Dec 8, 2014

17 Days Till' Christmas!

Liebe Familie und sonst,

  You will never believe what happened this week.. Okay you can guess, we did more missionary work wooo! haha. I am now with Elder Perez of course is from Utah. 5th companion and 5th from Utah. That's no accident. But he is really smart, funny and a good missionary. We work well together though its fun! He is about 5 foot 7 and weighs 120 pounds so of course I stand out when we talk to people on the street and so but that Elder has a testimony I am telling you! He has already taught me a lot and we have been able to meet a lot of great people this week. A lot of people around here have "no time" but I can tell you around this time of year.... NOBODY HAS TIME. I never knew it took an entire week of time to put up a Christmas tree. Did you? But we were able to meet a lot of good people that we will meet up with after Christmas. One of the ladies was very interested and we had a good conversation for about 20 minutes at her door. She took the BoM and will meet with us after Christmas. We also met a man on the street coming home from work and we got his number to meet later as well. So good success this week with the time we had to find.

  As far as investigators go, we got into contact with Williams again. He is still as good as ever. He has just been sick. But we will keep meeting with him. He is always busy but we will find time sometime. 
   Everyone else is doing pretty good. I don't have much that I can say about the people that we have been meeting with. All I can say is that they are making small steps and that really is all that matters. I can tell that the work will explode here with the people we are teaching and consistently finding. 
  Gunsel family is doing good. The wife committed to reading in the book of Mormon this week. They are around 85 but a super nice couple.
   Asonaw from Masadonia are doing super. They listen to the conference talks in Turkish. And they are reading the Pamphlets from the first, second, and third lesson.

   Matthes we haven't heard much from.

  Other than that there isn't anything else that is to pleasing to the ears. Elder Perez and I had a horror story that I will not be able to tell probably forever haha. It is something that missionarys always have happen to them and you hope and pray it never happens but it did. If you remember this by the end of my mission I will tell you. Sooo don't forget haha! ;)
We. also. ate. so. much. food. SUNDAY. I have never eaten so much in my life. But hey... I have a good morning sport so its okay. Trust me when I say that I make sure I don't gain weight in the mission field. And I am only doing that for two reasons. One, because I want to stay in shape for football. Two, because everyone doubted that I wouldn't contain myself on the potatoes, breads, and bratwurst. But don't worry we had hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch yesterday haha a little bit of home away from it. I could tell I was away though because one, I was putting mayo on my burger that was labeled "american burger sauce" and two, because it tasted like a sauce that is not used for Burgers. Somehow it still tasted good. Maybe that's because I am a missionary? I don't know..
  My spiritual thought this week is mainly because what is coming so soon. Christmas. I don't know if you have all seen "he is the gift" that the church posted. It is on YouTube and so. But really it is so important that we see the gifts and blessings we have in our life. It is fun getting gifts for Christmas and spending time with the family. But I can PROMISE you something that will be of more worth and importance to you if you try this, this holiday season. I challenge you to keep your thoughts and focuses on Christ this month and instead of thinking about problems in life or things that in the end effect come to focus on ourselves and the "its all about me" attitude think what the gift of Christ means to you. I promise when our thoughts are focused on Christ we will find a peace with in ourselves that we NEVER knew we could have especially  this time of year. Because Christ really is the biggest gift that we could have ever received and will receive. The scriptures, prayer, thoughts, actions towards the gospel and Christ, are the presents that are always going to be wrapped up sitting under the Christmas tree until we pick them up and try to open them and see what we receive from them. I know that the scriptures and prayer and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are THEE biggest GIFTS we have received in our life and ever will. Either 12:8 is exactly what it is like when all the presents sit underneath the tree. Everyone hopes for the gifts they want. But we just have to sit there without knowing completely until the day comes that we open them. But because Christ is the gift and should be the focus of this time of year, do your best to try to make it like that and see if it makes a change in your life for the better. 

  I also want to give a shout out to Allie Rae Groves! Her birthday is this week on the 13th and she has been here for me for the last 4 years in my life. She really has helped me to become who I am today and I am so grateful for that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY AL! LOVE YOU! :)

Ich habe euch Lieb! Schöne Woche Noch!

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams 

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