Jul 28, 2014

Transfer Time

     Well this week was transfer calls and I have officially been in one of the weirdest predicaments a mission can have. I am going on my third transfer. I have had two companions going on three. So I think President thinks that nobody can handle my high maintenance for sure here in Germany! haha. I am now going up to Wilhelmshaven. It is all the way across the mission. Almost as far away as you can get! It will end up being around 7 to 8 hours just to get there haha. I am really excited though because I found out that I will be teaching a football team there! I am soooo excited it will be great. My new companions name is Elder Young and he is from salt lake city. He told me that the missionary work is great there and that 6 of the kids on the team went to church last week. Wilhelmshaven is right by the ocean so that will be a blast. There is around 150,000 people there so its alot smaller than Dresden but still a decent sized city. 

   I am sad that I am leaving the great people in Dresden. The members were great and it was so fun to be able to work here! I will miss elder Ames he was a great companion and will be going home in october. He is from ogden so maybe he will be able to say hi to the haltermans!! Anyways there isnt to much to say around transfer calls. So this week I will be in my new area and I will be able to write a little more about it next week and the people that we teach there! Have a great week everyone. You are all.. great! Love you! Haben sie eine schöne woche!

Elder Williams

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