Dec 4, 2014

Work Hard, Play Hard

 Well, The only thing that applies to my title is the "work hard" portion. That subject comes from something that I wont tell any of you about. The only thing that matters is that last week was a really good week and we worked really hard. We didn't find any new investigators but we did find TONS of new contacts that we can later, contact. :) A lot of really good conversations with people. I know that everyone in the world is looking for truth and when someone knows the plan of god for us or as we call it the plan of salvation, we can find soooo much joy from it. We talked to a man for about thirty minutes but at the very first of the conversation he said "i am probably one of the most non believing person in the entire world." by the end of the conversation and us talking about the Plan of Salvation he said "I believe with all my heart that there is a god.... But I don't believe" So at least he made a little progress hahaha. I know that people really do believe and want to believe and its so amazing that we have the chance to live and have an understanding of what will happen with us after this life. I am so grateful for that and I couldn't imagine what it would be like without the gospel in my life. Think of all the billions of people that don't have the gospel. Why don't we do our part as members to help bring EVERYONE that we can unto Christ? Thats our goal as latter day saints right?? I don't know any of you who would see the coolest movie ever and not go tell somebody about it afterwards. Why cant we be the same with the gospel for when we feel the spirit in our lives and the joy we receive from that? I know when we do our best with baring our testimony with even our actions and our service that we will be able to help others see the light that we have in us. Dont ever be shy to reach out and help somebody. That is showing our appreciation and the excitement of the gospel just as well as it is telling our friends and co-workers how cool the lord of the rings was. or whatever interests you. 
   Williams we were able to meet with him this week. He has already seen soooo many miracles happen. He has prayed to god to help him understand the book and to know if its true. He has been going through rough times but he is still able to see the positive that comes from the book and he LOVES truth. He said "I don't know why, but I get a better feeling from this book than any other book that I have ever read seeking for truth. its weird and different. But soothing and comforting." Hmmmm I wonder what that felling is. Maybe the spirit?? Yeah he is awesome and also really lazy. He wont meet with us tons because he has A TON going on in his life but the time will come when we get more time with him. Its the Lords time not ours as missionaries. 
   Family Matis. They are also sooo wonderful. They committed to be baptized at the end of the month if they find that it is true before the date!! Wow I couldnt be more excited:) They are so humble and such a sweet family. They want truth and more joy and thats exactly what the gospel brings to us. The man also just got a new job. I think the Lord is blessing them in little ways to show them the way. I am so grateful that I could teach them. They have the cutest boy too! He is 2 years old and such a mamas boy.

  As far as the week went.. we ate at the mission presidents sisters home. She is in our ward and she is sooooo amazing at cooking haha. She cooked a great rice, chicken and curry sauce meal. I couldn't be anymore grateful for the way that Germans cook. She also made coconut fried bananas. Yeah don't ask me. All i know is that they tasted like Heaven. I know that's what heaven tastes like if it has a taste. Also we had bike problems as always. Elder Wilde will be fixing his bike this week for a total of 140 euro. So that's shows the type of wear and tear we put on these pieces of wonderfulness. ;) Well Not to much more. Only good news haha. sorry maybe next week will be something worse. nah just kidding. ONly good can come from the gospel. I love you all and have the best week!!!! Keep studying in the scriptures people.

Elder Williams :)

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