walking. And I mean alot. So it was a bright beautiful day outside. And normally the past few weeks here its been a little cloudy. So I am thinking yes finally its a great day out with good sun. So we are walking and walking and take a few trians. soon enough we are about an hour away from the house. About 20 minutes later we are being poored on by the worst rain storm of my entire life. I didnt have my umbrella because it was sunny and great outside. I didnt know what to do at this point. So I literally just walked in the rain for the next 2 hours soaked as can be. I have never been so soaked in my life. And I also don't think I have ever lived somewhere that the weather can be this bipolar than Cedar City, Utah. I finally found the place and that's here in Dresden haha. 
    All in all it was a great week and we had some good lessons with our investigators. We found two new investigators by doing contacts, and we are still working really hard to get this program running good again. We are having fun and doing our best to find people who are willing to listen to the gospel. I know this church is true because if any of you know me, there is no flippin way I would be walking for two hours in a dang flood with church clothes on. But I love helping all that I can and I hope you all have a beautiful warm and sunny week:)
Love, Elder Williams