Mar 24, 2015

The big TWO SEVEN.

Can you say 27 miles??

Well that was the first and last time I will probably do that on a mission but it was a good experience haha. As I was on exchange I asked the other Elder if he wanted to do a good morning sport. His name is Elder Garner and also loves to work out and so he said „yeah sure“. Little did he know what I had in mind. We biked to the sea. Haha which is about 13.5 miles to the city there called Busum and 13.5 back to Heide. We also got up extra early so that we could make it back in time for our study but also so we could make it to see the sunrise. And I can say... It was aweeesssssoooommmmeeee. :)

I BELIEVE I am really blessed because the day after I wasnt sore at all. More tired forsure, but not sore. And it all paid off because the next day we recieved the most food in the world. 3 eating appointments! And yummy german food as well. We had a service project for a member and also an eating appointment and the funny thing is we recieved the same exact meal from both of them hahaha. And then an investigator we had a good meal with. But both the members was Red meat with potatos and redcabbage. I seriously LOVE it. It sounds simple but it is, great. We had a good time with that. But dont worry, I got enough running in the day after that (4 miles) :). And then we did more service and uprooted two decently size trees. That was a process. Enough said. Haha.

Other than that I think what I really learned this week and in all the weeks on the mission is just from living. Sometimes we dont realize lessons that we learn because we are to concentrated on things that dont matter or we think negative about situations. If we are always trying to apply the situations we go through in life that are hard or diffucult with the gospel or a learning process then we will see progress in ourselves and also see how we can better ourselves, ONLY because of our thoughts. Its promised in the sacrament blessing if we keep our thoughts on Christ then we will have his spirit. And his spirit is what leads and guides us to fixing our problems or trials or even seeing joy that we recieve from little or big things such as work (providing for the family) or prayer (humility) or helping someone when they need it (service). It doesnt matter what it may be as long as we are trying to concentrate on possitives and also always giving effort to serve others. If we think about it... A missionary doesnt have any experiences about a mission if he isnt serving. But when he is serving, he always has stories or experiences to tell because he learned something new from actually doing something. So just ALWAYS trying to be possitive and patient with the lords help even in the hardest of times or best of times.
Alma 7:23-24

General Conference is coming soon! If I were you I would really try to prepare as well as I could with reading or listening to the last conference talks. It really is a special time to learn from the Apostles and Prophet and we need to be ready to recieve what they have prepared.
Alles Liebe!

-Elder Williams  

Mar 17, 2015


I don't think I have ever done so much service in my life in a week of missionary work. And of course that means that its not possible that I could have accomplished before the mission because the mission is 24\7 service basically. Of course it was hard and sometimes really tiring. But I know that its only a part of this work and also this life. Serving others is very very important. And its also something that makes us really happy as people. You may ask yourself why it makes you happy, but I know! :) Its because it is a commandment from God. That we should love and serve our neighbors. If you think about every other commandment that we have, when we follow them we are happy and things go our way most of the time. Of course we still have our times of learning and growing experience that can sometimes be hard though. But EVERYTIME we serve someone, or put the Lord first we will always have a joy inside us that isnt anywhere else in the world to find.
Mosia 2:17&22

With the service though we just helped a lot with moving stuff out of houses and also cutting down trees and then with putting stuff together in houses haha. So the normal stuff people need help with thats what we are here for.

We were also on exchange 2 times this week. I was in Kiel for one day and then the other I was in Elmshorn. And then also one day I was in Hamburg a way bigger city because Elder Culley had a meeting there. So I got to work in other cities and other Elders and thats always fun. I was with Elder Pinion from Australia and we drew the plan of salvation on the ground and had tons of awesome conversations with people which was cool. Its interesting though the people that say we are crazy or bad things are the people who have just heard that from others and carry it on. And by the time they stop talking with us everytime they change their mind about that. Just imagine if they would even put an attempt into trying to learn what the gospel even means. And we can all do that even if we do have a testimony. Because like I always say, it is just a never ending way of progression. We also had a conversation about where I could have my future honey moon in Australia. He gave me a few ideas to keep in mind. Also thoughts about swimming in the ocean there doesnt excite me to much about going there. ps. (President Kosak said we need to be thinking about this future stuff. So its okay.) (;

Other than that I am doing good. The work is a learning and an experience that only happens once. YOMO.

Have a good week!

Love, Elder Williams

Mar 10, 2015

Goooood Weeeeek.

Mensch Diese Woche war fabelhaftig! We had a goood time. It was Elder Culleys birthday and of course we did some awesome missionary work for it! Haha. Thats the life of a missionary though. ATLEAST I made him banana bread. (his favorite meal) . Dang I am a nice guy. (; Well besides the fact that my companion had a birthday I would say the week really did go by decently. We have been busy with the work here for sure. There is always a lot to do with missionary work of course but with how many people we can visit and with a big area just getting it all laid out where you want to go and when is complicated sometimes. Especially when every hour of the day is planned out. Yeah I am in my own little boot camp it sounds like right?? RIGHT! Haha I am becoming a better person (I think) and I have to make good plans with contacting people and finding people. Just like the Navy Seals almost.. But if anything its a good kind of boot camp!
This week we met with a lot of people. We have been having really busy weeks here in Heide lately. It just happens to be lately that people have been having time when we go by them and we met with a few new people this week. ALSO! A cool story that happened.. So we have a book of people that we can go by on and there was a person that had no name at all. And most places where people live here are apartments and so I thought the address was an apartment address and without the name it is impossible to find the person. So I wanted to cross this address off.(bad idea) But then Elder Culley talked me into just trying it and so we did, and of course it was a normal house but no name on the outside. And the lady that was there wanted to meet with us. She said all the other times she wasnt home when the Elders came by. And so now we have an appointment next week with her! I learned from that how important it is that we just need to make decisions that involve doing something when we arent sure about a decision after we have prayed about it. The Lord can only help us to see what is important or help us make good decisions when we make the attempt for an answer or for help. Yeah we had to go out of our way to just a random address with no name, when we have tons of others we could have visited with names and information. People are prepared to receive the gospel and it is cool to see how we are lead to find them.

Just so you have some information a little bit.. ......... is really making progress. We are thinking he will be making the decision in the next month-ish to be baptised. He is starting to read the big D&C now its great!
And about 3 others that we meet with about every two weeks. We are really trying to stay in weekly contact with everyone we meet with. Its hard sometimes but we are getting the job done. I feel like Heide will start to explode with new people in the next month or so.
I really am grateful for the gospel though by the way. Of course it isnt always the easiest to live and to follow, but in the end, it really is worth it. To see what kind of people we can become, and what kind of blessings we receive from doing what we should has an effect that lasts, and that brings real and true joy. Sometimes it may seem hard or seem unfair or seem like we dont always get what we want or need. But we are here to learn, grow, and become what only our Heavenly Father knows we can become. He loves each and everyone of us very much, and I hope we can all continue to do our best here with the time we have in this life, to be great examples and also become better people through Christ.
Have a great week everyone! Mach's Gut!!

Alles Liebe,
Elder Williams

Mar 5, 2015

My week tho

here are always first times..

And I can say this week really was awesome because I got to drive on the Autobahn (freeway) here. And if you don't already know this, there aren't speed limits in some places here. So I will now tell you something... I drove 130 on the Autobahn this week!! woooo! But in Kilometers Per Hour hahaha. So that's only like 80 mph or so in America. That was cool though.. I saw cars passing me going about 140 mph sometimes its cool. So after the mission I hope I will experience that speed haha. For now I am only experiencing “gods speed” elder.

We did that because we did some service in a city called Itzehoe and yeah... its a funny name but we did good work so that's all that matters about that situation. Also this week we had some really good appointments. 2 or 3 fell out though and so sometimes it was a little bit longer at times but it was still good. My new companion is Elder Culley he has been in the mission 10 months now and we get along good. I don't think I have had a companion yet that I haven't gotten along with, so that must mean something about me, or the companions I have had. :) Maybe I am just a good guy? Haha nah nah jokes. But I have been blessed with fun and good working companions. He is from Washington so its nice saying we aren't both from Utah. Yes, it is a world wide church people not Utah church haha. Some people don't understand that sometimes. And Elder Culley has a birthday this week so I will probably make him a piece of toast with a candle stick in it and sing happy birthday to him. Ha noo I will make him banana bread his favorite thing to eat. And YES I am now popular for making banana bread here by my companions. I would now call myself a “sugar daddy” because my wife will love my cooking skills.

Back to the appointments though.. We have super members here in Heide they are always ready to help us missionarys and so we eat with members at least 3 out of the 7 days in the week. And we can really have help whenever we need it. I would say that the food we eat with them is top notch. One of the members is a chef so he makes really really good meals.

As far as the work is going I would say it is for sure going forward. We have been doing a lot of member work the last few weeks I would say and now we are really looking for more time to find others in other cities or even here in Heide. Its hard sometimes with a car with how much time it takes but it really is a bonus and help too because without the car we could not do hardly anything really in our huge area. So we are going to be focusing a lot this transfer on finding and saving time for that throughout the days of the week.
We are still meeting with one man who is making HUGE progress every single week. He sounds just like a member now and thinks and knows the gospel. Its just the decision to make the last step. The gospel changes lives, not the missionarys. Ha He also has a job that holds him a little behind with making it to church but he will make it back soon. New jobs are always busy at the beginning.

This week I learned a lot from Agency I would say. We all have agency to do what we want, when we want. Of course there are benefits but also can be consequences sometimes. Whether the topic is with kids, work, whatever it may be. How often we see though when someone does something good, they receive something good. Its as simple as that with god as well. We are his kids and when we do good things in this life and make good decisions we will be blessed and have JOY. Sounds almost to good to be true huh? Our entire life long we can make decisions that can and will influence others in the choices WE make. Its not just about us. And that is exactly why agency is so important because if we choose to forget ourselves, we wont only have a happier life for ourselves, we will make the lives of others better as well. I know that there is a way though that we can always ALWAYS stay making good choices and that is with the gospel. Without the gospel we don't have commandments to keep us safe. We don't know whats good or whats bad for us. We only know what joy, fun, excitement is, or sadness, depression, and feelings are. With the commandments from someone that knows us better than we know ourselves, we can really be blessed and know through these experiences and from our decisions through our agency that we can do soooo much through this gospel and with the help of god. It is amazing that we are given the gift of agency which when we use this gift wisely, we get more blessed. HMMM sounds like a jack pot to me. :)

Well I love you all thanks for the support. Sorry if this letter was so long. I love writing you all what I learn and experience here in the mission. It really is a blessing and a learning experience I couldn't learn anywhere else.

Alles Liebe,
Elder Williams  

1 year to go...Feb. 23, 2015


Well Elder Müller is now leaving me and going to the wonderful city of Lipzig. We really had a great time together and it was a great experience.
The time really does go by fast. I am now going to be having my 7th companion! AND I am staying in Heide again just FYI.
This week was great. We FINALLY got back into contact with a really great man who has been meeting with missionarys for the past 2 years about. He hasnt been able to come to church the last few weeks because he just got a new job and he is a doctor so that is of course a little bit hectic at the start I would assume. But it is crazy to see that in the two or three weeks that he couldnt meet with us or come to church regularly that he saw a small difference in his life. He felt different and it wasnt the same. And of course we told him “yeah thats why its a commandment of god to go to church” hahaha and we laughed about that for a bit. He then said that he will be baptized sometime. He does have a few things that he has to work out with his family before but he knows when it is good with his family that he will be baptized. I thought that was really awesome to here. And that is exactly how the church is. Yeah we maybe dont see or feel some of the blessings we receive for following all of the commandments and going to church EVERY week.. But as soon as we stop because other things are more important to us in our lives things will begin to be stressful or hard and not how it was. I really have a testimony of that just from seeing that in others here in the first year of my mission almost. So I am grateful I am a missionary and am FORCED to go every sunday hahahaha :) “No options when you wear the name tag, you just have to do it.”-elder müller haha. Jokes jokes. But it really is a blessing to see the personal blessings that come from seeing these experiences with others.
We also had a lot of good appointments and had a busy week. Alot of the peole we are meeting with are making progress but it is really slow progress. It just takes patience and charity. Two attributes that we ALL need to improve. And through the gospel it is possible to progress in ANYTHING we want. :) It just all comes down to us what we want... 1 Corinthians 13
This chapter has helped me a ton. I hope you can study it out and really see for yourself how important these attributes are. Love you all and have a good week!

I know the gospel is TRUE!!! :)

Love Elder Williams

Habt ihr zeit etwas geistig zu lesen? Feb 16, 2015

Das Buch Mormon ist Wahr.

Another good week in the books. If I could describe this week in a sentence I would just say that it was a week of joy. As we read in 2 nephi 2:23-25 we see that “joy” and “fun” are two complete different words. What it means to have fun and to have joy. I don't think I have learned more for myself since being on a mission what joy really is. Without feeling pain and without going through hard times or doing the right things, we don't know what joy truly is and can mean. There are opposites in all things and joy just happens to be what everyone wants, but sadly there is also an opposite. Yeah sometimes it is hard to be on a mission because of what standards missionarys hold themselves to. But that's why you see every missionary say at the end of his mission that it was the best 2 years haha. They learn what it means to have a joy through decisions they make and learning what it is to feel the difference between joy and sorrow or sadness.

I read in Jacob 7 yesterday. I just want to say first of all you should read or watch the talk again from Robins “which way am I facing”. We could see ourselves as the people of Jacob. And of course there will be people or situations who will try to take us off of our paths of succeeding and having joy like the people of Jacob experienced. And if we aren't engraved into the gospel like Jacob we will come across situations in life where we will fall like some of the people of Jacob. You can see us as “the people of president Monson” He teaches us the right principles how we can find this joy but it is all up to us and our actions how we build our foundation. And I found that really cool this weeek. “Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they MIGHT have joy”. Agency is a special gift and I think its so cool that it is all in our hands. :) #goodluck #TheAtonementIsOnYourSide

This is the only time I can use hashtags so I figure I will use the time and technology as I have it.

This week as far as its been going with teaching... We have had investigators that really do want to come closer to Christ. Of course changing your life 100 percent around isnt the easiest thing. If you want you can try and give up habits that you have for two weeks straight such as popping your knuckles or drinking soda or whatever you do that is just so natural to you. And then think how hard it is or could be, to change your LIFE around. Of course the Lord is there to help us but if you understood the first part of this letter you will understand this part as well haha. #TimeToBeTested Its not an easy life, but it can be if we follow the gospel. I can say that we are meeting regularly with about 3 people. They have been meeting with the missionarys for over a year now but one of them is making progress and instead of saying “I wont be baptized” says “I think that in the future its possible”. We have TONS of appointments set out for this next week its ridiculous. I dont think I have ever seen such a busy week in front of me. I know it doesn't sound like a lot maybe but we will be teaching around 7 or 8 people this week. I am grateful for the teaching experiences here in Heide and on the mission. Other than that... have a good week :) I have you love! (German grammar)

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Williams  

Übersetze dies nicht. (: Feb. 9

Das erste mal seit Ewigkeiten... Bin Ich mit dem Auto diese Woche gefahren!!

So my loving family and friends far far awaayyyy.. This week I was sick again. And it really sucks getting sick on the mission. The mission is like a constant game. And when you cant play, then it is boring and kind of sucks because there is only one chance to serve a mission like this in this life. But I still learned a lot and we did some good work this week.
First things first if you haven't already translated the top sentence, I actually got to drive the car on Tuesday and Wednesday this week because we were on exchange with elders in our district. The first time in over 10 months. Yeah it was weird, but such a great feeling :)
Also some more interesting things that happened this week, we were at a members house to read in the BoM and to find out, he got all of his toe nails ripped out. He has diabetes and it was really an interesting sight that's all I can say haha. Also we have an investigator that had a BIRTHDAY this week so we brought her flowers and to turn out at the appointment she had bought us stuff and gave us ties and cooks the best meal for us always. Every time we visit her. I joke not when I say for our dessert she tried to give us both half of a cheese cake. And then one slice of another type of cake here called Bienenstich. Really goooood. Then the last cool thing is that we were in Hamburg this week for zone conference and we also met with the President. It is a special and great experience every time we have the chance to meet with him. He really is an inspiring man and it is fun to watch him teach the gospel of he does it.

Also I gave a 15 minutes talk on the article of faith number 5 this week. I had some time to prepare so it was really easy. I cant wait to give more talks at home when I can actually use the computer to make the talk. Missionaries have two things on the mission... Scriptures, and the spirit haha. But its okay because in the end that's really all we need.

I would say it was a good week though overall. I did learn a lot and the week went by really fast because of exchange and being in Hamburg. Sorry this letter wasn't the most “spiritual”. Haha You can read the scriptures if that's

what you are looking for. You will FORSURE find it there. :)

Schöne Woche noch wünsche Ich euch!!

Love Elder Williams  

:) Feb. 2

This last week was a good week all in all. I do want to say something kind of funny. Normally as missionarys we receive an assignment to give a lesson in the meetings that we have. We have District meeting every single week and these lessons are given out to missionary members of the district, or the district leader gives them. I don't know how in the world I did this... but I just barley this week gave my first one. And they are in German every time. That is probably a world record for a missionary to not give one of these lessons in about 45 weeks out. BUT! It went great and of course was easy because teaching is all you do as a missionary haha so that went by without problems.
Speaking of teaching.... This week we had a lot of cool opportunities. We taught the Plan of Salvation but with a really deep in doctrine with a lot of scriptures so that the investigator could understand. She has been meeting with the missionaries the last year about. She has been to church about 20 times. And she said at the end of the lesson that she has NEVER heard how serious the plan of salvation is. We talked a lot about baptism and how it is necessary to return with god and it really struck her this time and she took about 4 pages of notes. I learned from this though that it doesn't matter how many times we hear something in church or something about the gospel. We change everyday, week, month and year. Even if it is the same subject that has already been given 25-1000 times before. If we allow and really focus on what is being taught and how we can apply such teachings into our lives (just like the investigator) we will receive answers that we never have received before. Because we didn't need them at that point of time.

We also had super success with a man that only meets with the missionarys about every 3 months just to chat with. He cooks for them every time. He has his own catering business as well so it is really really good food. Cool success story ehhhh? ;) NAH I will tell it.. He just normally meets with us to talk about god because he is unsure. We threw something at him that we learned in a meeting with a member from the 70. Elder Kopishka. We were taught to give people an “experiment”. Where we let the people try our experiment and see if they can get answers to their questions. And he was a little bit skeptical about it all haha but he accepted it and we will now be meeting with him in a week now instead of 3 months just to talk. So I am just glad that we learn such cool tactics with teaching as missionarys. We use Alma 32: 27-41 as the experiment. Where our faith is compared to a seed. We HAVE to first give room for the seed to plant and then we have to nourish it. You have the concept. :) I learned also that even if we have planted this seed and felt the growth of it that it is not possible for it to stop growing. If we don't nourish the plant that has grown within us, it can die away. Or.. If I don't practice German when I get home, it will go away. Faith is the SAME!! Please read in the scriptures and pray and do the little things. That is what helps us grow is the little things. We dont have to sit there the entire day and poor water into the ground for the plant to grow. We just need to do what is needed. And we will feel the joy. And he excepted to try this experiment out. Haha :) Super Cool! We shall she how it goes.

Also It is so dang funny being a missionary. And I will tell you why... If I were to receive 10 cents for everything that I am asked to do by members in the mission field, I would be so unbelievably rich. Whether that is to pray, wash dishes, read a verse in the scriptures. But it isn't a bad thing. Because I WILL be rich.......... in BLESSINGS. :) But just a hint.. If you have missionarys in your ward or home or if you are with them.. Just remember, they pray at least 8 times in the day already, and find the people haha. So make it easy on them.
Also I just wanted to end with saying how great church was yesterday. I really can so that it was on of the most spiritual days that I have had as a missionary so far on my mission. The spirit that was in the fast and testimony meeting was special. I did feel how important it is that I am a part of the work of the Lord. That has been going on since the beginning. I know that I am being blessed for it I can just feel it. And I know and feel as well that those who support me as a missionary are being blessed too. It is such a great and wonderful opportunity for me to learn and grow spiritually and... physically... sadly. ;) No I do a great morning sport don't worry. But Thanks again and again for all you do. I really am learning a lot!

Love Elder Williams