Jan 27, 2015

Good Teaching Week!

Guten Montag meine Liebe Familie und Freunde. :)

This last week was a really good week I can say. Elder Muller and I have been having really good lessons with a few of the investigators that we have. I have just been able to see how the spirit works through us to get to these people and it is really the coolest experience. For example a few times in the lessons our plan ended a few times and we just read in the BoM what the person needed and they understood what they wanted sooo much better. There is a lady that we are teaching right now and she is really really smart and faithful. The only thing is that she feels unworthy for baptism. That sounds weird yeah, because baptism wipes that away but it is a testimony to me how bad the devil doesnt want us to have such joy. And the ONLY way we can know if there even could be such a joy is if we actually do it. And if we do it with joy and real intent. But this lady is wonderful and I KNOW with how much she reads and comes to church and follows the commandments that she will be able to overcome this trial she has.

This week on wendnesday I was in Kiel with the zone leaders on exchange. And I was with Elder Carpenter. He is a really great Elder and we did ALOT of good work in Kiel for the big one day that we were together haha. I really just want to say with this that I ate the best donut there. I dont know if I will ever have a better one. It is called “blueberry yummm” Super yummmmy.

On Tuesday we met with an investigator that has been being met with the last year about. She loves cooking for us and hearing us sing. She really LOVES the missionaries and so of course we sang the song “Lead Kindly Light” for her. The missionaries have never sung that for her and the spirit was really really strong. We also did a Crescendo with it so it got better and better througout the song. By the end of the song she was really crying because she felt the spirit. I guess the spirit makes everything a little bit better huh? Even our singing voices haha. We did sing it very good I thought but it was a great way to invite the spirit for the lesson.

Other than that I had a really interesting time talking for 15 minutes in sacrament meeting without having something prepared because the person didnt show up to church who had a talk. Haha. Language, 20 minutes to prepare, and 2 investigators at church... NO PRESSURE!! Lets just say I am glad I have an excuse to say that the language is just hard. Haha. If not, I probably wouldnt have got any pats on the back for what I said afterward. Gotta love the spontaneous requests from being a missionary. Woooo :)
Also, you can see the wonderful snowfall that we had this week. Good enough to build myself a solid little snowman. :)
Have a good week everybody.

Love, Elder Williams

Jan 20, 2015

Weekly Report in Heide

Liebe Familie und Freunde,

Hallo! This last week was really really fast but slow at the same time. It is always new getting to know knew people and an area. Especially when we have a car and our area is MASSIVE. We can drive an hour north and south from where we live and that's all of the area we cover for just the two of us, Elder Muller and I. That is like covering from Cedar city to St.George and also up to Beaver. So not a bad assignment ehhh?

It has been a good week though. It is a little bit different teaching with a German companion though. It is such a good experience because I can see how they go about with each other and it helps a lot and I will have tons of tips for the rest of my mission. We also have a hand full of people we are teaching here in Heide. And one of the investigators is coming regularly to church and will hopefully make a decision to be baptized soon! Wooo! The rest of the people that we are teaching are great people. There are about 4 or 5 that are making small baby steps but that just leads to bigger and bigger steps of course so its exciting and a testimony builder to see such progress these people make who don't know a lot about the gospel. I can honestly say that I don't know if I could ever have a better way to strengthen my testimony than helping OTHERS come to Christ. 

My German is coming along. I can talk about anything really with Elder Muller and we only ever talk in German. He likes talking English at night sometimes so that he can learn but other than that he is really good at speaking it the entire day. And we have been doing really well teaching together.

I also have the BEST news EVER! We had a baptism here in Heide on Sunday and it was super. The spirit was super strong and Elder Muller and I were the witnesses for the baptism. This person has been being taught the last 8 years now!! And he was SOOOOOOO ready for it. His family did a great job teaching the last 8 years. :)
That is about all the news going on here in Heide. Actually... The members here feed us soooo much. We have normally at least 3 or 4 eating appointments in the week so that is also really great. Also, you know the members are awesome when they send you football updates from the games in America for the NFL at 4 in the morning. #topnotch

I want to end really with saying I am grateful for all those that have been supporting me. It has helped TONS and I love hearing from you all every week. I also am grateful for the help from my Heavenly Father. I know he gave his son for us to make it possible to become better, to change, to overcome hard challenges or struggles in life. We just need to follow in his ways and as we do, we will feel the resolving change in our hearts from him that it is true and the love he has for us. I wouldn't be able to do this without his help. It has been a good challenge and will continue to be for the next 13 months. Have a good week though everybody I miss you!

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams :)

Jan 12, 2015


jk its not.

Here I come Elder Müller.

   Well my WISH has come true. YES I did get transfered out of Wilhelmshaven. I will miss this place VERY bad. I was here for almost 6 months. Great members and alot of awesome people that I got to meet and come into contact with. It is always hard leaving a city and what makes it even harder is the new city that I will being going to. It is maybe half the size of Wilhelmshaven 80,000 people. But really spread out and there are two bonuses to this though. One is that I WILL be working with a German and there is only around 8 in our mission I think. So my German will get even better! And number 2 that we will now be using a car for transportation. Good thing the church put speed limits as a rule for missionaries here in Germany. (autobahn). But I really am excited to go to a new city to work. New experiences and life lessons are coming my way and I love it. :)

  Wilhelmshaven will be left to my great companion Elder Perez to work with. I know he will do a good job with keeping good contact with the people here. There has been alot that has gone on and alot learned in the past 4 transfers with Elder Young, Wilde, And Perez and of course the married couple missionaries the Porters. 

  Right now as a mission we are reading in the BoM with a scheduled plan for personal study and I really enjoy it. Especially when we study a specific subject in the BoM for example the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith, Repentence, Baptism, Holy Ghost, Endure to the End. And I have learned so much just from reading 3 pages a day on average since the beginning of the year. I hope you all know that the BoM is THEE strongest tool we have as children of God. When we use it in the family we can become stronger than we could think possible. I would like to say maybe schedule a reading plan for the BoM for the family in the span of the next 6 months. I promise it will help bring the family into a stronger untiy. I love you all and thanks for the support and all you do!

Ps. I will be working in a city called Heide in Holstein so even more north Germany. 

Ich Liebe euch! Schöne gute Woche noch. :)

-Love Elder Williams

Jan 5, 2015

Frohes, Neues Jahr!

Happy New Years! 

    These last few weeks have just been a blurr pretty much for me. The time went by faster than fast because of everything that was going on. And I can really say we have had some GREAT things happening here in Wilhelmshaven as well. So I will just get straight to the good stuff. :)

   We were meeting with a man named Matten he has been an investigator for the last 6 years but really off and on. He has never really understood why the missionarys kept coming but he is nice and let us. Well he is great and we meet with him off and on and so we do our best to help him when we can, but one appointment his friend showed up and had NEVER seen us. His name is Manuel and wouldn't stop asking us questions haha. So we finally gave him a BoM and got his number so that we could meet with him another time. We have met with him in the mean time and has already read 50 pages from the BoM and wants to hear more about the gospel because HE believes and doesnt doubt that it could bless and help his life. SO we will be meeting with him more often of course. Great guy.

   Also we met a family and their name is, Birkner. A 26 year old couple with a 4 year oold daughter. The lady is really interested and wants to learn more. We met with her on saturday and we had a SUPER leason. She prayed and commited to read the BoM. And this all came from just dooring a specific area that we felt would be good about. 

   I know that the Lord prepares people for us who he knows will accept his message. I could see that in the willingness of these people. Its not hard to see the difference between someone who will accept us into their home and others who shut the door on us. I know it is all according to what the Lord has prepared for his people. And I know this message is for those who really have a soft and ready heart to make a change in their life who want to follow the council of the Lord. Nephi is of course the perfect of example of that. With saying "I do not write things that are pleasing in the sight of the world, rather pleasing  unto God." And if we have that same mentallity like the two who are ready to hear the gospel and put aside traditions we have or addictions or wants and desires that are pleasing to the world, instead of God, we WILL be blessed and have happy lives. And I know thats true. 

   I have a REALLY good story about new years night as well... Okay so my companion and I, went to bed at10:30pm. The End. :) #lifeofamissionary 
     So I can now say that new years for me was a dream, come true. :) #keepdreamin'

Have a great year everyone! Make good goals that have purpose behind them and see what you could achieve this year. Its amazing what can happen when you put yourself to work. 

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams