Dec 28, 2015

9 Weeks....

  So pretty much I just talked to everyone like 3 days ago haha.. It
really was great to see your faces and talk again after 7 1/2 months.
I was thinking about everything i wanted to say and I forgot to say a
lot of things when we talked ha. It's how it goes though I guess when
the limited time is there.

    I really don't have that much to share about last week. We were
really well taken care of for Christmas and we had AMAZING meals.
Every meal there was two sides that Germans never leave out haha.
Unlimited red Cabbage and potatoes and then some kind of meat hahaha.
We had duck and bambie and turkey. It was good :) I will for sure
bring some of the traditions that I have learned here back home. I
really felt like the focus was on Jesus Christ the entire time. Not to
say it wasn't before... But the way the small little branch here came
together and had a meeting on Christmas Eve was the best. They also
eat an amazing meal at 18:00 (Punctual!) on Christmas Eve and read the
Christmas story from Lukas chapter 2 before eating. Then the amazing
part comes... The tradition here to go to church only during Christmas
is incredible. Ha. At 5:30pm Christmas morning most Protestant
church's do a nativity scene. And we went to it! Wow... It was the
best start to the Christmas Day. I seriously was sooo happy after
going to that. They had kids sing and most of the actors and actresses
were young adults.

   I just want to share a thought that I hope will help you all to
start off the new year. I know we always try to set goals and become
better, but there is one thing that we can always become better at...
And it's reading the scriptures, and APPLYING the teachings in our
life. The scriptures are our Liahona in the dark world. There are to
many Korihors or Sherems and King Noah, the news or pornography or
people around us who don't make us better or help us progress in the
gospel. Nephi brothers didn't even help him and without the Liahona do
you really think he would have made it where he landed? We are
surrounded day in and out with things that can slowly bring us down
without us even noticing it. The people that were convinced from
Sherem also stopped reading in the scriptures and the first thing that
helped them to get back on the right path was studying the scriptures.
They are teaching to help us see right from wrong as Moroni says in
Mormon 9:31. That's what helped not only singles out of this entire
group of people, but together they studied and found the peace and joy
that comes from God. I hope we can all study not only on our own, but
in our families so that we can see the greatness of God in our
personal and families just as these people did Jacob 7:23. Let it be
your LIAHONA instead of the voices of the world that don't help us as
much as a Heavenly Father can. Have a great new year! I love you all!

Love, Elder Williams
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Dec 21, 2015


Wooooooowwwww.... That snuck up on me hahahah. Seems like just
yesterday was warm and sunny and summer. And if any of you are
wondering I'm on the 10 week count down. So I'm excited to see you all
so soon!

This last week went really well. I know it's Christmas and I know I
should write something about it, but I'm going to write a really cool
thought with what I learned last week... So president Fingerle came
down and visited the branch here in Schwarzenberg. He talked about a
few things but what I really found great was when he talked about
missionary work of course. :) he talked about prophets and prophesies
coming true especially in our day and time. It's nothing new. I LOVED
how he talked about the second coming of our savior. So much peace and
love will be upon the earth when he comes again. We are in the time
where we feel and want the most peace in a world that is filled with
things that bring no happiness and things that distract us from
helping this prophecy of the second coming bring to pass. Think about
the media we have today. Many people are wasting hours upon hours
and letting something so small distract them from what's going on
around them? Hahaha. The key to happiness and peace is to do as Christ
did and that's to share the gospel. In order for the savior to come
again "all nations, kindreds, and tongues" will hear from the gospel.
Well, the Lord didn't give us social media to just sit around and
waste time. It's a tool to help this prophecy be fulfilled.  And that
Christmas film and things in the Internet can be shared with thousands
of people.

President Fingerle told a story of his daughter who is new in the
school because they are new in Berlin. And she didn't want to post a
video on Facebook because she thought it wouldn't do much. That same Sunday
 12 friends of her came to church and sat next to her. We don't
know 1 what kind of affect it will have on others and 2 how much it's
going to help the second coming and bring complete peace to a world
that is in desperate need of it.

I'm so grateful for the Savior and his life and that I can help for
this time to make this WONDERFUL message known to all those who I come
into contact with. His atonement can clean us, heal us, strengthen us,
and help us become like him. Who in the end, is the light and life of
the world. The true peace and joy that EVERY PERSON wants to
I love you all and Merry Christmas!!
Alma 7: 10-12

Love, Elder Williams

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Dec 14, 2015

One Week Away....

  Last week went bye faster than anything ever has haha. I feel like I just wrote everyone. But the week was amazing. We got to see President Fingerle on Thursday at our zone training meeting. Its always a thrill to hear from him. He is a spiritual giant I can tell you that much. I love learning from him and from other missionaries. The inspiration that is given to missionaries is real and its fun to feel how the spirit works through everyone.
   I also had a talk this last week and I will share with you what I was able to speak about. I talked about a story from the Bible in Mark 4:21-24 and it is a really really awesome part of the bible. I love when Christ teaches in Parables. It not always the easiest to see where he is going with things... But he sure had a meaning when he said.. "21 And he said unto them, 
Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? and not to be set on a candlestick? 22 For there is 
nothing hid,which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.
23 If any man have ears to hear, let him hear. 
24 And he said unto them, Take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given." This time of year is a time of light and excitement and people can feel it. This light is noticed by most people anyway but many don't know what to do with it. Being an example in the gospel is one of the most important principles that there is. Leading with actions and not just with words. And letting our light shine for others that don't have it. I know the word "LIGHT" can be interpreted in many different ways.. whether that's Christ, The Spirit, the sun, light bulbs. Whatever we think about when we hear that word doesn't always direct our thoughts on the "knowledge" side of light. If I walk into a pitch black room and I didn't see what was in there... I wont have a knowledge of what I should be seeing or what is, in fact, in the room. D&C 88: 67 And if your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light, and there shall be no darkness in you; and that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things.68 Therefore,sanctify yourselves that your minds become single to God, and the days will come that you shall see him;" Which is saying the more we look to God, the more knowledge we receive "to comprehendeth ALL things". We start to understand who he is and what his intentions with us are. We start to "see him" in our life more. And that light becomes brighter and brighter the more we practice repentance and look to him in our lives exactly as it says in the 24th verse. And as we receive this light and happiness in our lives... there is a promise given to us in 2 Nephi 32: 3&5. That we will be shown by the Holy Spirit ALL things that we should do. Doesn't that just make life easier??? With all the stress and frustration and trials and heart aches and disasters that happen in the world how much better could it be that we have a God who shows us all things what we should do. In Proverbs it says: 5 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." It takes trust walking into the dark room... But we can get light as we SEARCH and DISCOVER. I know the Lord loves us and wants us to be truly happy. And its not always the best sitting in a dark room not knowing what is going on around us and what there is to entertain us and help us be happy. I hope you all will be able to find some time to feel the light that comes into our lives as we give more and more attention to our Savior and God, especially in this Christmas season. This light is something we can give to others. Just listen to the Spirit and you will know who is in need of it most. (:

Love, Elder Williams

Dec 7, 2015

And he is safe.....

Sooooooo for all of you that are wondering... I am staying here in Schwarzenberg for the 3rd Transfer in a row with Elder Spencer. In that case, I am safe. I love working here in this area. It has been such a marvelous experience learning and growing. Ive learned a very important lesson being here. Honestly, sometimes not a lot happens in areas because there are things that we need to change and learn about ourselves. I have really learned some cool principles being here from that and I hope the Lord does continue to use me and Elder Spencer as tools in his hands for at least the next 6 weeks. ;)
Last week a lot of stuff happened... I turned 21 and that was a fun experience haha. There isn't a better experience than being able to serve others on a day that is focused on yourself most of the time. We were able to both pass out 42 cards on that day (21 each for my birthday) (; with the short time we had to go finding and it was so much fun talking with people about Christmas and the true meaning of it. The hearts are opened for many people.
The coolest thing I was able to see is what Christmas means to people who don't even believe in Christ or God. There is still a warm and contagious feeling that surrounds everyone during this time of year. I mean, yes, it can be stressful and frustrating if we cant get work off to see the family ;) Or other things that go on in our lives.. In spite all of that, there is always a warmth in our hearts and I know its because our hearts are open for Christmas and everything it has to bring. 3 Nephi 13:21 says to us that where our treasure is, there will our heart be also. And I know that the Spirit works with us when we have an open heart to learn and to follow the promptings that he gives us. As many spend time with their families, and follow principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that aren't normally followed at other times of the year, they feel this peace that comes from it. Without even knowing that this peace is from God. But because the spirit works with us and in us, and in our hearts, the open heart from Christmas and the following of simple gospel principles brings the most joy that we can have. I hope that as you all continue to put the family first in your life and also set the gospel side by side (especially to have a good start, in being Christmas Christs Birth) that you will always be able to see that we can feel this comfort in our lives and see what comes from living simple gospel principles. Have a great week everyone!

Liebe Grüße, Elder Williams

Nov 30, 2015

Christmas (:

Oh my goodness can you feel it?? The seasons are starting to get
real! Well it's the best time of the year not only for the holidays
but for missionary work too. There isn't a better time to work on
ourselves and there isn't a better time than to help others. Mathew
22:36-39. Mathew 10:39.

    I've seen that Christmas is the most celebrated season of all.

People stressing and rushing around and buying presents and also for
many "the busiest time of year". Well, I think that it's not us trying
to ruin the spirit of one of the most important events ever to happen,
namely Christ's birth. There is an opposer though who doesn't want us
to be happy and feel the true spirit, love, peace, and joy that this
time of the year can bring. That's not to say gifts aren't cool (;
because they are wonderful and they do bring joy. But don't lose focus
of why we get these presents and also why we need to serve others and
love others during these times of the year. I've never been more
excited to be able to share 24/7 the biggest present we have ALL been
given. It's a present that LASTS and a present that should be kept
deep down in our hearts. This present makes us happy, makes us better
people, and this present is priceless. What could it be??? Christ!!
great job everyone (: well I invite you all to just try to change one
thing to feel more peace and joy during this month of December. I
promise that there isn't a better time of year to prepare us for the
up coming year of events we have waiting for us in our lives. I hope
you all know I love you and I'm soooo grateful you support me being
here to share this wonderful message for the last Christmas on my
mission. Use the time because we never know how it can affect us for
our future and also the future of others. Love you!

Ps. The work is great. My companion and I are going to be all over the

place this next week. We have tons of things planned and I think the
greatest plan of them all is to give away 200 cards for the film "A
savior is born". We don't have the possibility to share it online but
I know all of you do at home so goooo and share with everyone! (:
don't FORGET.... (A video that is 2 minutes)
Alma 37:6-7

6 Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say

unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to
pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.
7 And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and
eternal purposes; and by very small means the Lord doth confound the
wise and bringeth about the salvation of many souls.

Liebe Grüße, Elder Brendon Williams

Nov 23, 2015

100 Days....

Family and Friends,

The last week was amazing. Every week of the mission just passes on by
like its nothing and it scares me because I'm sitting here thinking I
only have 14 more haha. Today is my 100 day mark left. Weird right?
Time seriously goes by soooo fast being on a mission. I thought of
something pretty fascinating this last week. The ONLY time that time
itself goes by fast, is either when we are doing something we like
doing, or missionary work haha. Any other type of work doesn't work
that way. Now yes it can be stressful, but it still goes faster than
any other work. "Gods speed" we say. And that's really what it's felt
like for me. It's a different kind of speed that I never knew before.
So, see you soon (; haha jk.

Well this week is thanksgiving in America so I just want to send a
gratitude letter. I am grateful for the savior Jesus Christ, who
allowed me to not only be able to be with my family forever, but also
to allow myself to make changes that I never could have with my life
without him. I am grateful for all the many wonderful and amazing
people I have in my life who support me in what I'm doing. I'm
grateful for my parents who have helped me every single day of my life
and continue to do so whenever I need them. They work SOOOOO hard to
keep the family happy and in working function. They set the example
and expect more from us than what we see we are capable of. I am
grateful for siblings who I can pick on but they had a two year break
(; no just kidding.. I am grateful that they do their best and that
they love each other and stay strong even though life isn't always the
easiest for us and youth especially. They still move forward even when
their favorite big brother isn't home to be with them. (; I am
grateful for my companion who teaches me to be a better person through
his example, diligence, and love. I am grateful to have had this
privilege to serve a full time mission. I've come to understand the
importance of gods plan for us through dedicated study and diligence
in doing what he asks of me and everyone to do. I've never ever EVER
learned so much in my life. And I am trying to just give a little
piece of that back what God does for me everyday even. I am grateful
to know that Gods plan is for everyone. And it doesn't matter how old
or young we are, we can still find our way back to him. I am very
grateful for sports. (: and that God has blessed me to be talented
and use my talents to help others. I am grateful most of all to know
that my family an I can be together forever. It's the most peaceful
feeling to have. I know this life should be centered on families and
on single people. And what a better way to practice faith and love to
God than in an environment where love can abide and help each single
person to grow to reach full potential.

I loved the week like I said. Of course ups and downs are always
thrown in. All in all we saw some miracles from the Lord. The main
thing would probably be the science of 'A step of faith'. A few cool
thoughts from this simple sentence. I started my paper work for my
mission without knowing half of what I was getting myself into Haha.
I just DID it. Now, if I had thought about it to much and studied the
rules out and really saw what it was like to be a missionary without
actually doing it, I probably wouldn't have gone with the understanding I
had at that time. Sometimes we trust ourselves more than letting the
Holy Spirit work with us and tell us what to do and what not to do.
But he can't tell us, until we take that step of faith and try. And if
we don't take the step, we aren't showing our action out of our faith
in the first place. And just from this one simple step of faith
without fear and just DOING, it changed my life forever. Let God steer
our ship for us. (:We can relax and enjoy all the buffets that life
has to offer if we let him do his job through our faith.

Through this 'step of faith' we met with a member family and said a
prayer before we went finding. Well, the first door we knocked on
after that ended up being an elderly couple who let us in. (Which
getting let in is already a miracle.) and we shared the restoration of
the gospel of Jesus Christ and left a Book of Mormon with them. They
said they would read it and that we could meet again. It showed me
that God does the rest when we just take action in doing what we
believe in. Even if that belief is so small that we trick ourselves in
thinking "we don't believe". God can still work miracles from ground

Sorry it was so long. Love you all and have a great thanksgiving!!

Love, Elder Williams

Nov 16, 2015


Well I think we are spoiled as missionaries. That's the 6th
apostle I have seen on my mission. Elder Ballard came to the mission
yesterday in Berlin. We all met together and elder Christensen and
President Kearon from the area seventy were also there. It was so
amazing to have been taught by them.  I often think of the parable in
the bible of the 10 virgins and their lamp oil. Because there aren't
ways in the gospel to just give a testimony away to people. It needs
to be built on our own. And even most of the time spiritual
experiences in the gospel. The main teaching that elder Ballard taught
is that we need to become good teachers. Of course it's not easy in
some places of the world to teach to people that have certain beliefs
or ideas in their head and they are to comfortable with their lives.
And the apostles and prophet recognize these things. It was
interesting how he taught though. He was very funny and just a little
guy.. But he was powerful we he needed to be. He is 87 years old and
will be traveling in the next week to 5 different countries.. Tell me
that this is possible to someone of that age, if they weren't given
the strength from God to do so. He made an EXTRA trip just to the
mission. Some of my favorite quotes he said (because of the incident
happening in Paris two nights ago he said) "I don't know how you are
all getting home tonight. And I worry.. We all worry. I just know if
you don't get home safely, I will get in trouble for having this
meeting so late. There aren't many more in front of me to get mad at
me, but there still are a few left.. " haha. "We need to have fun
doing this work. Isn't it fun?? Especially on a really snowy or rainy
day.. Just look out the window and say, YAY! Today we get to go out
and get persecuted! And why do we do this? Because it's true..."  Of
course there was a lot that I could share. But my testimony of
prophets and apostles have grown from the one decision I made, and it
was to serve a mission. I've come to find such a joy in the gospel.
And we all can as we teach it in our families and to friends. But most
importantly above all, is to live it.

   With all the stress in the last few weeks about decisions made in
the church and handbook changes and everything happening I've also
wondered a lot and I've studied a little bit about why that's
happening. I haven't even really tried digging out answers for it. But
I can tell you in the chapters from Helaman 7-13 I've seen how
prophets work. They do as he lord asks and that's it. Why else would a
87 year old man take time to meet half way around the world with a
mission for no specific reason? Why else would he travel 5 countries
in the span of a week? There are answers that I found for myself in
those chapters to these subjects. I know that people are always going
to be confused if they don't trust and hope in the Lord. I noticed and
really saw this week that the only true thing we can hope for for our
entire lives, and never lose a hope for, is God. Everything else will
eventually go away. And if we know what true hope does for us, it
helps us to believe in something and to believe in something, normally
we act through our desires and wants in this belief. If we hope God is
the same yesterday, today, and forever then we know he calls prophets
to lead and guide us to HIM. And it brings hope to know that it will
never end. I know we are lead from men called of God and it's been a
blessing to feel that and learn that in the last week. I HOPE you are
studying and trying to learn more about our Heavenly Father and Jesus
Christ who are "gentlemen" as Ballard said to us. They are loving and
willing, but when they are not INVITED they don't just come. Keep
speaking with them and learning of them. It brings the most peace
anyone could have. D&C 19:23

Love you all!

Love, Elder Williams

Nov 9, 2015


 So the lady and man I talked about last week... We met with them
again. And we didn't know how to dive into the "gospel conversation".
We didn't know if they wanted that or if they just wanted to stay
comfortable feeling how they did when we were around. The cool
thing.. is that we were in Dresden for a conference and we visited a
few of the popular churches there. The pictures that we took of the churches, we
shared with them. Well, the man started talking bout Christ and from
there we were just in he conversation with them. We did our best to
follow the spirit and it was amazing to feel the words just put into
our mouths as we were talking with them. They were really astounded by
the message we had for them. They want to read and study and find out
for themselves if it is true. It was the coolest lesson I've had
on my mission. It was a testimony that God leads prepared servants to
prepared people. It didn't even start with us. It started with a
member and the glow that they had in them.

   I have been learning so much on the mission lately. I've always
heard that the last 6 months are the best and also he fastest and it's
true. I don't think I ever doubted it. I think getting trunky is
also a must and also belongs to the entire experience haha. I have
just been trying to work hard, and do what the Lord wants me to do.
And as I have, I've noticed that repentance is something that is
real. Even when we didn't "break a commandment". The question in our
mind shouldn't be "did I break a commandment?", It should be, did I
do what the Lord expected me to do today? As we have this mindset
of "returning with honor" every single day to our bedside, we become
who our Heavenly Father sees us becoming. I say return with honor
because my dad always said that to me anytime I went ANYWHERE. Haha.
And it's something that has stuck with me to this day, and also
something we should all think about everyday. But repentance to me is
really trying to dig inside ourselves and ask ourselves the question
that the apostles did as Christ told them, "one of you will deny me".
Is it me? Not.. Why is he or she doing that? Look to yourself and go
to the scriptures every single day. Don't give up looking for things
that come directly from the mouth of Heavenly Father. Because in the
end, change in ourselves makes us the happiest. Peace, love, and joy
are all feelings everyone wants to experience. Even the people I just
talked about in the story above. "Knock and you shall find, ask and it
shall be given unto you." (: I hope that we can all see the change and
wonderful joy that comes through it as we don't let the things of the
world get us down. Have a great week everybody.

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Williams

Nov 2, 2015


Hello everyone I am not going to write a lot this week I am sorry.
It's hard to write every single week about everything that happens. I
just want to let you know we are seeing miracles in this area. And I
know the Lord is helping us. Even today we had a little miracle for
example.. We asked an older lady where a soccer field is so that we
can play football haha.. And she talked to us for like 20 minutes and
by the end of the conversation she gave us her number and wants to
hear about the church. I promise that never happens haha and it's the
fact that we asked this random lady in the middle of a park. Heavenly
Father lead us right to her. Two other great things happened. We met
with a family for the second time. The first time, we just went by
with members from America that only knew them for 6 weeks or so. And
these people just loved them! In their own words "it felt like we've
known them own entire life. I feel we are missing something since they
left" and it's the gospel and the spirit of course that they felt. We
are going back this week and they want us to keep coming over so we
will. (: it was so cool to see how the example and the light that
shines is so easy to see for those who aren't in the gospel. It's hard
for us to see sometimes, but it's there! Then the last thing we Skyped
with a man in the USA  who translated for the Indian family we are
teaching. It was so amazing! They understand so much better and it's
exactly what they need. They are a lot more excited about meeting now
and going to church activities and that's just from one time skyping

   I learned a lot this week though and I think an important lesson is
to just remember we are all missionaries in this church. We need to
believe in miracles and trust God is the same yesterday, today, and
forever. He will send us those who are ready, when we are ready to
open our mouth. The most comforting thing about the gospel is that we
can only convert to our own conversions. That means, only say things
you know to be true. Bare simple testimony and trust the Lord. Read
Mormon 9 when you have the chance. There are miracles throughout all
the scriptures but I think it's a good chapter to see that God is
always working miracles with his children. Remember Satan only has so
much power. Joseph smith history 1:15. He doesn't have power over
death or things that Christ and God do. He was able to hold Joseph's
tongue as he prayed and he can hold ours and scare us of opening our
mouths as well. A dead prophet is just as bad as a prophet who doesn't
or can't speak. It applies to us as well and I think a Latter Day
Saint or even missionaries are just as useless if we don't do our part
in the mission field.  I am going to try to apply this the best I can
the rest of my life. I know God will always put people on our path,
and the light we have in us can only be recognized through our acts of
kindness. Love you all and have a great week. Go get um! (;

Elder Williams

Oct 27, 2015

Hi Me Again!

Last week went well. I will be staying here in Schwarzenberg now
until December 8th at least. That means my birthday too. :) and
hopefully I will stay even one more for Christmas. I will be able to
see most of the decorations and everything because they start around
the first week of December. Elder Spencer is staying and that means we
are staying and keeping up with working out. 💪🏼 it's a blessing
though really.

We have seen some cool things happen with the work here in the last
few weeks. We've seen people come out and meet with us that haven't
met with the missionaries in a long time. We are also working with an
amazing Indian family (with the red dot). They have been through a lot
of trials in their lives but the gospel has kind of wrapped them up
and helped them feel more warmth and peace in their lives. We will be
meeting over Skype sometime soon with a man who speaks their language
and so we will be able to communicate everything a lot better!

I feel the smaller the area in the mission field, the more you learn
about yourself, and the gospel. When we shrink our surroundings and
capabilities, the more our focus can be on something. And it's the
same with social media, tv, games and things that don't help us
progress a whole lot as people. The more we spend our lives focused on
what's important such as the Gospel, family, job, school, the more we
feel the daily love of our savior because of the progression we are
making through that. I applied an invitation from elder Bednar in the
face to face video and I learned so much from it. 2 Nephi 4 is one of
my favorite chapters. I couldn't ever see though what Nephi problem
was. At the beginning of the chapter his father gives the children
blessings before he passes away. The thing is, Nephi got the greatest
one and he was always loved from his father. He was always the one
that made righteous choices and was an example in all he did. Nephi
felt prideful as he got that blessing and his brothers didn't. He then
explains how he had trusted in himself a lot more than he should have.
He accomplished amazing things in his life, but he felt as if he
didn't include the Lord enough with the things he accomplished. Maybe
that's something we all do though? I know I haven't given the Lord
credit for ALL that I am, and have accomplished. But he teaches us how
we can lean away from this kind of attitude. He teaches us to pray
humbly and trust in God and not ourselves. And because Nephi did that,
it helped him complete even another few tasks the Lord had for him in
the next chapter. I invite you to read them and see maybe for yourself
how those wonderful two chapters can help you grow a stronger love and
trust for the Lord. I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic

Love, Elder Brendon Williams

Oct 19, 2015

Week of "learning"

 My goodness I think I'm just going to say this week how wonderful
it is to be on a mission. Who would have thought that only a week or
even a few days could be so priceless to someone? There isn't another
way to describe my gratitude. And honestly explaining why is just as
hard. The mission is like a testimony. You can share experiences, but
you can't give them away. The mission is a giant puzzle honestly. And
the longer you are out, the more you realize all the pieces you have
left to complete it. But nobody can understand the steps and process
it took to complete a puzzle. It's the same with a testimony. It's
like elder Rasband said. "My testimony of Jesus Christ has been built
from many special experiences in which I have come to know His great
love for each one of us." And that is all it takes. Everyone can have
these experiences. The work I am doing is full time and the work you
are doing is part time. But honestly it's the same thing. Inviting
others to come to Christ and that includes ourselves. And through
that, gaining these "spiritual experiences" blesses us for a lifetime.

   If any of you haven't seen the face to face with elder and sister
Bednar I really encourage you to watch it. It was done for all the
youth, but honestly there were things that I learned and that I know
adults can learn because the principle that they teach applies to
everyone. To learn through the spirit. And the part that elder Bednar
answers a question "how do I develop the attitude of wanting to learn
both in secular and spiritual things?" And honestly, this applies to
everyone. Both those who have graduated long ago and those still in
school learning. The truth of the answer is based on the natural man.
The principle of the gospel is learning and growing but with God's
help. The same is to schooling or work even. It's to progress and
become better and in the gospel since, through the help of God. Now
the natural man gets comfortable with many things in life. Most of the
time we feel relaxed where we are at and we don't NEED to do much
more. "Well what's repentance?" Says elder Bednar. And it's so true.
How often do you and I feel like reading the scriptures today will
take up to much time we have other things to do? Or even praying? Any
principle of the gospel or even school work. "Anything that entice to
do good, comes from God." Overcoming the natural man so that we can
become BETTER. And as we repent we have the spirit to be with us. And
as we have the spirit to be with us, we have a cheat code in our tests
(; nah haha. But as we put the work in, the spirit will help use to
keep both spiritual and secular things in our remembrance.  Isn't it
great that we don't have to do it alone?
D&C 88:124 ask yourself how this verse can help you with learning more.

I love you all have a great week!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Brendon Williams

Oct 12, 2015

Day by Day...

Honestly.. Every time I write one of these emails I never know what
I did. I try to live every week day for day. And I mean, it's not
always the easiest to do that because the days go by faster than Usain
bolt running past a Turtle. But I love it here. I really do. It's the
experience of a lifetime. I've learned so much in the mission field.
It's seems long from the beginning but honestly what doesn't? As we
start to learn something and get into it, it becomes easier and habits
begin to grow. It's piece for piece and step for step. We have 1 hour
of personal study everyday. And the amount we can learn just from a
hour a day, is incredible. It's the promise from the Lord in 2 Nephi
28:30. But a cool experience I had would have never happened, if I
were lazy the day before. I didn't have any motivation on one day last
week. The natural man kicked in and was saying "uhhhh why today" "just
chill bro" and I didn't just chill.. And honestly we didn't see a lot
of success. We gave out a card to a guy who would watch conference on
the Internet. And that was cool for sure, but in the moment it's like
"come on is that all ya got"? But really that was success in that
moment and time and he continued to bless me with things I couldn't
see or understand and it was the day after on Sunday. I had the most
spiritual day probably that I've had on my mission. It was a time of
deep learning and gratitude for me being here in this area. It's a
blessing that I am here in many ways... But it helped me see that one,
we can't do this work without the lords help. Two that the lord knows
us PERSONALLY and PERFECTLY. We can find that out too. It just takes
hope and diligence.

Watch the Mormon message "your potential, your privilege" and think
about something that you really hope for in your life. What is it you
want to achieve? Without hope to achieve this, it's not possible. Hope
is what motivates us to do it. And with diligence and hope together we
can accomplish everything that is in our power. And honestly as long
as it is in Gods eyes to be right, we can accomplish anything we want.
It may take time, and also patience.. But like the lord said, piece
for piece will be given unto us. And I really know that to be true. As
long as we look to the savior to help us with the decision we want to
make, he will help us in our paths for success.  And seeing ourselves
as the apostles said this last general conference "through the eyes of
a mother, or even a perfect loving Heavenly Father who only wants the
best for his children." See potential in yourself and trust God and be
full of hope and diligence and you will do all things through him that
gives us strength. Philippians 4:13 4:

Have a great week everyone love you!

Elder Williams

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