Dec 4, 2014

Our Tools

 I would like to start off with saying that I am so grateful for my family. This last weekend with conference really made me think a lot of my entire family. They really do bring me joy and have given me so much support and love since I have been out here on the mission. I can rely on them through anything and that is exactly how the family is and should be. That is exactly how the gospel helps the family. To be one. To be happy and to show how we can find true joy. Even when we have hard life time experiences. President Uchtdorf talked a lot about this in the Saturday morning session. And how we can develop not only personal testimony and conviction, but how the gospel of Christ is the way to a rock built foundation for the family.
   President Uchtdorf used the analogy with the technology that we have in this world today. If we were to go back a thousand years ago. Or even better, only 100 years ago. And we told people the type of information that we have found today or if we told people we could upload a picture in 5 seconds and millions of people throughout the world could see it, they would tell us we are ridiculous and we are absolutely crazy. How can we relate this with the gospel of Jesus Christ in these days? Well to start off, we do have that technology and we can do all of those amazing things such as having microscopes to see off into the eternities of space and seeing all of the many galaxies. Well, we have Christ word back here on the earth sir. We have prophets and more scripture that lead us unto eternal life which then helps us to see how we can have joy on this earth because of our knowledge of after death and the ability to be with our families forever. People think we are crazy and that there is NO WAY. But just the way scientist had to find an answer to the fact that there are more galaxies and all the other facts they found, we have to find an answer to the questions we have. We have the tools to do it. We have the "microscopes" of scientist in the scriptures and prophets and prayer and commandments and families. With these elements in our life how can we just sit back and not use them to find our own answer for our self. And its not just that we can find an answer. We CAN find everlasting answers and feelings that wont ever be able to leave or minds and our hearts, just like how the question of more galaxies will always be known now and forever. Agency is a special gift given to us. And its all up to us where we go and what we do with our lives. But to find such answers, one would think that it would bring joy to the soul that nothing else could. right..? or am I just crazy..? I love having these "tools" to help me grow daily. Help me grow closer to my family and knowledge of the gospel. Dont take these gifts from god lightly. He loves you and everyone out there in the world. He wants us to be happy and have the truth and peace in our lives and forever. I often relate the love of god and the spirit of revelation and answers to actual LOVE in real life. We cant touch love. we cant hear love. We cant see love. We cant smell love. But we can feel love in our hearts and our minds. Find for yourself what kind of love god has for you and what he has in store for you. It may take work. Yeah so what so does everything else in this life. Just like it took scientist just up until the last century to find there are more galaxies. I love you all and I know this is true. And I know you can build strength and faith too when you listen to the wonderful talks from our prophets of old and today. Have a great week everyone.
We have been meeting with a man named Jan Eike. He is really awesome. I think I have written a little about him already. He really doesn't believe that much but he is open and a solid guy. We are meeting again on Tuesday. I know he has felt the spirit. He is a bigger and intimidating guy we stopped on the street. but even they can feel the love of god:) he is the bomb!! We also have a family we have been working with I can tell a little more about them next week. The football team is about to end but we have contact with the coach and a few of the players. Its more of a service now but we are still meeting with a few of them every now and then to. I love you all and have the best week! :)
Love Elder Williams :)

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