Jul 3, 2014

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up........

 Sooooo this wonderful week we did alot. We started off with a service project picking cherries from a members cherry tree! We were having a WONDERFUL time. Eating cherries here and there, and everywhere!! I probably ate a good solid 50 cherries in the span of about 2 hours. It was just great. So then we find out after we picked all of these cherries that we get to keep about 10 pounds between 4 elders haha. So we thought there is absolutely no way we will eat this or ever finish them. So of course we asked the sisters if they wanted to have any. And they were like "no they are gross. Every single one with a hole in it we poped a worm out"! Because they picked the week before. And we were acting like cool elders saying "oh just more protein for us" But come to find out, every single cherry in the bag that we got to take home had a dang worm in it. A little half inch white worm just crolling around inside. And all I could think to myself was, I sure remember sucking these cherries dry from the seed. hahaha. Well thats enough from that story. Good news is, I never got sick! 
    Lets move on, the next day we had to go by contacts and that involves alot of walking. And I mean alot. So it was a bright beautiful day outside. And normally the past few weeks here its been a little cloudy. So I am thinking yes finally its a great day out with good sun. So we are walking and walking and take a few trians. soon enough we are about an hour away from the house. About 20 minutes later we are being poored on by the worst rain storm of my entire life. I didnt have my umbrella because it was sunny and great outside. I didnt know what to do at this point. So I literally just walked in the rain for the next 2 hours soaked as can be. I have never been so soaked in my life. And I also don't think I have ever lived somewhere that the weather can be this bipolar than Cedar City, Utah. I finally found the place and that's here in Dresden haha. 
    All in all it was a great week and we had some good lessons with our investigators. We found two new investigators by doing contacts, and we are still working really hard to get this program running good again. We are having fun and doing our best to find people who are willing to listen to the gospel. I know this church is true because if any of you know me, there is no flippin way I would be walking for two hours in a dang flood with church clothes on. But I love helping all that I can and I hope you all have a beautiful warm and sunny week:)
Love, Elder Williams

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