Mar 10, 2015

Goooood Weeeeek.

Mensch Diese Woche war fabelhaftig! We had a goood time. It was Elder Culleys birthday and of course we did some awesome missionary work for it! Haha. Thats the life of a missionary though. ATLEAST I made him banana bread. (his favorite meal) . Dang I am a nice guy. (; Well besides the fact that my companion had a birthday I would say the week really did go by decently. We have been busy with the work here for sure. There is always a lot to do with missionary work of course but with how many people we can visit and with a big area just getting it all laid out where you want to go and when is complicated sometimes. Especially when every hour of the day is planned out. Yeah I am in my own little boot camp it sounds like right?? RIGHT! Haha I am becoming a better person (I think) and I have to make good plans with contacting people and finding people. Just like the Navy Seals almost.. But if anything its a good kind of boot camp!
This week we met with a lot of people. We have been having really busy weeks here in Heide lately. It just happens to be lately that people have been having time when we go by them and we met with a few new people this week. ALSO! A cool story that happened.. So we have a book of people that we can go by on and there was a person that had no name at all. And most places where people live here are apartments and so I thought the address was an apartment address and without the name it is impossible to find the person. So I wanted to cross this address off.(bad idea) But then Elder Culley talked me into just trying it and so we did, and of course it was a normal house but no name on the outside. And the lady that was there wanted to meet with us. She said all the other times she wasnt home when the Elders came by. And so now we have an appointment next week with her! I learned from that how important it is that we just need to make decisions that involve doing something when we arent sure about a decision after we have prayed about it. The Lord can only help us to see what is important or help us make good decisions when we make the attempt for an answer or for help. Yeah we had to go out of our way to just a random address with no name, when we have tons of others we could have visited with names and information. People are prepared to receive the gospel and it is cool to see how we are lead to find them.

Just so you have some information a little bit.. ......... is really making progress. We are thinking he will be making the decision in the next month-ish to be baptised. He is starting to read the big D&C now its great!
And about 3 others that we meet with about every two weeks. We are really trying to stay in weekly contact with everyone we meet with. Its hard sometimes but we are getting the job done. I feel like Heide will start to explode with new people in the next month or so.
I really am grateful for the gospel though by the way. Of course it isnt always the easiest to live and to follow, but in the end, it really is worth it. To see what kind of people we can become, and what kind of blessings we receive from doing what we should has an effect that lasts, and that brings real and true joy. Sometimes it may seem hard or seem unfair or seem like we dont always get what we want or need. But we are here to learn, grow, and become what only our Heavenly Father knows we can become. He loves each and everyone of us very much, and I hope we can all continue to do our best here with the time we have in this life, to be great examples and also become better people through Christ.
Have a great week everyone! Mach's Gut!!

Alles Liebe,
Elder Williams

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