Dec 4, 2014


 Well, officially 6th months is down. And I only have a sister missionary mission left. haha. ahhh. Its really weird to think about. So I wont talk about it and I will just leave it at that. But its a good feeling and I am going strong still. Time really does just keep going and never stops so that's cool. :)

   This week was fun stuff. We went on exchanges and those are always fun. I stayed in Wilhelmshaven and a new missionary came to me. We had a lot of fun together. We were able to find a few people that me and Elder Wilde can go by on this week. I didn't think it was going to be as bad as it really was with a new missionary. I guess my German is good enough to get around with a new missionary so I was really excited about that. Also this week me and Elder Wilde found a really really cool man. He is massive. Well, kinda. He is about 5 foot 10 and 240 pounds. He has fat but a lot of it is muscle. He had a noise piercing and a skeleton tattoo on his arm. He was one of the people that you think twice about when you want to stop him and talk to him but we did it anyway because.. you know, he is a son of God. So as I stopped him I really was thinking what in the world am I going to ask him without getting slammed to the ground or something. But I just simply asked him "Hey we are from america and we just wanted to ask you if you could say two positive things about yourself". And he said "yeah sure, I am really really really really honest with people. aaaanddddddd.... I don't know what else." Then we just simply started talking to him and told him that people today in this world only focus on negative things about themselves and we just wanted to talk to him about that. And as we were talking he told us "this is the first time I have ever talked with someone that I don't know for over 2 minutes". I knew in this moment and time that its only because the spirit told me to ask him this question. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to be a servant of the Lord and to help the people here in Germany through him. I know I would have never even have him if it weren't through he Lord and the strength that he gave me to do it. We are now probably going to be meeting with him this week and teaching him. But I know there are miracles and people who are ready to hear the gospel just from being friendly to them. 

   I also want to say I know how much joy it brings when we think positive in ourselves and try to find good characteristics rather than negative. If we really want to be a light to the people out there without the gospel in their lives how can we do that when we are negative and down on ourselves. I have been sending out a lot of commitments to you all, but this week I challenge you to write a list of 10 positive characteristics about yourself and see what kind of confidence or see how it can help you start to think more positive daily. Have a great week everyone thank you for all the support. Have a wonderful week and be... POSITIVE :D

Love Elder Williams :)

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