Dec 4, 2014

Subject to Kings, Rulers, and all Things

  Well my subject is that because I thought it would be funny. Its a scripture somewhere I am pretty sure. I am not the scripture mastery wizz but I remember hearing it a few times. This week was a really good week. It went by long and kind of slow and awkward because of the few meetings that went on. Elder Wilde my companion went to Hamburg for leadership training. So I was with a companion in Wilhelmshaven and his companion was with Elder Wilde so it was basically just an exchange. Then on thursday we had district meeting which we have every week and then we watched conference on sunday for those who didnt get to see it in the ward. And then we did a huge service project on saturday. So really me and Elder Wilde only had 1 or 2 days of good solid work. We didnt see a ton of success with finding anyone until the VERY last person we were going to door. LITERALLY. Yesterday night we were dooring trying to find atleast one new person we can teach and nobody wanted anything to do with us. It is really funny sometimes because they just shut the door in the middle of the sentence or they stare at you, dont say anything and say something like "im catholic" and shut the door haha. I think its amusing and it makes me want to just keep going and going and going until I cant go no more. So the very last door that we were going to knock on a lady and her son were standing there and they listened to everything we had to say. We talked about the family and why the family is so important and how our message can help her and her family. She told us she is interested in hearing it and to come back next week tuesday so that is what we will do haha. :)
 It really tought me though what ending to the end does. We could have just said, okay thats enough we have been dooring for the last 2 hours and nothing has came from it lets just go home its already dark and we did good enough. But we kept going and going and set a goal to finish at a certain point and because we did that and didnt stop we made it and were able to find someone. I also read alot in the Bom this week. Where Nephi is building the ship that the Lord commanded him to build. He probably never had even seen a ship or knew what that is. He had no idea where to get materials for it. And on top of all of that his brothers doubted and doubted. He could have given up easier than snapping his fingers. But he didnt. It did take time and effort and he couldnt see the final product until he was very finished. I really am so gratefull for the wonderful example that the scriptures are to us. I know that they can help us get over trials in our lives better than anything else. Have a super week everyone.
Fallah said he will be baptised when he finds out the church is true and so did Chow lung.
Not a ton of time but have a super week everyone I love you alll!!!!
Elder Williams

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