Jan 27, 2015

Good Teaching Week!

Guten Montag meine Liebe Familie und Freunde. :)

This last week was a really good week I can say. Elder Muller and I have been having really good lessons with a few of the investigators that we have. I have just been able to see how the spirit works through us to get to these people and it is really the coolest experience. For example a few times in the lessons our plan ended a few times and we just read in the BoM what the person needed and they understood what they wanted sooo much better. There is a lady that we are teaching right now and she is really really smart and faithful. The only thing is that she feels unworthy for baptism. That sounds weird yeah, because baptism wipes that away but it is a testimony to me how bad the devil doesnt want us to have such joy. And the ONLY way we can know if there even could be such a joy is if we actually do it. And if we do it with joy and real intent. But this lady is wonderful and I KNOW with how much she reads and comes to church and follows the commandments that she will be able to overcome this trial she has.

This week on wendnesday I was in Kiel with the zone leaders on exchange. And I was with Elder Carpenter. He is a really great Elder and we did ALOT of good work in Kiel for the big one day that we were together haha. I really just want to say with this that I ate the best donut there. I dont know if I will ever have a better one. It is called “blueberry yummm” Super yummmmy.

On Tuesday we met with an investigator that has been being met with the last year about. She loves cooking for us and hearing us sing. She really LOVES the missionaries and so of course we sang the song “Lead Kindly Light” for her. The missionaries have never sung that for her and the spirit was really really strong. We also did a Crescendo with it so it got better and better througout the song. By the end of the song she was really crying because she felt the spirit. I guess the spirit makes everything a little bit better huh? Even our singing voices haha. We did sing it very good I thought but it was a great way to invite the spirit for the lesson.

Other than that I had a really interesting time talking for 15 minutes in sacrament meeting without having something prepared because the person didnt show up to church who had a talk. Haha. Language, 20 minutes to prepare, and 2 investigators at church... NO PRESSURE!! Lets just say I am glad I have an excuse to say that the language is just hard. Haha. If not, I probably wouldnt have got any pats on the back for what I said afterward. Gotta love the spontaneous requests from being a missionary. Woooo :)
Also, you can see the wonderful snowfall that we had this week. Good enough to build myself a solid little snowman. :)
Have a good week everybody.

Love, Elder Williams

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