Aug 25, 2014

Some Info.

 Well this week really does not have a lot to it. We had a lesson with a new investigator and his name is Herr Mehlhose. He is great and excepts almost all of what we say. He is a new Apostolic. He doesnt really say much but I really think he felt the spirit last lesson. The new Apostolic church believes in a lot of the same doctrine as the LDS church and so he is really interested. We are going to invite him to be baptized if we meet with him this week and if the lesson goes well. We are working really hard and have been doing a lot of finding. It's sad though because almost everyone we have been talking to and found people who have interest they are all on vacation. haha. So as far as the work thats what we have been doing. The football team is on break right now as well because of vacation. We are going to meet with the football team this week and hang out and get a Döner. Its the mexican food of america. So yeah its all the Turkish people here in Germany! 
    This week I also went on exchange to Oldenburg with the zone leaders. It was a blast and their program there is rockin! They have soooo many people to teach and I got to have 5 lessons in one day. Thats not normal by the way haha. So it was really fun and I learned a lot and got more insights and learning experiences with teaching. My German is coming along. I can understand I would say about 60 to 70 percent just depending on how fast the people are talking haha. It sounds like Chinese one second and then German the next second so its a little confusing right now. But its almost like being a teenager all over again. When you listen you actually get something out of it. But when you don't, you just feel like someone is talking a language you have no idea how to speak.

  Well thats all I have to say for this week.. Im sorry it wasnt the most. Have a super week I love you all so much! :)

Love Elder Williams

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