Dec 4, 2014

Wundern sind Wunderbar.

Miracles are Wonderful.
   I really have had such a great week this week. The work here in Wilhelmshaven just keeps going forward. I really have an experience that I would like to share.
About 8 or 9 weeks ago me and Elder Young my last companion were riding past some buildings and thought hmmm we should do dooring there! But then we never ended up doing it. Elder Wilde then came in and I had the thought to do more doors there and so we did and we have found two people since then and they have been pretty flaky but still really good people. We have met with on of the older family three times and the other family not yet but we still have okay contact with them. Its just hard to find a time to meet for them. We have doored almost all of the buildings up to this point besides maybe like 4 more. So one night we decide to finish dooring all the buildings. There was a stretch that for 40 minutes NOBODY let us get past the first sentence pretty much. It was really hard and frustrating. The thoughts did come into mind, "should we just go home and eat" but no we just kept going. As we got to the last building we doored the top floor and it was a woman around 26 and her son thats 6. We talked with them about the family and why its important to have a strong family and that our message could help them tremendously. We set up an appointment for two days later and of course it fell out and she wasnt home. We thought it was just another person trying to be nice but not having any interest. But in spite of that we came back the next day. We rang the door bell and we were let in after 3 times. We went up the stairs and there stood a man from Africa named Williams haha kinda ironic. He said he wants TRUTH and more and more and more. He has read the bible and other religious books looking for truth. We made in appointment for the next day to meet with him. We got to know a little bit more about him and then we began to teach him about the Restoration of the gospel. After we talked about Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon he started shaking his head with his hands in his face. He then said to us "I have been praying the past 4 months to god for more truth to help me. I have my own apartment but have been staying with my girlfriend for the last 10 days for some reason. There was no accident that you are hear sharing this with me. I will read the Book of Mormon for sure. and can we meet more please?" This man was lead to us through Heavenly Father two months ago without us knowing. I really have been able to see the Lords work going forward through hard work and enduring to the end. I know we can all receive such wonderful love and help and comfort from the Lord when we show him we are wanting to do his work and will. He will bless us and trust us more. I cant wait to meet with Williams again tomorrow he is wonderful!! Also we met a family named Familie Matis. They have a son thats one years old and they are catholic. He is from Spain and he speaks Spanish and little German. She speaks really good German and Spanish as well. The son speaks "whine and I get it" right now, but thats all little kids :) But they are a wonderful family too. They are seeking for "a good church." haha so thats wonderful because the church of Christ is the best one they could get!! We taught them the first lesson and they really are interested. We will meet with them tomorrow too. 

As far as other investigators go, Chow Lung from china reads and prays. He is really stressed with school and has a hard time coming to church with how many people are there. 20ish. haha good thing he isnt in America :) 

Falla Bundor, we didnt meet with him this week either. He is really busy with whatever he is doing. I think he is trying to find a job or something. But he is great. He reads and prays as well. I know both of these people will be lead by the Lord when they keep up their works. Its all in the Lords time and will.

I am very grateful for all of you and all of the support and love you give me! It helps me to endure to the end and find people that are ready for the gospel like Williams and the Matis family. I have you can find a goal or way that you can see how important enduring to the end is no matter how hard life can be and how many trials can be thrown at us. I challange you to set a goal of something that you can endure. And when you do it, see how the joy comes from that. Now just imagine the joy we will have in the gospel when we endure that to the end. 

Habt ihr ein schöne woche noch!! 

Love Elder Williams :)

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