Aug 11, 2014

Great Week in the Great Wilhelmshaven

 Well my fellow followers of wherever you are and whoever you are.. I am proud to say that I am able to let you all know now that I am finally starting to understand almost everything people are saying to me. So now I just need your prays so that I can answer and the understanding actually means something haha. But its coming I am so happy I have been understanding and having small talk conversations with people on the street and the members. 

I actually gave a talk yesterday in church for my first time in German. It went really well. I was supposed to take 5-7 minutes and I think I took 10. Not because I planned good, but probably because I couldnt read half the words. No, it wasn't to bad it went great and I was actually proud of myself on that one haha. :)

The work this week was good. We have a new kid on the football team that we are coaching and his name is Jan. He went to Texas on exchange for school and so he has really good English. When I cant say anything in German I just say it in English and then he helps me say it in German haha. And then he is my translator at football practice sometimes. So whenever the head coach or the kids dont understand me I call for my "√úbersetzer" translator haha. But we have only met with him once and we are hoping something great comes from it. He has alot of intrest. He hasn't had a lot of direction with church in his life so He really wants to learn more and I am excited for him and excited to teach him because he loves me and Elder Young! haha.

A funny experience was that me and Elder Young met with our mission president sister for luncheon Sunday because she is in our ward and invited us. And it turns out that she knew the poems that I learned in German class my sophomore year haha. She recited them with me and we had a good time talking about that. She got really excited and was telling us how we are the only missionarys who ever talked to her about poetry and that she loves it and she went and put in her cd disks and started playing the songs to the poems. haha it was great and a fun experience. Well hope you all have a super week:) Keep it real.

Elder Williams

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