Dec 26, 2014

Merry Holidays!!!

Hello Everybody!
   I HOPE you ALL had a very Merry Christmas and were able to relax a little bit and feel the great spirit that comes every single time around this time of year. It really is special and great to be able to spend it with the family or whomever we have contact with. Thank you all for the cards, money, or anything that you did to support me or my family with me being in Germany on a mission. It is more than appreciated! You are all in my prayers so thank you again. :)
   I dont have alot to say about this last week because the work was REALLY slow the week of Christmas because everybody is gone on vacation, have work off, or just want to be alone not being bothered which is understandable haha. But Elder Perez and I were able to get some cards handed out to people about the video the church made for Christmas. And had some really good conversations. Something funny that happened was we were talking to a Jahovahs Witness and we TOTALLY forgot that they dont celebrate so we offered a card and they just looked at us like we were CRAZY. haha Then we realized... OH... They dont celebrate that at all. haha. So yeah you learn a little bit about religions in really awkward situations but its still fun:) Especially getting to see the childness of some people when you try to talk to them. Its almost the reaction you get when you are trying to feed a kid who is 2 years old when they dont want to eat AT ALL. So its enjoyable to say the least. 
   We ate with members on Christmas Eve which is actually Christmas here in Germany where they celebrate with presents and such. So that was fun! We were witht he Danekas family and ps family they said Liebe Grusse. That means lovely greetings. It doesnt translate good but its what you say in german:) So we ate a yummy yummy 4 course meal. And it was perfect. Meat Lamb, and Pork. With potatos and veges and Red Cabbage. Better than it would ever sound trust me. Thats not just my hunger thoughts as a missionary being said.  
   Also we ate at the Strauchs house on the 25th and that was also just extremely good. Red Cabbage the Germans specialty with ham meat and potato salad. But it was just nice being able to be in an environment of such great people. I love those two families tons they really are very fun to be around and super strong in the gospel. The Strauch drive 3 hours total every sunday to and from church. And the Danekas is over an hour. But its just cool to see such commitment from people in Germany. Because can you say that you could do the same thing as a member every single sunday? We have it easy where we are from. 5 to 15 minutes and we are to church... WITH WALKING!!  It could be so easy to just say ehhh I dont really want to go for them. But they do it anyway and I respect that and think thats so cool.
    But I also got to talk to my families on facetime and that was special. I love you ALL! And I am SO grateful I got to see everyone who I did. I just want to say how important families are and that we ALL need to realize what our family really means to us. I know I have talked about it a few times but its never enough haha. Maybe as a new years resolution see what your family means through serving them, really. Sometimes we take advantage of it because we can see or talk to them any moment of any day. I cant do that as we already know. But I can say one way that you will be able to grow a stronger love for those who should be the number 1 priority is just serving them even when its hard or you dont want to. The bond you will intertwine just from that one simple trait will help you stay stronger than you could imagine. And serving them could mean call and say that you love them and are thinking about them, or simpily cleaning something up of someone elses. Is it really that hard? haha ps. I was asked that alot when I was home. Well I know you all know how to grow in your own personal ways as families, but that is just a trait I have learned since being away from the family and with those you dont know. It makes a huge difference in the way your relationships go and your personal strength and the feelings you get for yourself after serving somebody. We all know that feeling. Make it goal really to grow closer to your families by service. Life will be better you know :)                    2 nephi 26:30, Alma 7:24, Mosiah 2:17
   Anyway have a great rest of your weekened and "Feier Tage" Hollidays. :)

Viele Grüße
Elder Williams

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