Sep 1, 2014

The Plan

Well, this week was great. I will start off with what happened. I first had exchanges with the Leer Elders. I was in Leer for Tuesday night up until Thursday morning. Leer is right on the edge of Germany. It is right next to the Netherlands. So that was cool to rub right up next to a different country! We then came back to Wilhelmshaven and did a really fun finding activity. We drew the plan of salvation with chalk on the sidewalk in the middle of the city at the train station. It wasn't very busy because it was a little bit later during the day. But we had some really fun conversations with people. We actually had teenage girls come up to us. Two different groups and they were around 16 to 18 haha. A few were with some boys. The boys tried to act to cool for it but the girls were super impressed with what we were doing and we explained what we were doing and the plan. I don't know if it was the fact that me and Elder Young are probably the most attractive elders in Germany or if our drawing was actually legit and cool haha. But they were really interested is one or the other ;)
   Me and Elder Young have been meeting with a man named Ola Baumgard. We got him to come back to church. He is a less active member and he is a little mentally challenged but he is great. We also have alot of great and fun activities going on. Because there are so many Chinese people we are starting up a ping pong night at the church once a week. We teach them and then play some ping pong. We haven't been able to do it yet, but hopefully this week we will find some time to do that. We always say that they are soooo ready for the gospel and they are. We just set them up for success with talking about ping pong and then its our little trap to get them into the church to play haha. But the work is going good. We have been trying to try new ideas and ways to find people. We are meeting with Herr Melhose this week. And hopefully we can invite him to baptism. I know if he feels the spirit he will say yes. He believes all that we say and his church is organized just like the LDS church. He is a really sweet man. 
 I also found out that one of the guys i met with a few times in Dresden is going to be getting baptized this week! I am so excited for him. His name is Olaf Herdes. He is a painting restorer and said he was a Buddhist and christian. Which I dont know how that works.. But the Lord sure did help him make his mind up haha. 
 Anyway have a great week everyone Love you all!! :)
Elder Williams :)

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