Mar 5, 2015

My week tho

here are always first times..

And I can say this week really was awesome because I got to drive on the Autobahn (freeway) here. And if you don't already know this, there aren't speed limits in some places here. So I will now tell you something... I drove 130 on the Autobahn this week!! woooo! But in Kilometers Per Hour hahaha. So that's only like 80 mph or so in America. That was cool though.. I saw cars passing me going about 140 mph sometimes its cool. So after the mission I hope I will experience that speed haha. For now I am only experiencing “gods speed” elder.

We did that because we did some service in a city called Itzehoe and yeah... its a funny name but we did good work so that's all that matters about that situation. Also this week we had some really good appointments. 2 or 3 fell out though and so sometimes it was a little bit longer at times but it was still good. My new companion is Elder Culley he has been in the mission 10 months now and we get along good. I don't think I have had a companion yet that I haven't gotten along with, so that must mean something about me, or the companions I have had. :) Maybe I am just a good guy? Haha nah nah jokes. But I have been blessed with fun and good working companions. He is from Washington so its nice saying we aren't both from Utah. Yes, it is a world wide church people not Utah church haha. Some people don't understand that sometimes. And Elder Culley has a birthday this week so I will probably make him a piece of toast with a candle stick in it and sing happy birthday to him. Ha noo I will make him banana bread his favorite thing to eat. And YES I am now popular for making banana bread here by my companions. I would now call myself a “sugar daddy” because my wife will love my cooking skills.

Back to the appointments though.. We have super members here in Heide they are always ready to help us missionarys and so we eat with members at least 3 out of the 7 days in the week. And we can really have help whenever we need it. I would say that the food we eat with them is top notch. One of the members is a chef so he makes really really good meals.

As far as the work is going I would say it is for sure going forward. We have been doing a lot of member work the last few weeks I would say and now we are really looking for more time to find others in other cities or even here in Heide. Its hard sometimes with a car with how much time it takes but it really is a bonus and help too because without the car we could not do hardly anything really in our huge area. So we are going to be focusing a lot this transfer on finding and saving time for that throughout the days of the week.
We are still meeting with one man who is making HUGE progress every single week. He sounds just like a member now and thinks and knows the gospel. Its just the decision to make the last step. The gospel changes lives, not the missionarys. Ha He also has a job that holds him a little behind with making it to church but he will make it back soon. New jobs are always busy at the beginning.

This week I learned a lot from Agency I would say. We all have agency to do what we want, when we want. Of course there are benefits but also can be consequences sometimes. Whether the topic is with kids, work, whatever it may be. How often we see though when someone does something good, they receive something good. Its as simple as that with god as well. We are his kids and when we do good things in this life and make good decisions we will be blessed and have JOY. Sounds almost to good to be true huh? Our entire life long we can make decisions that can and will influence others in the choices WE make. Its not just about us. And that is exactly why agency is so important because if we choose to forget ourselves, we wont only have a happier life for ourselves, we will make the lives of others better as well. I know that there is a way though that we can always ALWAYS stay making good choices and that is with the gospel. Without the gospel we don't have commandments to keep us safe. We don't know whats good or whats bad for us. We only know what joy, fun, excitement is, or sadness, depression, and feelings are. With the commandments from someone that knows us better than we know ourselves, we can really be blessed and know through these experiences and from our decisions through our agency that we can do soooo much through this gospel and with the help of god. It is amazing that we are given the gift of agency which when we use this gift wisely, we get more blessed. HMMM sounds like a jack pot to me. :)

Well I love you all thanks for the support. Sorry if this letter was so long. I love writing you all what I learn and experience here in the mission. It really is a blessing and a learning experience I couldn't learn anywhere else.

Alles Liebe,
Elder Williams  

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