Jul 21, 2014

We are the CHAMPIONS My Friend!

 Well, this should be all that I say. And all of you should know what I mean. DEUTCHLAND GEWINNT! Yeahhhh thats right. I am in the country of the champions of fussball and I am proud of it haha. Even though I literally got 3 hours of sleep last night from all the gosh dang fireworks and explosions. I have noticed that this is thee only time that germany is arogant. They do know how to play soccer thats forsure. And we get to go watch the replay of the game so that will be a blast:)
   Anywho.. These week was a normal week as far as missionary work goes. Before I start I want to say that whoever stole my bag I was hoping took the entire thing because it even had a english and german book of mormon inside. Maybe they would have been converted. haha. But they ended up taking what they wanted. Which was my wallet and camera and valuables and chucked the rest. Someone looked in the bag, saw it was a book of morman and brought it back to our church!! So now I have my book of mormons and planner. All I need to be a missionary! haha. not really but a good joke. So now I know for a fact the person who took everything probably wont be a convert haha.
   This week with our investigators it was good. We are still working with Herr Nitsche and Frau Wendler. Those two are probably our most progressing. Frau Wendler loves the church and wants it but her husband is still skeptical about everything. Herr Nitsche is great. Every little thing we tell him he just soaks it in like a spunge. I dont understand it but its nice and ALOT easier than normal. My german is okay. Its been really hard lately because I am trying to learn more vocabulary and grammer. But it just comes with the time. I get told that on a daily basis. Haha. But with the lessons I can usually say what I need to say and they understand me good. Or they are just to nice to laugh.
  Well thats all I really have to say this week. I know that as I continue to push forward in giving it my best that the lord will put those ready to hear the gospel in our hands. Now that the world cup is over and people are going to be back to normal, maybe more will be happening around this neck of the woods in Dresden. But I love you all and thanks for all the support:) Have a super week!!!
-Elder Williams

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