Mar 5, 2015

:) Feb. 2

This last week was a good week all in all. I do want to say something kind of funny. Normally as missionarys we receive an assignment to give a lesson in the meetings that we have. We have District meeting every single week and these lessons are given out to missionary members of the district, or the district leader gives them. I don't know how in the world I did this... but I just barley this week gave my first one. And they are in German every time. That is probably a world record for a missionary to not give one of these lessons in about 45 weeks out. BUT! It went great and of course was easy because teaching is all you do as a missionary haha so that went by without problems.
Speaking of teaching.... This week we had a lot of cool opportunities. We taught the Plan of Salvation but with a really deep in doctrine with a lot of scriptures so that the investigator could understand. She has been meeting with the missionaries the last year about. She has been to church about 20 times. And she said at the end of the lesson that she has NEVER heard how serious the plan of salvation is. We talked a lot about baptism and how it is necessary to return with god and it really struck her this time and she took about 4 pages of notes. I learned from this though that it doesn't matter how many times we hear something in church or something about the gospel. We change everyday, week, month and year. Even if it is the same subject that has already been given 25-1000 times before. If we allow and really focus on what is being taught and how we can apply such teachings into our lives (just like the investigator) we will receive answers that we never have received before. Because we didn't need them at that point of time.

We also had super success with a man that only meets with the missionarys about every 3 months just to chat with. He cooks for them every time. He has his own catering business as well so it is really really good food. Cool success story ehhhh? ;) NAH I will tell it.. He just normally meets with us to talk about god because he is unsure. We threw something at him that we learned in a meeting with a member from the 70. Elder Kopishka. We were taught to give people an “experiment”. Where we let the people try our experiment and see if they can get answers to their questions. And he was a little bit skeptical about it all haha but he accepted it and we will now be meeting with him in a week now instead of 3 months just to talk. So I am just glad that we learn such cool tactics with teaching as missionarys. We use Alma 32: 27-41 as the experiment. Where our faith is compared to a seed. We HAVE to first give room for the seed to plant and then we have to nourish it. You have the concept. :) I learned also that even if we have planted this seed and felt the growth of it that it is not possible for it to stop growing. If we don't nourish the plant that has grown within us, it can die away. Or.. If I don't practice German when I get home, it will go away. Faith is the SAME!! Please read in the scriptures and pray and do the little things. That is what helps us grow is the little things. We dont have to sit there the entire day and poor water into the ground for the plant to grow. We just need to do what is needed. And we will feel the joy. And he excepted to try this experiment out. Haha :) Super Cool! We shall she how it goes.

Also It is so dang funny being a missionary. And I will tell you why... If I were to receive 10 cents for everything that I am asked to do by members in the mission field, I would be so unbelievably rich. Whether that is to pray, wash dishes, read a verse in the scriptures. But it isn't a bad thing. Because I WILL be rich.......... in BLESSINGS. :) But just a hint.. If you have missionarys in your ward or home or if you are with them.. Just remember, they pray at least 8 times in the day already, and find the people haha. So make it easy on them.
Also I just wanted to end with saying how great church was yesterday. I really can so that it was on of the most spiritual days that I have had as a missionary so far on my mission. The spirit that was in the fast and testimony meeting was special. I did feel how important it is that I am a part of the work of the Lord. That has been going on since the beginning. I know that I am being blessed for it I can just feel it. And I know and feel as well that those who support me as a missionary are being blessed too. It is such a great and wonderful opportunity for me to learn and grow spiritually and... physically... sadly. ;) No I do a great morning sport don't worry. But Thanks again and again for all you do. I really am learning a lot!

Love Elder Williams 

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