Dec 4, 2014

Find Ummm

 This week was a good week. We got a lot of work done. We have had the most inconstant investigators in the world so its been really hard, but we keep finding new people and we just keep doing our best with what we have. This week we also met with President Kosak and that man really is so inspiring we learn so much from him in interviews. I have been lucky to have as many as I have so far on my mission. I have had 4 interviews with him and every time I am with him I just get this boost of motivation and love for the people in Germany and I feel ready to work and find as many people as I can haha. He really is a great guy. And because my mom posts this on Facebook he will probably see this and read it. Maybe I will get a few brownie points ;)
   Back to the investigators, there has been a lot that we haven't been able to meet with consistently such as Jan, few football players and the coach, family Diegner, and a bunch of other people we have only met with either once or twice. Every time I write a email about any of them and I am so excited about there progression, we don't meet with them and the appointment falls out haha. So I almost wonder if I shouldn't write about them in emails or in my journal. No. I will jokes jokes. It is Heavenly Fathers will.
   We have met a lot with a less active member. He is 25 years old and one of the most awesome guys ever. He is a professional ping pong player. Really. He is unreal. I couldn't return not even ONE of his serves. He is like top 100 in Germany. He is really really good and a super cool guy. 
We are meeting with a family called family Diegner. And they are really awesome. They are really interested in the plan of salvation. And we are going to teach them this week again hopefully. They are really really nice. Every time we go there they have German cake for us to eat. haha. Be jealous. Because its gooooood.
   We have also met with a guy named Falla Bundor. He is from Africa and is really such a good guy. He loves Christ and just does anything he can do to follow Christ. The only problem is, is getting consistent appointments with him. But when we do its really good and we have invited him to baptism. He said he will read the book of Mormon to find out if its true.
Other than that this last week was a good normal week of missionary work. I have been running a lot because I was the missionary that was doubted with gaining weight and Its not happening. So yeah that's been super. I have been reading a lot in the BoM. and studying the talks of the prophets. I challenge you all the seek for your own revelation and to deepen your conversion. We can only rely off of the talks of the prophets for so long before we fall. Just like laman and lemuel in the Bom. They did okay for awhile when they listened to Lehi and Nephi. But then they NEVER looked for their own testimony or help from the lord. Nephi is the perfect example to us all. When we look to the words of the prophets and then confirm those revelations for our own lives, we will become closer to the Lord than we ever thought we could. And that only brings the most peace and joy in life that someone could get. Have a great week I love you all!!
building from 1600´s and my future car. sick huh?
Elder Williams :)

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