Aug 18, 2014

I thought it was still summer...?

 Well Germany is officially the new place of unexpected weather and storms. I can wake up in the morning and it will be a perfect sunny and zero clouds and by the time we walk out the door to go work after lunch, its raining. I'm officially saying the weather here is more bipolar than cedar city and that's a hard statement to make. Its also not good because work is really hard in Germany when its bad weather. The Germans already have "Keine Zeit" and when its raining and cold they have "absolut keine zeit". We still love them though. I cant blame them. I can see myself as someone who would not want to talk to two young boys in white shirts either. And I know I am blessed that I dont have to be being bugged instead of doing the bugging. ;) But yeah its getting a little chilly here and not the best weather we could say. 
   Lately me and Elder Young have been really striving to trust in god because we as a mission have made a goal to have one baptism per companionship before Elder Bednar comes in September. We havent seen the most success with finding and teaching. But last week we did find two great new people and we will be meeting with them this week. They are really interested in learning about the church and about the BOM. So me and Elder Young are really excited about that because we havent seen to much happening lately. We have been putting alot of effort and different ways into finding new people. Going by contacts, talking to everyone on the street, holding the doors open in really really busy places so like the train stations. And just little things like writting statements on post its and posting them in bus stops with our number on them. But yeah I have really found that trust and prayer are one of the biggest and most important ways of being happy and finding answers and help and relief of stress in life. I read something really cool in personal study this week. It was in 3rd Nephi 14:7-11 and it talkes about prayer and how much heavenly father really loves each and everyone of us. I know its a big goal to get a baptism in one months time with not a ton of people to be teaching but I know this scriptures are here to help us know what we need to do in times of need. And that when we ask heavenly father for help that he will help us and we will recieve what we need help with from him when we have humility, patience, and trust. Have a good week everyone love you all!

Love Elder Williams

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