Dec 15, 2014

The Spirit is...Great!

Guten Tag,

   Well the spirit of Christmas is in Wilhelmshaven, Germany ladies and gentleman. This last week was really a good week. But to be honest I don't have a lot to write about so this letter will be a little bit shorter. 
   We were able to meet the zones Oldenburg and Hannover in Hannover for zone conference and it was wonderful. Every time that we get to meet with President Kosak and his wife it really builds us up and makes a huge difference in the work. We watched a few videos and really focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really such a spiritually filled environment and I learned a lot from that fun, long, and great 6 hour meeting haha. Other than that this week we have been handing out cards with the internet address that shows the video the church posted about "He is the gift". And we really have been trying to see what the people see Christmas to be and I will tell you, its not easy haha. The opinions that some people have are VERY interesting. But we have given tons of cards out and its amazing to feel the "GIFT" being spread throughout the world with these pass along cards. And if YOU haven't seen the video, GO WATCH IT. :)
   We also bought a Christmas tree and we have it all decorated and fancied up. Yeah you will see in the pictures below. It is actually pretty dang good for what missionaries do to decorate the apartment. haha. But it is great and fun of course to have a tree in the house.
    I also had the experience of meeting with a in-active member in Oldenburg because we were on exchange with the elders there. I went on a joint teach with Elder Youngblood and we literally were taught from this member. It is SOOOO awesome when members help  the missionaries with this work. There really isn't a better support and it brings a completely different atmosphere to the lesson and help to those whom we teach. The man who we taught is great and knows what he should be doing with his life. But it is something that he puts to the side for other desires or wants in his life. And that is really when we fall as people. We do NOT have the strength alone to come out of the craftiness of the devil in our lives. And honestly we don't have time to handle with such temptations and to make mistakes. We never know when the end is. And there is a really good question or statement  we can all ask ourselves every single day to make sure we are on track and holding tight to the iron rod. "Jesus Christ is the center of my life, because..." I gave a talk yesterday in church with that as my topic and I can honestly say that it was hard with only having a 5 minute time limit. I could have said so many different things. But that is good because I was able to find the MOST important answer to that for me personally. And when we are able to ask ourselves questions that make us think and dig within ourselves that is when we grow and see what really is laying in our hearts and minds. We can talk a lot as members of the church but don't do the walk. Maybe when we really search what is in our hearts we will see what we should do to help the Lord out with this work. Because if it really does mean as much as it does, do I create situations to talk about the gospel even if it could be awkward or weird? Do I serve people every chance that I have? Do I really use the atonement in my life or do I blow the most IMPORTANT gift ever given to us to the side? I can only say that it doesn't matter what thoughts we have of fear or being nervous. If we love the gospel as much as we do, we will do something. And as hard as that can be sometimes, we only are ever blessed for whatever services that we give. 
   I am grateful that I may be on a mission and that I can learn how important it is to show others the joy we find in the gospel. Because this joy is something that is lasting. Something that nobody in the world besides the 15+ million strong in the gospel have.  So I invite you all to ask yourself that statement and see what is really in your heart and what you feel and what you can change or improve on. 

  The people we are teaching right now are "REALLY" busy so it hasn't been to successful in the last few weeks with lessons. But we are still doing our best to find those who are ready to learn no matter what the situation is in their lives because really if people only new what this could do for them, they would take everything out of their life to learn more and be apart of something greater than anything we have or ever will have. We are praying for those whom we teach and we know the Lord does have his time and the time will come for these people. Have a great week. 

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams :) 

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