Jan 5, 2015

Frohes, Neues Jahr!

Happy New Years! 

    These last few weeks have just been a blurr pretty much for me. The time went by faster than fast because of everything that was going on. And I can really say we have had some GREAT things happening here in Wilhelmshaven as well. So I will just get straight to the good stuff. :)

   We were meeting with a man named Matten he has been an investigator for the last 6 years but really off and on. He has never really understood why the missionarys kept coming but he is nice and let us. Well he is great and we meet with him off and on and so we do our best to help him when we can, but one appointment his friend showed up and had NEVER seen us. His name is Manuel and wouldn't stop asking us questions haha. So we finally gave him a BoM and got his number so that we could meet with him another time. We have met with him in the mean time and has already read 50 pages from the BoM and wants to hear more about the gospel because HE believes and doesnt doubt that it could bless and help his life. SO we will be meeting with him more often of course. Great guy.

   Also we met a family and their name is, Birkner. A 26 year old couple with a 4 year oold daughter. The lady is really interested and wants to learn more. We met with her on saturday and we had a SUPER leason. She prayed and commited to read the BoM. And this all came from just dooring a specific area that we felt would be good about. 

   I know that the Lord prepares people for us who he knows will accept his message. I could see that in the willingness of these people. Its not hard to see the difference between someone who will accept us into their home and others who shut the door on us. I know it is all according to what the Lord has prepared for his people. And I know this message is for those who really have a soft and ready heart to make a change in their life who want to follow the council of the Lord. Nephi is of course the perfect of example of that. With saying "I do not write things that are pleasing in the sight of the world, rather pleasing  unto God." And if we have that same mentallity like the two who are ready to hear the gospel and put aside traditions we have or addictions or wants and desires that are pleasing to the world, instead of God, we WILL be blessed and have happy lives. And I know thats true. 

   I have a REALLY good story about new years night as well... Okay so my companion and I, went to bed at10:30pm. The End. :) #lifeofamissionary 
     So I can now say that new years for me was a dream, come true. :) #keepdreamin'

Have a great year everyone! Make good goals that have purpose behind them and see what you could achieve this year. Its amazing what can happen when you put yourself to work. 

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams

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