Jul 7, 2014

My Favorite Week Yet :)

 I am sitting here in my chair thinking of all of the wonderful experiences that happened to me this week. And I can think of one... I found my wallet the first time it went missing! haha. No we met with a new investigator and it went great. Here is the story of Herr Nitsche.

    So this was a man that we called because he was a contact in our phone. And he wanted to meet with us it was so great. He was so excited and said he would meet us at a certain bus stop. I really was excited because not alot of people in germany want to talk that much. Unless its about the world cup going on right now haha. So this guy met us at this bus stop and we met for the next 50 minutes. A little background on him, he loves the family and really cares about taking good care of his family. He takes them to egypt to live because its cleaner there and wants his kids to be in a good environment. So in the next 2 in a half months he is planning on going back to egypt for awhile. He is awesome though and we are going to try to meet with him twice a week starting this week because of the short time we have with him. He enjoys hearing the gospel and really loves the fact that the family is the middle point in the church. So we hope that everything goes great for him. Me and Elder Ames are really excited to meet with him again. 

    As far as my wallet goes. Thats not to exciting. I lost it four days ago and ended up finding it at a post office when I went to send mail out. I was really fortunate that everything was still in it how it was left. But then you know people are desperate here in Germany when they actually come into the churches and take almost all that you have. I had a camera, Planner, BOM, and wallet with everything I need to live in my backpack. I left my backback in our missionary room, went to priesthood meeting, went back to the missionary room and before my eyes my back was gone. I thought at first someone was playing hide and go seek with me. And I SEARCHED and FOUND out someone really was. I had to seek my bank account and I found that it had 355 dollars in the negative because a train ticket was purchased. haha. I try to laugh about it all. Even though it sucks and I have to live off my companion's money right now. 

    I also have some more fun news. The missionary couple here in Dresden through a party for the 4th of July haha. It was fun. We had burgers and... not hot dogs because they dont have them. so we had brots as well. We were all having a blast but then realized we had a missionary from Brazil with us celebrating 4th of July. The only thing he said about it was "I dont mind these parties. The food is pretty good." haha So that was great. 

   Well, hope you all have a great week! I miss you all and hope to hear from you soon!  :)

Love, Elder Williams

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