Mar 5, 2015

Habt ihr zeit etwas geistig zu lesen? Feb 16, 2015

Das Buch Mormon ist Wahr.

Another good week in the books. If I could describe this week in a sentence I would just say that it was a week of joy. As we read in 2 nephi 2:23-25 we see that “joy” and “fun” are two complete different words. What it means to have fun and to have joy. I don't think I have learned more for myself since being on a mission what joy really is. Without feeling pain and without going through hard times or doing the right things, we don't know what joy truly is and can mean. There are opposites in all things and joy just happens to be what everyone wants, but sadly there is also an opposite. Yeah sometimes it is hard to be on a mission because of what standards missionarys hold themselves to. But that's why you see every missionary say at the end of his mission that it was the best 2 years haha. They learn what it means to have a joy through decisions they make and learning what it is to feel the difference between joy and sorrow or sadness.

I read in Jacob 7 yesterday. I just want to say first of all you should read or watch the talk again from Robins “which way am I facing”. We could see ourselves as the people of Jacob. And of course there will be people or situations who will try to take us off of our paths of succeeding and having joy like the people of Jacob experienced. And if we aren't engraved into the gospel like Jacob we will come across situations in life where we will fall like some of the people of Jacob. You can see us as “the people of president Monson” He teaches us the right principles how we can find this joy but it is all up to us and our actions how we build our foundation. And I found that really cool this weeek. “Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they MIGHT have joy”. Agency is a special gift and I think its so cool that it is all in our hands. :) #goodluck #TheAtonementIsOnYourSide

This is the only time I can use hashtags so I figure I will use the time and technology as I have it.

This week as far as its been going with teaching... We have had investigators that really do want to come closer to Christ. Of course changing your life 100 percent around isnt the easiest thing. If you want you can try and give up habits that you have for two weeks straight such as popping your knuckles or drinking soda or whatever you do that is just so natural to you. And then think how hard it is or could be, to change your LIFE around. Of course the Lord is there to help us but if you understood the first part of this letter you will understand this part as well haha. #TimeToBeTested Its not an easy life, but it can be if we follow the gospel. I can say that we are meeting regularly with about 3 people. They have been meeting with the missionarys for over a year now but one of them is making progress and instead of saying “I wont be baptized” says “I think that in the future its possible”. We have TONS of appointments set out for this next week its ridiculous. I dont think I have ever seen such a busy week in front of me. I know it doesn't sound like a lot maybe but we will be teaching around 7 or 8 people this week. I am grateful for the teaching experiences here in Heide and on the mission. Other than that... have a good week :) I have you love! (German grammar)

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Williams  

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