Aug 4, 2014

First Week in Wilhelmshaven...

Well it wasnt the best week overall that I have ever had. I know that it is possible for there to be better weeks in the mission. Elder Young and I didn't find any new investigators this week and it was really hard because we worked really hard. I know that The Lord works in mysterious ways though and he will continue to lead and guide us when we are not seeing success when we continue to keep his commandments and be obedient. I have always been the one to want something "NOW" and lately it hasn't been like that. I am learning to trust in the Lord and in God. And that is something that is really hard to do.  I know in the end the lesson I learn and the attitude I have about pressing forward and working harder with faith even though nothing worked the first time, will pay off in the end.
   This week with football practice was a blast! These kids are the best football players I have ever seen in my life! haha. Okay I wish I could say that without being rude or lying. But these kids are great. They do this because they want to be active and have fun. Its great to be able to coach them and teach them how to play the REAL football! haha But anyway they are great kids and almost everyone of them has taken a Book of Mormon! Even the coach and assistant coach! They are great people and I love being around them so much:) We practice every Wednesday and Friday so this week we are going to try to set up some appointments with them. 
   Besides that I don't really have anything amazing to write or to say besides I know that this church is true. Its blessed me to feel comfort and strength that I have never thought I could feel. I am so grateful to be here in Germany and to serve wonderful people here. I am grateful for all the people that support me and write me every week. So thank you all and I hope I have some super fun exciting news about the team next week:) pray for us haha :p

-Elder Williams

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