Mar 17, 2015


I don't think I have ever done so much service in my life in a week of missionary work. And of course that means that its not possible that I could have accomplished before the mission because the mission is 24\7 service basically. Of course it was hard and sometimes really tiring. But I know that its only a part of this work and also this life. Serving others is very very important. And its also something that makes us really happy as people. You may ask yourself why it makes you happy, but I know! :) Its because it is a commandment from God. That we should love and serve our neighbors. If you think about every other commandment that we have, when we follow them we are happy and things go our way most of the time. Of course we still have our times of learning and growing experience that can sometimes be hard though. But EVERYTIME we serve someone, or put the Lord first we will always have a joy inside us that isnt anywhere else in the world to find.
Mosia 2:17&22

With the service though we just helped a lot with moving stuff out of houses and also cutting down trees and then with putting stuff together in houses haha. So the normal stuff people need help with thats what we are here for.

We were also on exchange 2 times this week. I was in Kiel for one day and then the other I was in Elmshorn. And then also one day I was in Hamburg a way bigger city because Elder Culley had a meeting there. So I got to work in other cities and other Elders and thats always fun. I was with Elder Pinion from Australia and we drew the plan of salvation on the ground and had tons of awesome conversations with people which was cool. Its interesting though the people that say we are crazy or bad things are the people who have just heard that from others and carry it on. And by the time they stop talking with us everytime they change their mind about that. Just imagine if they would even put an attempt into trying to learn what the gospel even means. And we can all do that even if we do have a testimony. Because like I always say, it is just a never ending way of progression. We also had a conversation about where I could have my future honey moon in Australia. He gave me a few ideas to keep in mind. Also thoughts about swimming in the ocean there doesnt excite me to much about going there. ps. (President Kosak said we need to be thinking about this future stuff. So its okay.) (;

Other than that I am doing good. The work is a learning and an experience that only happens once. YOMO.

Have a good week!

Love, Elder Williams

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