Sep 23, 2014

His Name is Matt Wilde

  Well, Can you say 4th transfer now? And can you also say.. I am on my 4th companion. Which is a new world record. Especially since its the fact that I went to high school with this Elder. haha. Elder Matt Wilde is my new companion and we both went to Cedar High. Think its a small world now? haha. I am so excited but shocked at the same time. I never thought it would even be a possibility to be companions with someone you know from school haha. Anyway Elder Young was a great companion. He got called to serve as a zone leader in Chemnitz. He taught me a lot and we had a lot of fun together. But its only right that he goes or else he would mess up my companion streak haha.
Nah I love him.
   But this week we were able to have zone conference. And I loved what our mission president says to us every time we meet and he talks to us. He tells us to live our lives and our missions in a crescendo. He loves music and so does his wife. They are both really gifted and talented as well. But what that means is that we need to always continue to do better and end the best that we can possibly end. We start slow and to the point. And this is exactly what it looks like and how our lives should be. ( < ) We sang a song called lead kindly light. But of course in German. And it started with one person and President Kosak slowly called on people to stand up and start singing along. It was amazing to feel the power come from that. And I know that if we always live our life in a crescendo that we can accomplish amazing things. Never sit back and watch or just anticipate things to happen. Always be searching and seeking for new ways to improve yourself as a person. Because we can never stop learning and becoming someone amazing. I just thought all of you might enjoy the words of our very intelligent mission president. :)
  This week we had the opportunity to meet with Herr Mehlhose again. He is great. He thinks we are there to just talk about our churches and to compare. That means our "how to begin teaching" didnt go as planned with him haha. We as missionaries are supposed to tell the people why we are there, what they can find from our message and how it can help them in their lives. Its hard to get that across to a lot of people but we did our best this time to tell him why we are there. He said he is glued to his church but he will read the BoM because he thinks its really interesting. He also wants to see our church and so this week we are planning on giving him a church tour. We haven't been able to get the ping pong set up yet. Hopefully soon we can get something going with that. We have about 5 Chinese and then our less active member who is actually a pro with ping pong. You wouldn't know what that is until you see him play or play against him haha. He is right handed but when he plays with his left he can still beat anyone he wants. Its amazing and I have picked up some good tricks from him! Well thats all I have to say this week. I love you all und ich wuche ihnen eine shöne tage und woche auch! tschüss! :)

OH! The man in Dresden that I was able to meet with got baptized this past Sunday. It was so great being able to hear news like that! Anyway yeah, choa choa!

Elder Williams :)

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