Dec 4, 2014

Familie und Freunde

Liebe Familie und Freunde,
   Diese Woche war wunderbar. Ich habe vieles erlebt und Ich bin sehr dankbar dass Ich eine mission dienen darf. I assume you all believe as I do either in the gift of tounges or in translators on phones or google. haha. I just wanted to say yeah I am not perfect with the language but I believe I am catching on to it okay. I know thats always a question that lots of people have with missionaries and I wanted to let you all know that it wouldn't be possible for me to talk as well as I can now without the help of the Lord. It truly is a blessing to serve in Germany and learn the wonderful language. It also doesn't hurt any to have a super great companion that is REALLY good with the language. Elder Wilde has helped me tons that smart MAN. I say "man" because its his birthday and he graduated from teens. Mr. 20. 

  This week we really had some great things come to pass. We were walking down the street and this 85 year old man was sweeping up pilled leaves so me and Elder Wilde offered to help him and he was SOOO happy that we did that for him. He ended up telling us after that he is all alone and that his wife is in the hospital and doesn't know if she has passed away or if she is still there. We offered him a ride in because he didn't have money to pay to get there but he didn't want to accept it because it would be from another person in the ward. He then let us into his home and gave us water and we told him we were from America. His face lit up and he was sooo happy hah. He said that he has wanted to go there his entire life and hasn't been able to. We tried to offer him help and teach him about gods plan for us but he didn't really understand everything. But whats most important is that we were able to help and serve him. We sang a song at the end "I am a child of god" and he loved it. He was the sweetest man ever and I am so grateful to get to serve humble people like him. He doesnt have any money or anyone in his life. No family. But yet he is willing to give and give. He offered us lunch and didnt stop filling our cups with water. I put my cup in the sink and he got a new one for me and filled it back up with the bottled water. haha. Its experiences like that, that I wont forget. To always give and being loving when you dont have anything in life. Always look to serve others even in the smallest ways. 

  We also had a really cool experience with a man named Constantine. He is from Russia and we met him a week and a half ago or so. We talked about health because he loves fitness and was walking back from the gym. We told him about the word of wisdom and that we would bring a brochure by his house. But when we got there on Saturday, he wanted to know more about what our message was. We let him know gods plan is back on the earth through prophets and thats how we have the word of wisdom and he said specifically that he is on a search to find truth. "Ich bin auf der suche". And it really is a blessing that we are able to find people like him. I know and have learned from him that we were able to find him and meet with him because we first cared about him and showed him by caring about his needs with fitness. The gospel is for EVERYONE no matter what kind of person you are or how much you believe or how much you dont believe on god. God knows whats best and there is always something in the gospel that we can find to make us happier and better people. I know that as we care to others needs first that they will be open to learn more about what the restored gospel brings and how it could help them specifically. 

  This week we also had a ward party thing. We kegeled which is similar to bowling. But smaller lanes. Then we ate yummy schnitzle after and it was a good time to help the ward come closer together and build each other up. 

 But this week really was a good week and I am grateful for all the wonderful blessings as a missionary. Thank you all for the support you give me. Have a wonderful week!! :)

Love Elder Williams 

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