Sep 23, 2014


 Well this wonderful week was the Elder Bednar tour around Europe week haha. I think its great to see how much one person can effect our lives when we let them. And its not just the fact that it has to be an apostle. When we really truly desire to learn from even a kid, we can. But that's not to say Elder Bednar isnt special. He is really a spiritual giant. He knows and only works through the spirit. This week he came to us as a mission and talked to us and interacted with us. He let us ask questions, he asked questions, and he interacted with us like we were actually normal human beings. Sometimes we think that normal talks we can learn alot but I got a testimony that when we treat people as objects and let them think and grow for themselves through questions we ask rather then just feeding them information, we will be alot more successful in helping others come to Christ. He asked us at the end what we learned as a group and some missionaries stood up and said how they noticed when it was our turn to ask questions, he noticed through the spirit and through him treating us as if we were normal and able to act for ourselves that we answered our own questions in our hearts and minds throughout the meeting. He asked for a raise of hands and about 70 percent of the rooms hands went in the air for who had their question answered through the spirit without even asking Elder Bednar. So as missionaries and as members of the church, we should seek to teach in a way that we let people act for themselves and learn through what they already know, and relating what they know to how they can grow. Also a way we can learn for ourselves is to learn as if we were making small plates (bom) instead of big plates (records of family and history). When we take notes for conference or when we listen to talks in church, not to just think about what the people are saying, rather learning from the spirit and those are ways and testimonies that will help us be more converted members to the church. And now I have a testimony from the meeting with elder Bednar that if we can learn to do that, we will find more peace in our lives and be more converted to Christ. And its a peace that will not find until we truly try. So I invite you all the try and write small plates instead of big plates in your lives through conferences and weekly church meetings.
  I don't have a lot of time to write but this week me and elder Wilde were able to have a walk in lesson. The second door we knocked on the lovely elderly couple let us in their home and we taught the first lesson to them. Me and elder Wilde were surprised why in the world that happened. We were so shocked and happy at the same time. But we knew that it was because we did everything that we had supposed to do that day. We followed the mission handbook, our mission president, the spirit, and our daily plan. I know that as we live our days in crescendo like I said last week that we can see not only miracles in our life but we will be put in situations to help others come unto Christ. And that brings more joy to our life than we will ever know until we experience it. I invite you all to try to find a way to serve someone this week even if its the smallest task. And just by doing that you will find joy for the rest of the day. Imagine you bringing another daughter or son of god closer to Christ. You can imagine the joy you will feel and also the joy our father in heaven would have and the blessings we would receive. Have a good week everyone I love you all!!!

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