Jul 21, 2014

Week 12

 Well it has been 12 weeks since I have been in Germany. Its been going by pretty fast because everything is so new. I look back at everything I have done and then it seems like its been slow though. I don't have much to write about this week because we had absolutely no appointments go through. We had 8 appointments in the week set up, and every single one of them didn't happen. We have been wondering why nothing is working out. Why we haven't been seeing success. And we don't know why. The only thing we know is that everything happens in the time of the Lord. We cant control time. We cant control whats going to happen to other people and their lives. They will live them how they want, and they can do what they want. All we know and hope for is that they do what they need to do to be improving and progressing. Whether or not its with the gospel. It can be with work, school, friends we choose, choices we make every single day. But even though we don't have control over others choices we know they will learn and grow from that. And all we can do is do our best to try to teach them when they are ready. We know from the missionary perspective that even though these people wouldn't meet with us this week, that its not their time. They need to learn and grow for themselves. The Lord prepares everyone in different ways and I have a huge testimony of that with what happened this week.

    Every week here at church we get up in priesthood and say how our week was. Elder Ames my companion told everyone that we had a really hard and bad week. We saw no success and that all of our appointments fell through. He told everyone that the Lord prepares those in need in specific times and in specific ways. And just because we don't have investigators and church or no lessons taught doesn't mean we didn't work hard. After Priesthood meeting we had two random people walk into church and sit down. As the other elders told us to go sit with them, I noticed it was a guy I talked to on the street in the first two weeks I was here in Dresden. He is around 25 and we have no contact with him. We gave him a Book of Mormon and tried to get an appointment but he didn't want to make one out. This is a prime example of people being prepared in different ways. Even though we didn't see any success the entire week and nobody wanted to meet, this guy was prepared to give it a shot. And he said he will start coming to church. Its not the biggest miracle in the world. But simply because I stopped this guy and over came the fear of not being able to speak German, he came to church 2 and a half months later. I know that even though this week was hard for me, that it was just a process of time for others being prepared in different ways to grow in life. And I hope you all continue to try to seek and grow in the best ways that we can. Because its only going to make us stronger and better to overcome trials when we push through the hard times we have. Heavenly Father will always show us some success when we follow him even if its something small like this guy finally coming to church. I love you all and have a super week!!! 

Love Elder Williams :)

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