Jan 20, 2015

Weekly Report in Heide

Liebe Familie und Freunde,

Hallo! This last week was really really fast but slow at the same time. It is always new getting to know knew people and an area. Especially when we have a car and our area is MASSIVE. We can drive an hour north and south from where we live and that's all of the area we cover for just the two of us, Elder Muller and I. That is like covering from Cedar city to St.George and also up to Beaver. So not a bad assignment ehhh?

It has been a good week though. It is a little bit different teaching with a German companion though. It is such a good experience because I can see how they go about with each other and it helps a lot and I will have tons of tips for the rest of my mission. We also have a hand full of people we are teaching here in Heide. And one of the investigators is coming regularly to church and will hopefully make a decision to be baptized soon! Wooo! The rest of the people that we are teaching are great people. There are about 4 or 5 that are making small baby steps but that just leads to bigger and bigger steps of course so its exciting and a testimony builder to see such progress these people make who don't know a lot about the gospel. I can honestly say that I don't know if I could ever have a better way to strengthen my testimony than helping OTHERS come to Christ. 

My German is coming along. I can talk about anything really with Elder Muller and we only ever talk in German. He likes talking English at night sometimes so that he can learn but other than that he is really good at speaking it the entire day. And we have been doing really well teaching together.

I also have the BEST news EVER! We had a baptism here in Heide on Sunday and it was super. The spirit was super strong and Elder Muller and I were the witnesses for the baptism. This person has been being taught the last 8 years now!! And he was SOOOOOOO ready for it. His family did a great job teaching the last 8 years. :)
That is about all the news going on here in Heide. Actually... The members here feed us soooo much. We have normally at least 3 or 4 eating appointments in the week so that is also really great. Also, you know the members are awesome when they send you football updates from the games in America for the NFL at 4 in the morning. #topnotch

I want to end really with saying I am grateful for all those that have been supporting me. It has helped TONS and I love hearing from you all every week. I also am grateful for the help from my Heavenly Father. I know he gave his son for us to make it possible to become better, to change, to overcome hard challenges or struggles in life. We just need to follow in his ways and as we do, we will feel the resolving change in our hearts from him that it is true and the love he has for us. I wouldn't be able to do this without his help. It has been a good challenge and will continue to be for the next 13 months. Have a good week though everybody I miss you!

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams :)

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