Dec 4, 2014

Transfer Calls


   First of all I would like to thank of those who send me hard copied letters and packages. It really is fun getting the support and love from you all. Just know I am thinking about you two but it really is hard to send things out to everybody. I am doing my best though and you will all recieve something I promise. :)

   Well, I am 20 today.. Thats pretty weird. I never thought I would be away from every family member I have for my birthday. But its happening right now haha. Today I am going to a Christmas Market thing that Germany does during Christmas time in a bigger city called Bremen. (Weihnachtsmarkt) So that will be really fun. The celebration here in germany is huge and everyone goes to this place and eats sausage and german food. Just exactly how you imagine it in your mind, is probably how it really is. But it is fun and everyone is nice and jolly around this time of year. The lights and decorations arent the same as in America because there arent really many houses here in Germany. Most people just live in appartment buildings. So they just put lights on the inside of their windows and thats it. haha. woooo!

  Thanksgiving was wonderful. Germans dont celebrate that but we did it as a district at the married missionaries appartment. We came together as a district, had district meeting like we do every week, then we ate TONS. Then we talked and went back to work. It was really great though. We all brought one item of food with and I brought mashed potatos. Because my mom is a super amazing mashed potato cooker and she taught me once. Everyone loved them by the way mother. So good job :)

  We had transfer calls. And we found out that Elder Wilde will be transfered. For some reason he is in the same District still though haha. He is zone leader in Oldenburg. Which is only 40 minutes away so we will be working togther still. My new Companion is Elder Perez. I dont know ANYTHING about him. I will be meeting him tomorrow on tuesday  so thats that. That is a normal transfer on the mission not knowing who your companion is. But Elder Wilde and I were pretty lucky.

  Speaking of Elder Wilde and I, the work really went forward with me and him. As he came to Wilhelmshaven we werent teaching that many people at all. We only had about 3 people that we were teaching and by the time he left we have built up a good cantact list with around ehhh 20ish people on it. We also have a total number of 10 that we are teaching pretty consistantly. We did work hard and it paid off. I have felt the spirit in my life the last 2 and a half months probably more than I ever have in my life. And I know its because we were obedient and did our best in everything we could especially study. Some of my favorite and best days were during study even if we didnt find any new people to teach or anything great happened that day. Its just the fact that we both felt the spirit and we built eachother up, learned from one another, and had fun while doing that. And because all of this I have seen a change in myself with sooo many different weaknesses that I had. The language has jumped up 100 percent and I dont really have a problem with it anymore. My vocabulary isnt the biggest, but I can get around saying what I need and I have been able to understand alot more. My favorite scripture is in Ether. Ether 12:27. We all have weaknesses and trials in life. Maybe we dont know why and why life really is as hard as it is sometimes. Those are weaknesses dwelling in us that sometimes we NEVER can change without the Lord. But it says in that verse that if we go to him HUMBILY and we are WILLING to change, he will make the weak things know until us and how we can change ourselves to better our lives and help us grow in spirit, knowledge and ALL aspects of life. And that is a little run down of the time Elder Wilde and I have had with one another. I have learned alot and overcome alot of weaknesses that I never knew I could brake and recognize through our obedience to the Lord, and willingness to always give our best for the time we have here to serve him.

  This week as far as investigators go, we met with a few people and it went well. I am not going to put so much details in on my emails anymore. But thats not what is important. Its just important to know that the Lord really does prepare those who are ready to recieve him. We have met with a few of our investigators and they are making progress. It isnt anything anormous but its better than they were at. Its amazing to see the difference in someone who reads the scriptures and prays everyday and someone who doesnt. It is weird but its easy to tell honest to say. The scriptures and pray will change our life more than we could ever imagine.  Maybe we wont see it ourselves, but others do and that is what I have seen in those who we have been meeting with lately. Especially in Matten. Everyone else is doing okay. I feel like they are all really close to being super great investigators. But they just need to take one more step. Dont we all though..  

  I am sorry I dont have tons of time this week so I dont have tons to say. All I have for a spiritual thought is that The Doctorine of Jesus Christ, faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, and enduring to the end is the way that we can find true happiness and LASTING joy in life. When you read in the scriptures I challange you to look for things that have to do with the doctorine of Christ. I promise as you do, that you will find yourself coming closer to Christ who is the biggest and best example that we can and ever will have in our lives. Dont lose sight on what the purpose of this life is. Alma 34:32 Christ is the way and the only way. 2 Nephii 31:20.

Have a good week I love you all and thank you for all of the support and love. I am sure I will have a great day today on my birthday so no worries. I am in good care.

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams

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