Sep 23, 2014

Week of Wonders

 Well this week has been wonderful. Me and Elder Wilde have been having a blast together. I dont think I have found as many people in my entire mission as we have in the last two weeks. They arent investigators but they are contacts that we found and will go by on in the next week to two weeks. Me and him have been working really good together and its been fun having a companion that you knew from school. I never thought I would have the chance to see what it would be like but now I know. haha. And yes, we are being good Elders. Promise.
    The way we have been able to find all these people is me and elder Young put little cards in peoples mailboxs. Its called "chumming" out here in the mission field. We stick tons of cards in mailboxes and then a few days later we go back and talk to the people. The cards we put in the mailboxes of these people has a family on the front with the address. And says "Familie Sind Ewig" that means "Families are forever". Its just a simple card that we pass out to everyone. But it is really meaningful because through the gospel of Jesus Christ and following his teachings we are able to have this wonderful gift and joy and peace in life knowing that we can be forever with the ones that we love. It hasnt only blessed my life in helping me feel the love of the people but the love I have for my family. Think about the joy and what a wonderful blessing that would be to be forever with the ones that you loved.. I know its helped me grow a stronger love for my family and I have over 8,000 miles away from them. Its a great way that we can share the gospel with people. I challenge you all the really see the true meaning behind the family and to always treat eachother how you really feel for eachother. Its such an amazing oppertunity to all families and us to treat this time on the earth carefully. 
  Something I learned this week since I have been studying Christ-like attributes, is that as we study them and try to apply them into our lives every single day one by one that the love and peace and joy we can feel from them is more powerful than any other love or joy in this world. Please try it for yourself. I know it can help you daily and help you be happy in this life. Study them out and find out what you can do personally to become more like Christ in all you do. I love you all I am sorry I didnt have a ton to write because I ran out of time. Have a great week everyone thank you again for all the support!

-Elder Williams


 Well this wonderful week was the Elder Bednar tour around Europe week haha. I think its great to see how much one person can effect our lives when we let them. And its not just the fact that it has to be an apostle. When we really truly desire to learn from even a kid, we can. But that's not to say Elder Bednar isnt special. He is really a spiritual giant. He knows and only works through the spirit. This week he came to us as a mission and talked to us and interacted with us. He let us ask questions, he asked questions, and he interacted with us like we were actually normal human beings. Sometimes we think that normal talks we can learn alot but I got a testimony that when we treat people as objects and let them think and grow for themselves through questions we ask rather then just feeding them information, we will be alot more successful in helping others come to Christ. He asked us at the end what we learned as a group and some missionaries stood up and said how they noticed when it was our turn to ask questions, he noticed through the spirit and through him treating us as if we were normal and able to act for ourselves that we answered our own questions in our hearts and minds throughout the meeting. He asked for a raise of hands and about 70 percent of the rooms hands went in the air for who had their question answered through the spirit without even asking Elder Bednar. So as missionaries and as members of the church, we should seek to teach in a way that we let people act for themselves and learn through what they already know, and relating what they know to how they can grow. Also a way we can learn for ourselves is to learn as if we were making small plates (bom) instead of big plates (records of family and history). When we take notes for conference or when we listen to talks in church, not to just think about what the people are saying, rather learning from the spirit and those are ways and testimonies that will help us be more converted members to the church. And now I have a testimony from the meeting with elder Bednar that if we can learn to do that, we will find more peace in our lives and be more converted to Christ. And its a peace that will not find until we truly try. So I invite you all the try and write small plates instead of big plates in your lives through conferences and weekly church meetings.
  I don't have a lot of time to write but this week me and elder Wilde were able to have a walk in lesson. The second door we knocked on the lovely elderly couple let us in their home and we taught the first lesson to them. Me and elder Wilde were surprised why in the world that happened. We were so shocked and happy at the same time. But we knew that it was because we did everything that we had supposed to do that day. We followed the mission handbook, our mission president, the spirit, and our daily plan. I know that as we live our days in crescendo like I said last week that we can see not only miracles in our life but we will be put in situations to help others come unto Christ. And that brings more joy to our life than we will ever know until we experience it. I invite you all to try to find a way to serve someone this week even if its the smallest task. And just by doing that you will find joy for the rest of the day. Imagine you bringing another daughter or son of god closer to Christ. You can imagine the joy you will feel and also the joy our father in heaven would have and the blessings we would receive. Have a good week everyone I love you all!!!

His Name is Matt Wilde

  Well, Can you say 4th transfer now? And can you also say.. I am on my 4th companion. Which is a new world record. Especially since its the fact that I went to high school with this Elder. haha. Elder Matt Wilde is my new companion and we both went to Cedar High. Think its a small world now? haha. I am so excited but shocked at the same time. I never thought it would even be a possibility to be companions with someone you know from school haha. Anyway Elder Young was a great companion. He got called to serve as a zone leader in Chemnitz. He taught me a lot and we had a lot of fun together. But its only right that he goes or else he would mess up my companion streak haha.
Nah I love him.
   But this week we were able to have zone conference. And I loved what our mission president says to us every time we meet and he talks to us. He tells us to live our lives and our missions in a crescendo. He loves music and so does his wife. They are both really gifted and talented as well. But what that means is that we need to always continue to do better and end the best that we can possibly end. We start slow and to the point. And this is exactly what it looks like and how our lives should be. ( < ) We sang a song called lead kindly light. But of course in German. And it started with one person and President Kosak slowly called on people to stand up and start singing along. It was amazing to feel the power come from that. And I know that if we always live our life in a crescendo that we can accomplish amazing things. Never sit back and watch or just anticipate things to happen. Always be searching and seeking for new ways to improve yourself as a person. Because we can never stop learning and becoming someone amazing. I just thought all of you might enjoy the words of our very intelligent mission president. :)
  This week we had the opportunity to meet with Herr Mehlhose again. He is great. He thinks we are there to just talk about our churches and to compare. That means our "how to begin teaching" didnt go as planned with him haha. We as missionaries are supposed to tell the people why we are there, what they can find from our message and how it can help them in their lives. Its hard to get that across to a lot of people but we did our best this time to tell him why we are there. He said he is glued to his church but he will read the BoM because he thinks its really interesting. He also wants to see our church and so this week we are planning on giving him a church tour. We haven't been able to get the ping pong set up yet. Hopefully soon we can get something going with that. We have about 5 Chinese and then our less active member who is actually a pro with ping pong. You wouldn't know what that is until you see him play or play against him haha. He is right handed but when he plays with his left he can still beat anyone he wants. Its amazing and I have picked up some good tricks from him! Well thats all I have to say this week. I love you all und ich wuche ihnen eine shöne tage und woche auch! tschüss! :)

OH! The man in Dresden that I was able to meet with got baptized this past Sunday. It was so great being able to hear news like that! Anyway yeah, choa choa!

Elder Williams :)

Sep 1, 2014

The Plan

Well, this week was great. I will start off with what happened. I first had exchanges with the Leer Elders. I was in Leer for Tuesday night up until Thursday morning. Leer is right on the edge of Germany. It is right next to the Netherlands. So that was cool to rub right up next to a different country! We then came back to Wilhelmshaven and did a really fun finding activity. We drew the plan of salvation with chalk on the sidewalk in the middle of the city at the train station. It wasn't very busy because it was a little bit later during the day. But we had some really fun conversations with people. We actually had teenage girls come up to us. Two different groups and they were around 16 to 18 haha. A few were with some boys. The boys tried to act to cool for it but the girls were super impressed with what we were doing and we explained what we were doing and the plan. I don't know if it was the fact that me and Elder Young are probably the most attractive elders in Germany or if our drawing was actually legit and cool haha. But they were really interested is one or the other ;)
   Me and Elder Young have been meeting with a man named Ola Baumgard. We got him to come back to church. He is a less active member and he is a little mentally challenged but he is great. We also have alot of great and fun activities going on. Because there are so many Chinese people we are starting up a ping pong night at the church once a week. We teach them and then play some ping pong. We haven't been able to do it yet, but hopefully this week we will find some time to do that. We always say that they are soooo ready for the gospel and they are. We just set them up for success with talking about ping pong and then its our little trap to get them into the church to play haha. But the work is going good. We have been trying to try new ideas and ways to find people. We are meeting with Herr Melhose this week. And hopefully we can invite him to baptism. I know if he feels the spirit he will say yes. He believes all that we say and his church is organized just like the LDS church. He is a really sweet man. 
 I also found out that one of the guys i met with a few times in Dresden is going to be getting baptized this week! I am so excited for him. His name is Olaf Herdes. He is a painting restorer and said he was a Buddhist and christian. Which I dont know how that works.. But the Lord sure did help him make his mind up haha. 
 Anyway have a great week everyone Love you all!! :)
Elder Williams :)