Dec 4, 2014


Hallo Liebe Familie und Freunde!

  I am always so excited to write you all and tell a little bit about the week. I know its not possible for me to tell every detail but you can sure trust that I tell you all as much as I remember and the important things. If I told you everything that was good I would have to type everything I do here because the mission only brings good and wonderful experiences. :) 

  Elder Wilde and I have been seeing miracle after miracle. It really is so fun working with him here. We haven't seen sooo much happen after the miracle has happened, but I know its all under the Lords timing and there is nothing we can do to push these people to move along faster than they are able to go. 

I will give a list of the people who we teach. Keep in mind, they are all really REALLY amazing people. They just haven't had the big internal  motivational push yet that some get sooner than others. I am really proud of all the people here in Wilhelmhaven even if we only can meet one every two weeks or once a month. It is defiantly hard because we can see the potential but we just have to be patient just with everything else we have in life. Patience and Humility are two HUGE attributes that will help us to find more joy in life and it has definitely helped me so far in the mission field as I have strive to let the Lord work and not trust in myself or my thoughts more than his and his love for me and the people I love and care about. 

  Family Matthes. We havent had a lot of contact lately. They were on baptismal date but it fail out. They are a little bit nervous and scared to come to church. But they are still trying.

Xiolung. We haven't had a lot of contact with him he is busy studying but he wants to find truth.

Williams. We haven't had a lot of contact with him either but I believe he is still reading in the book of Mormon and doing what he loves most, finding more TRUTH. He doesnt give up and he really someone who we found from the Lord answering his prayers about wanting truth and help in his life.

Constantine. He is from Russia and speaks perfect German. But he is also looking for truth. He is busy with school and training. But he is really nice and we are doing our best to try to get back in contact. He has a pamphlet about the restoration of the gospel.

Fallah. He is sooooo busy. Literally every single time we call him he is not home and doing something in the city trying to find a job and taking tons of German classes to learn the language. He reads in the bom still and we should be meeting this week on Wednesday again. hopefully :)

Football team. Not alot of appointments with anyone on the team. We have a 19 year old who is interested in the BoM. He is a pastier so its kind of funny that he has the interest that he does. But also the coach his name is Jens. He is a really cool guy but we have been trying to fix a problem with him about the language. There are two different ways of saying "you" in German. And we are held to the standard to use the type of "you" with those older than us. that is more used with people that don't know each other as well. Or just trying to keep the relationship at more of a buisness type of relationship, and not budy budy. It sounds weird but its a big deal to some people. The past missionaries fell into the trap and started using the "Du" form of you which is the budy budy or family or close friends which is against the mission rules ha. So we have been trying to change it and he trys to correct us every time we use "Sie" with him. But its just kind of awkward now and its pushed the relationship away a little because of it. But he is really a great guy and we have alot of fun with him and helping him help out the boys.

And there are a few other people but these are the main people who I have found have thee MOST potential. They really want to know the truth. Its hard to sit there and listen to them say  "I want to know why we are here on the earth" or "I really really would like to know what truth is. There are to many churches" and not believe that they really are being directed and led from Heavenly Father. Of course if they want to know these things they will be led into the paths of missionaries sharing the message of how they can return to live with god again. We pray everyday for them all and we just keep doing our best to find people who are ready and listen to a message of love, joy, and eternal happiness.

  A miracle happened this week. woooo! haha. I may or may not have talked a little bit about it in a letter about a month or month in a half ago about how me and Elder Wilde were in a city called Jever. Yeah, anyway we were there about that long ago and we were getting ready to go back to the train station to come back to Wilhelmshaven. Well there was two different routes we could have taken. We for some reason chose to take the long way. And about half way there, we were stopped by a man walking his dog who said to us in English, "mormon missionaries" we were sooo excited. haha. He talked to us in German after but he said that his daughter was an exchange student in America about 12 years ago or so. He referred us to go to her and visit her but we didnt have any time that day. So we told him we would another time. We have been so busy doing other things we werent ever able to go to Jever and see this lady and talk to her. We didnt know when she worked or if she would have time during the week and which days would be good for her. But we went on Saturday assuming it would be a good day. Most people dont work on Saturday and Sunday here ha. But we were there in Jever talking to people on the street and as we were talking to a random lady this car pulls up behind us on the street and we were really REALLY confused. But after the conversation, the window rolled down on the car and the lady said "HEY DO YOU WANT TO GET SOME LUNCH"?!?!? Honestly I thought it was a member or some random person. But I was wrong it was the exchange student who wanted sooo badly for us to contact them. haha. We then said we would come by her house and so about and hour later we went by and had a wonderful conversation. She really has a super story about her trip with this family that she stayed with. She still has super contact and calls them all mom or dad and brother and sister. This family in Utah really is there family and yes they are LDS. She also said "yeah we are the Mormons, who aren't Mormons." It is true she lives like a LDS as far as standards and how her house is. She is married and has a little two year old boy. They are both teachers and of course work during the week and have the weekend off. I know that the Lord led us to them. I am also sure of that because I will probably NEVER again have a referral that contacts themselves to us and even on the street! hahaha. I am really grateful for the work of the Lord and his timing with everything that goes on. I learned a really good lesson from all of this. I know that when we make decisions that we haven't gotten an answer to in life about after asking god. We just need to take a step and do something and he WILL lead us to know what is right and what is wrong. We took that step and went the long way and ended up turning into a miracle finding this great family that we had no idea about.  ps. (Their name is family Sjuts) I know when we take steps that may be uncomfortable or scary or discomforting, the Lord will always ALWAYS lead us and let us know the right way through our feelings and outcomes of our decisions. Look to the Lord in all you do but make sure you do your part too in doing what he asks of us. And he will NEVER let you down. I have grown a stronger love for the people I teach, and those at home because I feel I have taken the first step by serving him and he has feeled in everything else so that I can be happy and love those who I don't see being here, or don't know so well, through the blessed feelings I have received from the Lord.

I love you all and thank you so much for the support and help you give me. I hope you all can find that first step that you can take and trust the Lord to lead you where you need to go. Have a super week! :)

-Elder Williams 

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