Sep 23, 2014

Week of Wonders

 Well this week has been wonderful. Me and Elder Wilde have been having a blast together. I dont think I have found as many people in my entire mission as we have in the last two weeks. They arent investigators but they are contacts that we found and will go by on in the next week to two weeks. Me and him have been working really good together and its been fun having a companion that you knew from school. I never thought I would have the chance to see what it would be like but now I know. haha. And yes, we are being good Elders. Promise.
    The way we have been able to find all these people is me and elder Young put little cards in peoples mailboxs. Its called "chumming" out here in the mission field. We stick tons of cards in mailboxes and then a few days later we go back and talk to the people. The cards we put in the mailboxes of these people has a family on the front with the address. And says "Familie Sind Ewig" that means "Families are forever". Its just a simple card that we pass out to everyone. But it is really meaningful because through the gospel of Jesus Christ and following his teachings we are able to have this wonderful gift and joy and peace in life knowing that we can be forever with the ones that we love. It hasnt only blessed my life in helping me feel the love of the people but the love I have for my family. Think about the joy and what a wonderful blessing that would be to be forever with the ones that you loved.. I know its helped me grow a stronger love for my family and I have over 8,000 miles away from them. Its a great way that we can share the gospel with people. I challenge you all the really see the true meaning behind the family and to always treat eachother how you really feel for eachother. Its such an amazing oppertunity to all families and us to treat this time on the earth carefully. 
  Something I learned this week since I have been studying Christ-like attributes, is that as we study them and try to apply them into our lives every single day one by one that the love and peace and joy we can feel from them is more powerful than any other love or joy in this world. Please try it for yourself. I know it can help you daily and help you be happy in this life. Study them out and find out what you can do personally to become more like Christ in all you do. I love you all I am sorry I didnt have a ton to write because I ran out of time. Have a great week everyone thank you again for all the support!

-Elder Williams

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