Mar 5, 2015

1 year to go...Feb. 23, 2015


Well Elder Müller is now leaving me and going to the wonderful city of Lipzig. We really had a great time together and it was a great experience.
The time really does go by fast. I am now going to be having my 7th companion! AND I am staying in Heide again just FYI.
This week was great. We FINALLY got back into contact with a really great man who has been meeting with missionarys for the past 2 years about. He hasnt been able to come to church the last few weeks because he just got a new job and he is a doctor so that is of course a little bit hectic at the start I would assume. But it is crazy to see that in the two or three weeks that he couldnt meet with us or come to church regularly that he saw a small difference in his life. He felt different and it wasnt the same. And of course we told him “yeah thats why its a commandment of god to go to church” hahaha and we laughed about that for a bit. He then said that he will be baptized sometime. He does have a few things that he has to work out with his family before but he knows when it is good with his family that he will be baptized. I thought that was really awesome to here. And that is exactly how the church is. Yeah we maybe dont see or feel some of the blessings we receive for following all of the commandments and going to church EVERY week.. But as soon as we stop because other things are more important to us in our lives things will begin to be stressful or hard and not how it was. I really have a testimony of that just from seeing that in others here in the first year of my mission almost. So I am grateful I am a missionary and am FORCED to go every sunday hahahaha :) “No options when you wear the name tag, you just have to do it.”-elder müller haha. Jokes jokes. But it really is a blessing to see the personal blessings that come from seeing these experiences with others.
We also had a lot of good appointments and had a busy week. Alot of the peole we are meeting with are making progress but it is really slow progress. It just takes patience and charity. Two attributes that we ALL need to improve. And through the gospel it is possible to progress in ANYTHING we want. :) It just all comes down to us what we want... 1 Corinthians 13
This chapter has helped me a ton. I hope you can study it out and really see for yourself how important these attributes are. Love you all and have a good week!

I know the gospel is TRUE!!! :)

Love Elder Williams

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